Baby Fever

This morning at the gym I got that HIIT workout in! My legs were a bit sore, but once I got through my 1 mile warm up, they were ready to work it Smile

I completed this HIIT workout, stretched, and then scooted on out of the gym. In and out in less than 45 minutes.


I had a BCAA drink beforehand, and after getting home and showering, I forgoed the smoothie I was craving during my run and suddenly found myself making the same breakfast I’ve been eating for the past week.


You guys have GOT to try this! This time I added a crumbled graham cracker sheet along with the almond meal.



Baby Fever

I told you guys I’ve been having crazy vivid dreams lately, right? Well last night I had three separate dreams about being pregnant.

No, I’m not pregnant. I’m actually not even one to try and interpret dreams. My belief is that our dreams are just thoughts that go off on tangents because our conscious isn’t awake to stop them. So I’m sure it stemmed from one of my friends just giving birth the other day, and another being 8 months pregnant.


My subconscious must have caught baby fever in my sleep last night, which sure does seem to be spreading like wild fire. Baby fever is something I definitely believe exists. One’s friend becomes pregnant, then another person that one looks up to has a baby, and all of the sudden, that one is interested in having a baby, too. Is it natural to think you want a baby just because it seems like everyone else is getting pregnant? I’m not so sure…but I do know I see it happen all. the. time.

Then I hope and pray that these girls really are ready for children.


Well I’ve got some emails to respond to before getting ready to head into the office for the day. Have a fab one, guys Open-mouthed smile

Baby fever – do you think it really exists?

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  1. It exists! Before all my best friends had kids I could really care less for having kids but now they all have adorable babies I have baby fever!

  2. Baby fever totally exists! I think women are programmed to feel that overwhelming urge at some point in their life. Our bodies tell us it’s baby time even though our minds might think otherwise.

    • I completely agree with you, but I think for some it’s hard to differentiate between that “natural” urge and the urge just because everyone around them is pregnant, ya know?

  3. Yep. It must. Either that or pregnancy is simply contagious.

  4. Yup – baby fever definitely exists! I had it bad a couple months ago, but I’m recovering… sorta.

  5. Oh, it definitely exists. I think it has to do with seeing your friends get something we already want (whether we knew it before or not) and so its only natural to want it too.

  6. I think there’s a fever going around! It seems like everyone is getting pregnant lately. I think I’ve been hit by that craze, but the maternal instinct hasn’t hit me yet. My husband and I still want a few years where we can be selfish and just concentrate on each other. Kids are in the future, but definitely not right now.

  7. I agree with Leah’s comment above! I was SO anti-baby for awhile there (and still kind of am since we’re nowhere near ready) but I will admit that after seeing a few friends get pregnant I’ve been thinking MORE about it. (Still not happening anytime soon though!! lol)

  8. I don’t know if it’s so much baby fever or if people and their circle of friend’s biological clocks are on similar schedules. I wouldn’t tell anyone if I was having pregnancy dreams…I’m already feeling the pressure from people and I’m not even married yet!

  9. I totally think that baby fever is real. I think it stems from our desire to nurture, to care, and help others. Plus babies are SO stinking cute!!

  10. I totally think it exists! And that is really funny that you had 3 different dreams about being pregnant. I got engaged last week and the two nights before I had dreams about being/getting engaged. Weird huh?

  11. Oh yes it exists! Before I got pregnant I had MAJOR baby fever for like a year. Once my nephew was born and my best friend had twins it just didn’t go away. Maybe your dreams are telling you something 😉

  12. Hate that term – baby fever. Because like you said, you just hope that the women are REALLY ready for kids. Because it truly is THE HARDEST thing I’ve ever done (lose of freedom, the actual birth, all of it). But it’s SO worth it! You def. get back way more than you lose!

  13. I definitely do think some women just want children to keep up with the status quo, but I hope most of them really do want to be mothers.
    Luckily, I am immune to baby fever.

  14. I definitely think it exists. Girls see their friends pregnant then think it would be fun to be pregnant at the same time. If you already have kids it is even easier to get it because you remember the tiny little baby your child once was and completely put aside the sleepless nights. It’s very powerful.

  15. If it exists I seem to be immune to it. I actually have the opposite response to people getting pregnant/having babies!

  16. i don’t have baby fever yet, but maybe in a few years. I am selfish with my husband. haha. I know you get that! haha.


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