Vegetarian Ground “Beef”

After work today, I came home and lifted a little with Shane (just a little) and about mid way through a dumbbell bench press, my tummy let out a grumble. This sparked the convo about what to have for dinner.

Me: How about a simple Thai stirfry, Shane? Coconut rice, broccoli, TJ’s red curry sauce, and chicken for you? (tofu for me) Does that sound OK?

Shane: Yeah, that sounds *okkkk* …. I can just cook that pizza in the freezer.

Me: OK what about spaghetti and meat sauce?

Shane: Ooh, that sounds good!

I’m not sure what happened, but all of the sudden Shane has an aversion to stir-fry’s. I think I made a not so good one a while back and it changed him for life. Oops.

Spaghetti it is!

For Shane, I made a simple macaroni + meat sauce, but for my meal, I felt like getting a little creative in the kitchen and made myself a vegetarian ground “beef”


I know this doesn’t look to appetizing, but it tastes SO good.

Vegetarian Ground Beef

1/4 c. macadamia nuts (I’m thinking walnuts would work too…any softer nut…heh)

1/2 c. black beans

1/2 tsp. sea salt

1/4 tsp. garlic powder

1/4 tsp oregano

Place the nuts + seasonings in a food processor and process until it resembles uneven bits. Add the black beans and pulse about 3 more times. That’s it!


I used my veggie “meat” to top my broccoli slaw marinara a la my girl, Christina and it turned out fabulously! However, I have to say, I was a wee bit jealous of Shane’s bowl of noodles as I was sitting across the table for him, so next time I’ll probably just go with the pasta. But it’s certainly a good change up!


Alongside the “pasta” was three pieces of some cornbread. And that’s all she wrote with the corn bread. I think that’s the record…I made it yesterday! Embarrassed smile It’s just so dang good. Can’t help it!

I haven’t had dessert yet, but I think I know what it will be Winking smile Followed by some nighttime Theraflu, because I’ve still got the sickies Sad smile

Have a lovely night, loves!

Have you ever randomly developed an aversion to a food you used to love? I mentioned my current one in this afternoon’s post – spinach in smoothies!

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  1. Yeah I definitely go through phases with foods, especially since I eat repetitive things everyday just for ease. For example, scrambled eggs- though I never seem to get tired of my greek yogurt!

    By the way your dessert recipe is on my radar I just need to get a few of the ingredients I’m missing- look so good.

  2. First off – feel better quickly. And yes, the hubs has done the same thing and it somehow seems to be something I REALLY want LOL

  3. I like your version to beef and would not mind making it but the family does not like vegetarian dishes and I am not going to cook two different meals in the evenings … will stick to meat then.

  4. That looks really tasty!

  5. This is SUCH a great idea!! I’m always looking for new ways to eat beans.

    Already bookmarked 😉

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