Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Tonight for dinner, I turned this:


Into this:


And that into this:


And that into THIS:


Ohhh yeah.

I’ve been wanting to make a cauliflower pizza crust for a while now. Ever since I saw it here, I’ve been saying, “I’m going to make that.”


Not because I don’t like regular pizza crust. Believe me, I do. Not because I’m afraid of carbs. Bring them on. But because I think this recipe is COOL! A pizza crust out of cauliflower crust?! Challenge accepted. And it was actually really easy to make. There’s only 3 ingredients (plus any desired spices) and a few simple steps. Try it if you’re up for the cauliflower crust challenge, too! I dare ya.

Although I’m waxing poetically about it, mistake not that it can’t take the place of real pizza dough. It’s just a fun change up Smile and pretty darn tasty, too.

I topped my cauliflower crust with my pumpkin bbq sauce, frozen (and thawed) corn, black beans, mozzarella, and this honey goat cheese:


It’s from Aldi and it’s delicious. I love a sweet pizza! For the recipe, click here.

OK, time to go watch the Bears game Open-mouthed smile  Have a great night, and GO BEARS!!

What’s something you’re afraid to experiment with in the kitchen? Aside from artichokes, cooking beets really scares me! I think I’ll just buy the pickled, packaged version thankyouverymuch!

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  1. I love this recipe idea. So cool. I want to make it too simply because it’s awesome.

  2. I make this cauliflower crust fairly often – I love it! And like you said, it’s really quite simple. I agree, it doesn’t take the place of real, carby, delicious pizza crust, but it’s a nice change every once in awhile. Your toppings sound delicious!

    My husband is a HUGE Bears’ fan as well! I hope they win so he’s in a good mood tonight! 😉

  3. Oh man…I want to make this!! Sounds really good!

  4. I love cauliflower; the taste, the texture, the versatility. Weston HATES the taste of cauliflower so I can’t even hide it pureed in anything easily. Somehow the flavor always peaks through to him. bummer.

  5. I might have to try this for my pizza loving husband! I usually do not buy cauliflower – maybe it is cause I hate cutting it up?!
    I don’t like experimenting with wine in the kitchen for some reason!

  6. What a creative pizza idea! I made cauliflower mash with Parmesan and greek yogurt this week and now I am cauliflower obsessed!

  7. Cauliflower is my new favorite veggie! And combined with pizza… man I’m so excited!

  8. OMG- cauliflower crust pizza? Now this is awesome. I tried it once with shredded zucchini and it didn’t work out so well. Yours looks amazing though.
    I hear you on being scared of beets. They usually just sit around until I’m forced to do something not that great with them.

  9. I’ve been wanting to make this pizza crust so bad, but we don’t have a food processor! I might just need to invest in one soon though. It looks so so tasty :)

    • I use my food processor for everything! Definitely worth the money – especially if it comes with a veggie slicer!

  10. I just saved a recipe for this that Lauren Conrad had on her site!

    I’ve always been scared to make any sort of bread. Like bread that rises, not banana bread or things like that.

  11. this is such a fun idea! and one more reason to get a dang food processor already!


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