How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Whenever I give Shane options for dinner and one of them is BFD (breakfast for dinner) nine times out of ten, he chooses BFD.


Tonight’s options were spaghetti and meat sauce or BFD…

You saw this coming! I had actually planned on making breakfast bagel sandwiches, but saw we were all out of bagels. So instead I turned to breakfast burritos.

Scrambled eggs w/ kale + cheese + rye tortilla

Grapefruits on the side Open-mouthed smile


These were great! In addition to my plate, I kept nibbling on the extra eggs and even a little bit of Shane’s sausage (uhh…not even gonna say it!)

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Where my Walking Dead fans at???

OK. Time to get silly Smile with tongue out

Shane and I are finally catching up on Sunday night’s episode tonight, which is the last one until February! Sad smile

My brother actually is the one who got us hooked on this show. Before we started watching it, when he asked me if I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse, I’d just raise an eyebrow, shake my head, and think *it must be a boy thing.*

But now I get it!! Aside from giving me nightmares about “walkers,” it also makes me think about what I would do if I were in the group’s situation and had to fend for my life at a second’s notice.

Some of the things I’d worry about:

-Getting enough food! In one episode, one of the group’s members is desperate enough to eat a (raw) squirrel. However, regular meals for the group include cooked squirrels, eggs and dairy from the cows, and whatever else they can scavenge up. This gives “work for your food” a whole new meaning. Instead of doing HIIT on the treadmill, it’d be hiking up a treacherous hillside with fresh-caught fish!

-Getting enough sleep. Vivid dreams wouldn’t be the only thing keeping me up. Try staying awake so as not to get bit by a zombie?

And some less vital, more trivial worries:

-No internet signals. How would I get tweets about where the zombies are if the internet is down 24/7?? Smile with tongue out

-Hygiene. Obviously there’s the whole staying hydrated thing, but what happens to showers if there’s limited water? Brushing teeth? I’m sure toothpaste would be a royalty.

One of my friends always talks about how she’s going to form a compound for when the world ends. We’re all allowed in if we can bring a special service to the compound. I told her I’d be the trainer and make sure the laborers got in workouts so they’d be good at all their, uhhh, laboring, and Shane can join because he’d be the computer guy and make sure everything was run on a system Open-mouthed smile

On that note, it’s time for some Walking Dead watching up in here! Have a great night, guys.

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?

What would your helpful service be in a compound?

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  1. I assume baby fever is a real thing since so many women talk about. I have zero desire to have a baby so I’ve never had this baby fever. I totally do not understand the desire to have a baby But, to each their own. I’m just not boarding the baby train.

  2. I’m a fellow Walking Dead watcher (and the last episode, the one you’re about to watch, was amazing and makes me enjoy the show much more now)! I started watching it (with my boyfriend and our friend) because we all love horror/sci fi/comic books and everything to do with em. We have a love/hate relationship with the show, but ultimately these last few episodes have changed my mind (for now).

    PS Shane your husband, Shane the character. Also, ahaha how crazy is Shane now?!

  3. Haha I love this post! My husband and I love the Walking Dead, and he is the biggest zombie fanatic ever. We have “serious” conversations about how to survive a zombie acopalypse. I laugh while he is seriously talking. :)

  4. I have been avoiding this show because I know I will like it and get sucked in. I was seriously addicted to True Blood for awhile… until I lost my HBO. The biggest thing I would worry about would be food. I think I could get used to the now showering part:)

  5. Okay so I’m not saying I’m into this show or anything but I may have caught 1 (or 5) episodes when Dave was watching it and we always talk about what we would do if there was a zombie apocolypse. He is the last person I’d ever want to be stuck in a zombie invasion with because his solution to everything is “just shoot them!!” haha yikes my biggest concern is always hygiene though too..I’m like they must all smell SO bad!

  6. haven’t seen the show, so curious now. As for BFD (love the abbreviation), I’m a huge fan. Eggs, kale, grapefruit yes please.

  7. HAHA This is Will’s post! He is absolutely obsessed with that show and has tried to get me to watch it more times than I can even count. No internet!? Eating a squirrel!? I might have to just give in and watch this show haha

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