Samples and Tastings

Yesterday after training clients and then making lunch, I convinced Shane to head out and run some errands with me. First stop: Friar Tuck.

Every they send us wine of the month deals, and we hadn’t used the past two months. We were determined to go out there and try November’s Pinot Noir, though Smile


There was only a little bit of time left before the Saturday afternoon tastings closed, so we made sure to make our rounds there, too.


Gets us every time. Next thing we knew, we were both bee-lining it to the goods to take home what we just tasted.

IMG_2043 IMG_2041

Of course, Friar Tucks is HUGE, so we always consider it a small victory when we leave the place spending under $100.


Next, we headed to Complete Nutrition to spend a gift certificate Shane got for his birthday month, and then immediately left after we got word vomited on and chased around by the sales rep. Our clue that we shouldn’t have gone in: no other shoppers were in the store.

Finally we headed to Petco for pet food, Dick’s for ear plugs + socks, and then to Fresh Market for a few necessities. What was not a necessity, but was definitely welcomed was the Thanksgiving feast tasting that had set up!


Mashed potatoes, and green beans, and pumpkin pie, Oh MY! Open-mouthed smile We paraded through the line, and sampled one of each. I’ve got some ideas for some party desserts when we have our Christmas party in December, now Smile

Running errands and getting a drink and a bite to eat while doing it? I’d say that’s a #winning situation!

I’ve gotta get scootin’ now, because my girl Heidi and I are headed up to Chicago for a home goods shopping extravaganza! I’ve collected all my pins and I’m hoping not to do toooo much damage Winking smile

Do you partake on tastings and samples at stores? This is actually half the reason why I shop at Sam’s Club! haha

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  1. Kathryn @ Flopoodle says:

    I definitely partake in store samples! The problem is it make the whole experience take 2x as long!

  2. I do as long as there is not a line, or if there is a line I have to really want the sample! Yesterday at Costco they were giving out whole Lindor chocolates so I made sure to grab one!

  3. Surprisingly, I never partake in the grocery store samples. I get into “I’m on a mission” mode and try to get in and out as soon as possible. I don’t even take a sample when they’re carving my deli meat.

  4. The samples are what I look forward to most when we go to Costco! Sometimes I’ll intentionally go searching for them. 😉


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