Treadmill Tempo Run + School Night Visitors

Morning! Sun (Actually, the sun is nowhere to be seen here in central Illinois today.)

Last night I missed my regular posting because Shane and I had some visitors!


My mom and dad stopped by to have dinner with Shane and I


After they got here and we got caught up on each other, we headed out to Logan’s Steakhouse, aka the land of the most delicious dinner rolls evvver.


Since I had a pretty large afternoon snack, I wasn’t starving. So, I went with the grilled salmon salad:


Logan’s salmon is so buttery (in texture) and yummy. I love itSmile

We stayed and chatted for a while after paying the bill, but then mom and dad had to go because it was a school night.

This Morning

This morning I woke up naturally at 5:45 – just enough time to get in a morning run. This is my last run before the Frank Lloyd Wright 10k this weekend, and it was a tempo run!

Last week I shared my treadmill interval run with you all, and this week I’ll share my treadmill tempo run. It’s 45 minutes and will leave you a sweaty mess by the time you’re done.

Treadmill Tempo


Obviously change the pace to cater to your individual pace Open-mouthed smile


By the time I was home, showered, and all prettied up, I was starving! Since I’m apparently obsessed with this stuff, it’s what I gobbled down again for breakfast:


I also had a small piece of breakfast casserole on the side.

Time to go do that work stuff… have a great day!!

What’s your favorite brand of cereal? When I don’t make my own, I love Kashi!!

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  1. Aw :) So fun to spend time with the rents! The salad looks fantastic. Good luck at the 10K this weekend!! My favorite cereal…probably mini wheats. I keep them out of the house though because I have 0 control 😉

  2. I wasn’t a cereal fan ever until I started making my own! I never ate it as a child or anything. But now I do like Multigrain Cheerios or Kashi every once in awhile.

  3. Kashi heart to heart + grape nuts is my fav combo. I use grape nuts on everything though, it’s a mock granola of sorts to me :)

  4. My mom and I have been Kashi lovers for a long time! :-)

  5. Logan’s rolls sweet butter are unbelievable omg. Now I’m gonna be dreaming of them until I go back home!

  6. Your salad looks good! Everyone always looks at me so funny when I get fish at a steakhouse. But I do it for two reasons. I love salmon and am too scared to make it myself. And my dad raises cattle. If I really want steak, I can get it for free. So whatev… :p

  7. Good luck in your race! I love Kashi. I think Honey Almond Flax is my favorite. I also love Peanut Butter Puffins.

  8. I’m thinking about joining a gym and your treadmill workouts are seriously swaying my decision! I want to do them so badly… and about that dinner roll. I saw it and drooled all over my desk. Not pretty! 😉

  9. Mmm those rolls remind me of the rolls from Texas Roadhouse!! Delish!

    My favorite cereal is definitely Kashi too (other than oatmeal)! I wish Kashi weren’t so expensive though. I would buy it all the time if it were a little cheaper.

  10. Your parents are so cute! :) And I agree – that salad looks absolutely delicious!

    I’m not a huge cereal person – I prefer granola – but I will admit that Kashi is pretty tasty!

  11. That roll looks so buttery and moist! Yummy! :-)

    I love Cascadian Farms cereal, and when I’m in the mood for it, frosted Mini Wheats.

  12. Now you have me craving Logans!!…..and it dosen’t help that I’m on the 6th floor of Milner starving my butt off!

    • Ahh sorry Molly!! There’s always Einstein Bros bagels :) :)

      • I’ve not tried their food yet. It always is so tempting when I go for coffee. Last time, with Weston, he pointed out the frosted blueberry bagel bites in a cup while I drooled at the cream cheese frosted pumpkin “muffin.” I hardly made it home and made a grilled cheese with apples on it, crackers, and Chocolate milk.

  13. I haven’t had Logan’s in so long! I used to work near one and would get cravings for those rolls all the time. Love them!

  14. Mmmm, I love salmon salad!

    Your cereal looks delicious…per the usual 😉

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