Anyone remember that store?

I think they’re still around, right? Or is it just Dollar Tree now?

Anyway, man did I get my shopping fix yesterday! I also scored some major deals Open-mouthed smile


Yesterday afternoon after taking a yoga class (I went to Body Flow…which I want to like really bad just just…don’t) my mom, dad, brother, and I hit up some stores at the mall. We tackles Khol’s, Old Navy, Gap, and then headed over to Von Maur.

Now I remember why I love Khol’s. The deals!!! However, for me the magic happened at Old Navy. I rarely shop at Old Navy, but saw a sweater on where else but pinterest, and wanted to pick one up. Well, much to my surprise, I was handed this little magic card upon entering the store:


75% off of women’s sweaters?!? Well I think I’ll take 3! Thankyouverymuch! This was definitely one of those right-time-right-place scenarios. Luck was on my side! Behold the luck of the cheap sweaters:


I couldn’t believe it. Then we went to Von Maur where my thrifty hopes and dreams were squashed beneath layers of cashmere and other expensive fabrics Winking smile Actually, I lie. I did score some Joe’s jeans there that were originally $172, but I got them for $43! My mom actually spotted them – and I’m so glad!!


After we shopped (the guys were pretty shopped out by the end of it, ha!) we headed to a nearby Mexican restaurant for dinner.

My parents:


My brother Mike and me:


My beer?


I must have gotten distracted because I don’t see a pic of my meal on my camera, haha. However, I got what I get every. single. time we go. Vegggggie fajitas!

When I came back home, I was super sad the weekend was over. But then realizing it’s a short week brought a smile right back to my face Smile Thursday and Friday are office holidays for us – yippee!!

For now, I’m off to train a client, and then possibly taking a spin class. Something around my hip has been bothering me, and I’ve been itching to take a spin class, but it kind of hurts still. So it might just be some light walking instead. Anyway, then I’m headed to the BIC to work a bit.

Have a lovely Monday!

Are you a good bargain shopper? I most certainly am NOT. I’m not a digger, and crowded stores with lots of product gives me the worst anxiety. One time I was at a huge Forever 21 with my friends, and had to go sit outside! lol

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  1. Forever 21 and H&M are pretty much my version of hell. I get overwhelmed and frustrated really easily in shopping situations. That’s why I always say if I won the lottery the first thing I’d do is hire a personal shopper!

  2. Mmmm I love Mexican restaurants – we always get chips and salsa for free at our fave place, I always get one (or two) delicious margaritas – and they have the freshest tasting foods, always!

    Looks like you had a wonderful Sunday :)

  3. I completely agree with Gina. I can’t spend hours sorting through tons of racks and piles of clothes. I do try to notice when my favorite sales are having sales though. I am sad I missed that sweater deal at Old Nary. I might have to hit up the long sleeve shirt day! My favorite jeans are Joes jeans I got at Platos Closet for 30 bucks.

  4. I am always envious of people that find good sales – I do not! haha. I usually don’t have the patience for it!

  5. For the record, Forever 21 totally stresses me out.

    But I do like shopping clearance. Since I’m not overly trendy and stick to more of the basics, it seems to work out ok (don’t tell me otherwise!).

    Also, I’m yet to visit the infamous Von Maur. I’ve browsed their dresses online, and they were so cute I’m almost terrified to step into the actual store…

  6. I am the worst bargain shopper ever…I too get overwhelmed in stores like Forever 21! However, when I get a coupon like that I totally try to take advantage! I’m so jealous of your old navy one! I would love to get some new sweaters :). Hopefully you’re able to get in a spinning class without your hip bothering you!

  7. I love getting deals. I always feel so successful when I come home with a whole bunch of stuff I got on sale. I’m totally that person that will happily tell everyone exactly how much I paid for what I’m wearing, and what the original price was. :)

  8. I almost NEVER buy anything full price (unless it’s already from an inexpensive store). I get the best deals on clothing! I’m not as great with grocery coupons, but I’m trying!


  1. […] after work I stopped back by Khol’s to exchange my brown flats for these black ones. I don’t know why I thought I needed the brown […]

  2. […] after work I stopped back by Khol’s to exchange my brown flats for these black ones. I don’t know why I thought I needed the brown […]

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