The Exercise that Did Me In

Afternoon! So I never got around to that yoga session (oops) but I did get in some serious coffee drinking: Coffee’s just as good for the soul as yoga, right? This Americana w/ half and half sure put me in a happy place I’ve been a busy little worker bee today! Before heading into the […]

Super [tasty] Drink

Why didn’t you guys tell me Kefir is, like, the best dairy product out there?! This past weekend I picked up a bottle of Helios kefir since I’d had a coupon for it for quite some time now. I’ve always heard it touted as a probiotic super drink, but for some reason was never inclined […]

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Whenever I give Shane options for dinner and one of them is BFD (breakfast for dinner) nine times out of ten, he chooses BFD. Tonight’s options were spaghetti and meat sauce or BFD… You saw this coming! I had actually planned on making breakfast bagel sandwiches, but saw we were all out of bagels. So […]

Mystery Lunch

Well, I was pretty productive this morning! Not. Instead of getting all my Quickbooks work done, I spent nearly an hour registering and signing up for Live! with Kelly’s Spa-la-la-la-la giveaway. Have I mentioned my love for Live with Regis and Kelly! before?? I’ve watched it since 2004 (when I can) and lately my schedule […]

Baby Fever

This morning at the gym I got that HIIT workout in! My legs were a bit sore, but once I got through my 1 mile warm up, they were ready to work it I completed this HIIT workout, stretched, and then scooted on out of the gym. In and out in less than 45 minutes. […]

Comfy See Comfy Do

Today when I got home from work, I walked into the bedroom and found Niko like this: Don’t wake me up, mom!!! It took me all of 30 seconds to change into comfy clothes and follow suit. Once I’m inside for the night, it’s all about being comfy and cozy Comfy clothes are even cozier […]

Coconut Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies (Paleo/GF/Vegan)

Whoa! I did not expect these cookies to turn out as delicious as they did. I just finished yet another batch of Evan’s almond meal chocolate chip cookies (but I subbed brown sugar instead of regular – note to self: don’t do that,) so I obviously had to replenish the cookie stash in the house, […]

Pretty Healthy for Unhealthy Food

We did it! Shane and I were successful in getting the tree completely decorated! Unfortunately, our Bears weren’t so successful is beating the Raiders, but the game provided good tree decorating entertainment just the same. Decorating the tree has to be one of my favorite Christmas activities. I love unwrapping the napkins – it’s like […]

This Week’s Meal Plan a La Pinterest

Hi there! Shane and I are making headway on Christmas-ifying our house: My favorite decoration: Or maybe it’s just the peanut butter m&m’s inside that’s my favorite Regardless, all that’s left is decorating the tree! For this part we have to wait until it’s dark out. Shane and I have a tradition of decorating it […]

Sunday Ambitions

Thanksgiving 2011 is officially over for the Kumpf’s! For a holiday weekend, this weekend’s been pretty busy! We’ve had two Thanksgiving dinners, I’ve trained 6 clients, we’ve run multiple errands, and drank multiple glasses of wine! … what? Being busy with fun counts, too right? Therefore, I woke up this morning and was already writing […]

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