Thanksgiving Thoughts

First thought upon waking up today: Happy Thanksgiving!!!! (to all my US friends Smile)

Second thought: OWwww!! My shoulders are sore from power yoga yesterday.

Third thought – upon stepping out of bed: Yipes! My hamstrings are sore from power yoga class.


Not all yoga is equal, my friends. Power yoga = a workout. In fact, our yoga teacher’s goal is to make us drip with sweat by the third song – and we’re not even in a heated up room! haha

Hence, I knew my workout plans for this morning had to change. Yes, I work out on Thanksgiving. I know that may seem blasphemous, but the way I see it workouts – especially intense workouts – send my appetite soaring. The last thing I want to happen as I’m on my second plate is to be too full to eat it. So:

intense workout>higher appetite>more capacity for copious amount so food

Get it? Winking smile

Apparently not many other people have the same idea ‘round these parts, because I was the only one in the gym for a good 20 minutes!


Excuse the intense look, I felt about how I looked!

Anyway. My workout was supposed to be a full body lifting workout, but I changed it to some HIIT instead. HIIT will always make me feel like a ravenous beast.

I headed to the gym shortly after sipping some coffee this morning and did this HIIT treadmill workout:

Hungry Turkey Treadmill HIIT Workout


I barely got through those last 5 minutes! I think I actually may have finished out the 35 minutes walking the last 3 around 4.0.


I’m still not sure what to eat for breakfast! This is a hard one on Thanksgiving. See, our meal isn’t until 2-3 today, so I have to eat breakfast. But I don’t want to eat too much as to wear I’m not hungry come turkey time. I’ll probably just have a yogurt bowl or a smoothie.


Shane and I are headed to my parents’ house today. It’s absolutely fabulous out, so I think I’m going to grab Niko and get a pre-turkey walk in.

Oh! Speaking of turkey, this will be the first time in FOUR years that Ill be partaking in the turkey eating. My mom got an organic, free-range turkey, and I feel OK about eating that this year Smile

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!!

Workouts on Thanksgiving: yay or nay? If yay, what is your Thanksgiving workout today?

What time is your Thanksgiving dinner today? How do you deal with pre-thanksgiving meals?

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  1. I agree I’d workout on Thanksgiving too! I always go for a nice, long run Christmas eve because I know the next 48hrs is all food 😉
    We usually eat dinner around 3-4pm.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. That’s funny – after three years of being vegetarian, last year’s Thanksgiving was my first time I gave in to having Turkey with the family! It is like, my favourite meal, I had to bend the rules. (And then about 6 months later I decided to go back to being an omnivore, for good.)

  3. I am heading to the gym in about ten minutes for a 90 minute bodycombat class. I wouldn’t miss it!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I’m totally going to head out soon to workout on Thanksgiving. It’s my own personal Turkey Trot. :)

    Plus, the gym will totally be empty. LOVE it.

  5. Great workout lady! makes me hungry just thinking about that intensity.
    Happy THanksgiving.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Paige! I am with you on working out on Thanksgiving. I like to do a race every Thanksgiving morning. Today was my 3rd time doing the Bethesda Turkey Chase 10K! Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner :)

  7. Stephanie*s says:

    As much as I wish I could commit to being a full on vegetarian, sometimes we do need a little animal protein- from the right source! I love reading your blog, and have read it before you brought a little bit of meat in the picture, happy thanksgiving :)

  8. I’m all about workouts on Thanksgiving! It always puts me in a healthy mindset for the rest of the day. I ate a normal breakfast, and then a light snack for my “lunch”. We will be eating late afternoon, so I don’t want to spoil my appetite, but I don’t want to be crazy hungry and stuff myself too much when it comes to our Thanksgiving meal.

    Enjoy your day! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. And a very happy tday to you, friend!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  11. My gym was packed today. I did 2 hours of cardio in the cardio theater in my gym…it helped pass the time and was not as difficult to get done as I thought it would be.

  12. Definitely a yay on the workout in the morning! My parents and I ran a 5 mile Turkey Trot this morning. It made a lot of room for food. 😛


  1. Baby Fever says:

    […] completed this HIIT workout, stretched, and then scooted on out of the gym. In and out in less than 45 […]

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