Sunday Ambitions

Thanksgiving 2011 is officially over for the Kumpf’s! For a holiday weekend, this weekend’s been pretty busy! We’ve had two Thanksgiving dinners, I’ve trained 6 clients, we’ve run multiple errands, and drank multiple glasses of wine! … what? Being busy with fun counts, too right? Smile

Therefore, I woke up this morning and was already writing out my mental to-do list. Leave everything for Sunday, that’s my motto!

Sunday’s To-do list:

1. Finish book (The Affair: A Reacher Novel) on Kindle in bed.


Check. A cup of coffee and a snuggle dog and cat made this chore oh-so-more bearable Winking smile


2. Stay in robe for as long as possible.


Check. I stayed in this fuzzy indoor coat at least until breakfast, which brings me to…


3. Eat breakfast I’ve been obsessed with lately.


1/2 c. 2% Fage yogurt

1/4 c. regular cottage cheese

1/4 c. pumpkin

1/4 c. almond meal (that I made the other day)

tbsp. currants

Dash of cinnamon + stevia

Mix together all the ingredients, saving ~tbsp. the almond meal. Sprinkle with remaining almond meal and some cinnamon





4. Change into clothes to wear for the next 12 hours.


Thermal l/s shirt + Be Still comfy pants? Works for me Open-mouthed smile


5. Turn house into a winter wonderland.


This is the only decoration we have up so far. They’re just different textures of silver tree ornaments in a big glass bowl. I can’t take credit for the idea, though. I saw it in a room set up in Ikea and bought replicated it to a T.


I never claimed to be creative. But I am good at copying stuff I see in stores!


6. Get crafty.


Of course what I’ll be making today didn’t stem from my own devices. Unless you count my DIY Pinboard as my own device. Then I can claim it as my own Winking smile


7. Start another book!

Little tidbit: in between every book I read, I read a James Patterson novel. He’s my favorite author and I consider his books “break books” because I like them so much and they’re so easy to read. Go JP! I really can’t remember if I’ve even already read this one or not, but I’ll probably figure it out half way through…

Unfortunately, I’ve also got some not so fun stuff on today’s to do list. Like cleaning the oven. But this isn’t so bad thanks to the genius that decided to make the “self-clean” button on the oven.


Everything needs a self clean button, don’t you think??

I’m off to help Shane bring up the Christmas bins! *squee!!!*

What’s on your Sunday to-do list?

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  1. Looks like a perfect Sunday to me! We are driving home from AZ today. Ill be glad to be home but its sad to leave family.

  2. Ahh sounds so fun! PS I’m getting an ereader for Christmas and am really excited to spend more time reading, in bed, all snuggled up! Love Sundays, mine is totally lazier than yours so far, but hopefully heading to the gym later!

  3. We have our bowl of ornaments out too as our first Christmas decoration! Great minds think alike :)

  4. My husband, Ralph loves the Reacher novels! He was in the military police. I read Jack & Jill years ago. You’re right, he’s sort of a break. Easy to read. Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. I’m still in PJ’s after an epic Sunday cleaning. The couch that had been occupying my dining room and parts of my office for 6 months is officially out of the house and now I’m rearranging furniture like a lunatic. I see a trip to Home Goods in my future 😉 Enjoy your Sunday decorating!

  6. That breakfast sounds totally interesting! I want to try- yum! And I have plans to do some Christmas decorating around here too! We already purchased our christmas present (a new TV), so we’re mounting it and working on re-arranging the furniture right now. I’m also baking, plan to go for a walk with Kaylin & watching football!

  7. His books really are so easy to read. I love them!

  8. What a great Sunday! We went to church, out for lunch with my family and are now basking in the awesomeness of the kids’ naps! 😉

  9. I love James Patterson! I’ve already read the whole Women’s Murder Club series and now I’m going through the Alex Cross books. So easy and fun to read!


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