Thanksgiving Guilt

Hello! I woke up a little discombobulated because I slept in until 8:15!!! I know that’s just child’s play to some of you master sleep-er in-ers (ahem, Janetha), but it’s late for someone who can usually never sleep past 7:00.

Not that I’m complaining Winking smile My workout will just have to be pushed until after my morning client.

The late sleep definitely had to do with going to bed so late last night. Usually asleep by 10, this girl stayed up until midnight! I know, I’m crazy, but we were up catching up with the last couple episodes on the Walking Dead.

It’s hard to go straight to sleep after watching a bunch of zombies. Vampire bat

I almost felt like a zombie last night, too, after eating so. much. food. at Thanksgiving. All thanks to my mom, the chef:


We all played our parts, though. My dad was the Niko holder/turkey carver:


Niko and Buck were the beggars:


Mike and Shane were the taste-testers Winking smile


And I was the photographer/brussels sprouts and crescent roll maker:


My mom put out quite the feast! We were all incredibly impressed – and hungry.


My family is the epitome of casual, so we all filled out plates, headed down stairs and found a seat at the bar or on the couch, and mowed down while watching football.

My plate:


A roll, mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey, green bean casserole, brown sugar glazed brussels sprouts, sweet potato, and cranberry sauce.



Times 2, plus wine, plus 2 slices of the pies I brought over.

Needless to say, we all felt a bit like Buck after we were done feeding.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Shane and I made the trip back to Bloomington around 7:00, where I made yet another plate of leftovers for dinner – turkey, green beans, roll, and a half slice of pie. That did me in.


Thanksgiving Guilt?

This morning I’ve got a client to train here in a bit, and then I’m going to do a wee bit of shopping for tomorrow. Tomorrow we’ve got yet another Thanksgiving dinner to go to at my aunt. I’m going to go apologize to my jeans now Winking smile Kidding kidding!

Actually, one thing I vow not to do is feel guilty after a big feast like Thanksgiving. You won’t gain 5 pounds because of over doing one day, I promise. You don’t have to “make up for it” the days surrounding Thanksgiving, either. Just enjoy it, and move on with your regular eating habits.

You know what? After that last plate of leftovers last night, a wee bit of guilt crept in after eating another piece of pie. Instead, I reminded myself it’s only a few times a year that we eat like this. So enjoy that full feeling. No guilt this Thanksgiving, guys!

And with that –



I’ve got a client to train here in a few, so I’m taking a smoothie to drink on the way to her house. It has 2% milk, greek yogurt, spinach, banana, strawberries, stevia, and raw walnuts.


Catch ya later! Wish me luck – I cannot stand Black Friday. I’m pretty much against it – but I need to stop into Sam’s and Target for a couple things for tomorrow. In my mind it will either be a) overrun by people/zombies or  b) depleted of all its stock!

Have a great day, friends! Open-mouthed smile

Thanksgiving feasts and other celebratory feasts – does guilt creep in for you?

Black Friday: do you participate? Get any good deals this year?

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  1. I did go Black Friday shopping and I found some good deals for myself. I was looking for some new work clothes and I did pretty good….came home and got a few hours of sleep and then more shopping later. I need to pick something up for hubbys birthday Sunday.

  2. I can sometimes feel guilty but then remind myself of the same thing :) This year there is no guilt as I am trying to gain a few pounds!

  3. I never do the black friday madness but I”m tempted this year to run in to one store in the mall and leave. I haven’t bought myself clothes (outside of workout ones) in almost 8 months. That’s super pathetic so it’s the only reason I’m considering it! We’ll see :) Good luck at Target & Sam’s!

  4. AMEN to a guilt free holiday!! I didn’t always have that mindset, but am thankful for freedom through food. One day of bad eating will not make me a fattie! 😉
    Good luck finding some deals…i’m staying home in my pjs all day!

  5. Haha I love that your family has a casual feast with football!

    Thanksgiving guilt is something I used to really struggle with, but I’ve come to realize that its ONE day out of 365! My diet is usually very clean, so a few plates of overdoing it wont kill me 😉

  6. We’re finally getting some Black Friday sales up here. I guess the stores finally realized that we’ll just go down to the States and spend all our money there if they dont join in on the fun.

  7. awe, your turkey day looked great, P! Always fun with your fam :) The food looked amazing too! How was the turkey? I hope it was everything you thought it would be :) No guilt!! Good call – totally not worth it. Another thing that is so not worth it = black friday. no thanks. also, I could do without ever seeing that black friday commercial again — the one with the target lady screaming “it’s here!” and freaking me out. 😛

  8. No guilt here! Just trying to workout and stick with my normal schedule this weekend!

    We just started watching Walking Dead and are kind of hooked on it.

    I’m not a big Black Friday person either. If there is a good deal, I’ll go out, but there was nothing I wanted to buy for myself or anyone else this year. I may go shopping tomorrow instead since I have the time with a long weekend. :)

  9. The Walking Dead pic looks apropos for a Black Friday post! Atlanta must have had a bag of guns door buster:-) And, I agree with Kimberly; that Target lady commercial is too annoying, worse than, or at least equal to any Old Navy ones of the past years.

  10. I have always been a person that struggles with after Thanksgiving / Christmas Guilt. I have really worked on trying to avoid those bad feelings because I know that the reason we eat is to enjoy the time together with family and friend. Luckily this year, I was able to remember the reason why I enjoy the food and just moved on and I will be back to eating normally today! 😀

  11. When I read the title for this post, my first thought was “Oh, no!” But then I read what you meant and I thought “Thank goodness.”

    I am in 100% agreement — Thanksgiving should not be guilt-inducing. I went for a couple-mile run because that’s what I do on Thursdays, but I cut it short because I had turkey to roast, and I don’t feel one bit guilty about that or the pumpkin cheesecake I devoured! :)


  12. Ugh, I felt like Buck after our meal too! I definitely overate, but I justified it by telling myself that it’s one day a year. Sometimes you just have to let go and enjoy yourself and your loved ones!

  13. Yummy Thanksgiving! I don’t really feel guilty eating a ton on Thanksgiving…it only comes around once a year so I embrace it!

  14. Hahah.. 8:15? Child’s play.


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  2. […] I tried the rye wrap for leftover turkey from Thanksgiving: […]

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