Comfy See Comfy Do

Today when I got home from work, I walked into the bedroom and found Niko like this:


Don’t wake me up, mom!!!


It took me all of 30 seconds to change into comfy clothes and follow suit. Once I’m inside for the night, it’s all about being comfy and cozy Smile


Comfy clothes are even cozier when they don’t match Winking smile Then I sat in front of the fire place by the Christmas tree and read Jack and Jill on my Kindle. Oh, JP.


I didn’t have any more clients to train tonight, so I had some time to put together a decent dinner tonight. I started going through some staples that both Shane and I like…

-veggie burgers

Then I remembered…salmon cakes!


If you read this week’s pinterest meal planning post, you knew this was coming, but on the menu tonight for dinner were salmon cakes!

I used my go to salmon cakes recipe, which is always a hit (and in style 😉 ) but I was a little perplexed what to put on the side.


You can never really go wrong with kale salad. I massaged some kale in EVOO + lemon juice and topped it with tartar sauce (Nayonnaise + relish) and nutritional yeast. For Shane’s portion, I put one patty on toasted, buttered bread, and another by itself.

Yum yum yum Smile We both also had a few cookies afterward for a quick dessert.

Time to go catch up on Dexter! We’ve got this week’s and last week’s to catch up on – woot!

How long do you stay in your “work clothes” after getting home for the day?

Did you partake in Cyber Monday? I didn’t. I didn’t even check out the deals! I’m a horrible shopper.

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  1. Those crab cakes look delish!

    Once I’m home I almost immediately change into comfy clothes. Since working in a gym I feel like I get germs on my clothes so once I’m home I love putting on clean clothes! :)

    I have found a few good deals today but haven’t ordered anything yet. I’m still debating in my head if I actually need those things or not!

  2. I pretty much change the minute I hit the door. I am all about my PJs LOL.

  3. I am in sweat pants and a t-shirt asap! The best part about being a student again is the ‘lax dress code students have. Leggings, sweat pants, and hoodies are common. I try not to dress down too much though until I’m at home!

  4. Umm I stay in my clothes for about 2 minutes if we are home for the night! Usually we go to the gym first, so I change into gym clothes but then after it is PJs for sure :)

  5. If I’m running after work I usually change as soon as I get home. If not, then it depends on what I wore to work. If I wore scrubs I tend to hang out in them longer than if i wore a dress.

  6. I immediately change out of my work clothes the second I get home! I didn’t look for cyber Monday or black Friday deals haha. I love James Patterson he is my favorite author. I love the Alex cross series.

  7. They come off immediately! But sometimes I’ll just take the bottoms off and put sweats on or just walk around in my underwear so I don’t have to dirty a whole other outfit. Yes, I am THAT lazy. And I live alone, so nudity is cool.

  8. I usually go to the gym straight from work so my work clothes come off pretty quickly. When I go home, I definitely change before I start to cook dinner since I’m such a mess while cooking!

  9. I change IMMEDIATELY! My work clothes are fine during the day but for some reason the second I get home they become uncomfortable and I need to change!! Haha

    I don’t usually partake in Cyber Monday but I did get a new pair of shoes yesterday for a great deal!

  10. I stay in my work clothes for about 15 seconds… just long enough to make it to my room! In the summer, I change into shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops. Now, it’s sweats, a hoodie, and Uggs! I also take my contacts out almost immediately – once I walk in the door I can hardly stand to have them in anymore!

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