I’m a Cat Person

Growing up, and now into my adulthood, there was never a time where I didn’t have a cat as a pet. I suppose cats are easier to take care of than dogs, so we always had a cat, but I always wanted a dog.

First there was Deacon, who lived to be 18 years old (and who I can’t find a picture of!)

Then my parents got Bailey, who they still own (much to their chagrin.)

And now of course Shane and I have Clarabelle:

Although I love cats, I wouldn’t consider myself a cat person. When I was little I always begged and pleaded for a dog, and didn’t get one until I was 11 (and he was and is the best dog ever!) I love dogs just as much as cats, and would consider myself a cat and dog person.

So when I came across this article differentiating cat people from dog people, I had to laugh. Here are some of the differences it mentions – I added whether it was true or false for me, and found that according to their statistics, I’m technically a cat person!

Dog People

  • More likely to be extroverts (false)
  • More likely to use a pop song as a ring tone (ha!) (false)
  • More likely to think of zoos as happy places (false)
  • More likely to call animal control when finding a stray cat (fasle)

Cat People

  • More likely to be introverts (true…I’d consider myself slightly introverted)
  • More likely to stay with friends at a party (true)
  • More likely to rescue stray kittens (true)
  • More likely to send messages on Twitter (true)

Not sure how much of those statistics are actually true, but it’s fun to read Smile


Lunch today is two parts. Part one is a version of last nights shrimp and mashed sweet potatoes dinner:


I just placed the leftover shrimp on a bed of spinach and added a hunk of goat cheese on the side.

And later I’ll have this for a snack:


Greek yogurt + pom arils + macadamia nuts (best combination in the universe!!)


Have a great Tuesday, friends Open-mouthed smile

Do you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person?

According to the stats above, are you a cat or dog person?

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  1. I’m totally a cat person personality. If I had a cat (aka if I was not allergic) I would be snuggled up with it like, all the time. I don’t really have a preference, they’re both adorable!

  2. I’m both! Although, if I had to choose one, I’d probably choose dogs. But according to those stats I’m a cat person. You would think introverts would like dogs better because they’re easier to socialize with than humans? And the extroverts can just leave their cats at home all alone while they’re out partying 😛

    • ha! I didn’t think of this reasoning, Susan! But then again, the term crazy cat lady is used far more than crazy dog lady :)

  3. I call myself a dog person but I’m definitely a cat person by those standards!

  4. I am 100% a cat person and all the above cat stats are true for me!
    I just had macadamia butter on toast, soo good! My co-worker just brought it back from Hawaii for me.

  5. I’m definitely a cat person, but I’m currently pet-less :(

  6. Loooooove your kitties!! So cute!!

    Clearly I am TOTALLY a cat person, I have a big orange fluffy boy kitty (Henry) and a calico who is also fluffy and cuddly and SUPER soft (Callie). They are like my kids! Henry is a mama’s boy and Callie is daddy’s girl. It’s the cutest thing ever.

    Seriously, I’m such a mushball when it comes to animals, especially cats – look at me gushing. Oy! 😉

  7. I’m with you–I’m definitely a little bit of both. I think I’ll always have a cat and a dog!

  8. I am definitely both! I really can’t choose. My parents have always had cats (only 2 at a time…not 20!) but I have a dog now and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I have thought about getting a cat as a buddy for Jet, so I’m all about having both of them!

  9. I’m a self-described dog-person, but I definitely have the characteristics of a cat-person above.

  10. According to those facts I’m a cat person, but I a most definitely not a cat person. Cats are cute, but I don’t want one. Growing up we had a dog or two, but I never considered myself a dog person either. Now, we have two dogs, and I’d say I’m a dog person. Even after the poopapalooza I had this morning with our big dog, I still love those sweet babies.

  11. Haha what an interesting article! According to those rules I’m a dog person, except for the whole fact about not rescuing stray cats. I’m pretty sure I’d try to save the cat myself


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