Lululemon Murder Case


I’ve got a full day today, but I must have woken up on the right side of the bed, because I’m in a chipper mood this morning! Must have been that 60 degree run yesterday afternoon Winking smile 

Today is all about packing and prepping ahead. I’m running too and fro all day today and need to have all of my clothes, snacks, and meals with me.

Client training/yoga class-taking clothes:


Toiletries/work clothes:


Pre-yoga BCAA’s waiting for water to be added:


Sack breakfast (and snack:)


Inside the bag – though it’s nothing pretty!


Just a hefty portion of cottage cheese overnight oats for breakfast + 2% Fage w/ a homemade larabar and raspberry puree for snack. And a Smart water, because I’ll need those smarts today! Smile


Lululemon Murder Case

… I debated posting about this for weeks. I’ve been following the story and talking about it with friends offline, but have left it off the blog until this point for a couple reasons. A) because I love the company, and B) because I was afraid of the backlash. However, here I am posting about it because it’s in the news, it pertains to the healthy living blog world, and well, I think it deserves to be talked about.

Last week the trial came to a close for a murder case that took place in Bethesda, outside of Washington, DC. Both the victim and the murderer worked at a place where quite a few bloggers in the HLB world have heard of or frequent to shop – Lululemon.

The verdict? According the the Washington Times, Brittany Norwood was declared guilty of murdering her co-worker,  Jayna Murray.

I’d be lying if I said this particular even had no effect my opinion of Lululemon. For a company which touts – actually, which lives and breathes by – intrinsic values, being zen, and that “friends are worth more than money” it’s incredibly shocking that this horrific of an event could go down there. Yes, I know it’s an isolated event and one girl shouldn’t represent the entire company. I’ll still continue to shop there, I’m sure. But still, I haven’t been able to peruse their website without thinking about it lately.

Your thoughts?

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  1. What a tragic story. I used to live near Bethesda so this kind of hits close to home. I think it’s important to view this as an isolated incident and not let it completely taint our view of the company as a whole. I think Lululemon’s response to this case will be very important in determining peoples reactions.

  2. This is sad, but I still find great irony in it. You’re right- the brand definitely took a hit. The people that work for them should reflect the beliefs of the company. Not completely contradict them.

    • Oh yeah – the irony is unmistakeable! But I had to hold back on the snark out of respect for how tragic the story is…

  3. Geez..where have I been?!? Hadn’t heard of all this until now!

  4. I guess it hasn’t had an effect on my opinion of the company because of an even crazier case that recently rocked the Canadian military. A highly ranked military officer was basically found to be a serial rapist and serial killer. He passed all the phych testing that goes along with being in charge of military units, military bases, and that many people…with weapons. He fooled his wife, he fooled his friends, he fooled everyone. He was a sociopath and no one knew it.
    So I guess I figure if the military sometimes doesn’t catch a sociopath, lululemon might not always catch all the “wrong” employees either.

    It was definitely a weird case though- with the pretending she was a victim too and the brutality of it all. Very weird.

  5. Wow – I had no idea! What a sad and tragic story. I do think Lululemon and what is stands for is completely affected by this, but I also do not think that one person can represent an entire company. I love the clothes and the company so although this is tragic it won’t deter me from shopping there.

    Ps- I love your gym bag, where did you get it?

  6. Yikes! I love lululemon too. I mean, this employee has no real representation of the company – some people, no matter what you think of them/what they are like/where they work – end up doing bad things, and the fact she worked at lulu doesn’t really mean so much for the company – but that’s quite sad!

  7. You look like me when I leave for work! I have my purse, my lunch bag, my change of clothes to teach Jazzercise after work, and then usually 500 other things! I don’t know how I even carry it all!

  8. That Bethesda Lululemon is my local store. It’s just a few blocks from my office. I have to say that although I’m willing to shop at Lululemon again, the thought of going into that particular store creeps me out. The most horrifying thing about the entire event is the fact that workers in the Apple Store right next door HEARD the screams and didn’t call 911. This is just one recent example of bystanders not calling the cops. And I know there are psychological explanations for why people don’t act, but I wish people would take more responsibility for calling 911 when situations call for it. I’d like to think that I would have.

    • I know…it’s sad :(

      And yeah, about the store – I hear ya – I just feel like it’s got bad juju now or something…

  9. Wow, that is incredibly scary. I haven’t heard about it til I read your post, but it really makes you think twice about people around you.

  10. Living close to Bethesda, I’ve been following it closely as well. It’s such a sad, crazy story. I think the fact that it happened in Lulu makes it more shocking, but I didn’t really dwell too much on that fact.

  11. I had no idea that happened! I think I’ve been living under a rock or something. That is really tragic and a big hit on lululemon.

  12. Thanks for writing about this! I agree that it needs to be discussed.
    When I heard about the murder, I was shocked. How could a brand that seems to hire intrinsically “good” people have something like this happen? I wanted to comment with something like “it goes to show that people with untreated mental illness are unstable” but I’m not aware of all of the facts involved with the case, especially those regarding the woman who committed the murder (though I think she was manic depressive).
    I do know that I expect to see this case explored on both “Law & Order: SVU” next season, as well as an episode of “Snapped” at some point.

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