Treadmill by Ten’s

This morning I awoke to find that last night’s rain continued on through the night was still at it. I had an interval run to tackle on the workout front, so I took my speed work adventures to the treadmill with this fun and speedy interval treadmill workout.

This workout is an intense interval workout, but not quite HIIT. My “jogging pace” is 6.0, but feel free to start our lower or higher to customize to your jogging pace. After a 400 m warm up jog, increase by 10 points, then decrease by 10 points, then increase by 11, decrease by 10, and so on. If done on the treadmill, you’ll need to change the distance from miles to kilometers.

Doh! A reader just let me know that the 200’s should be 400’s! It’s one time around the (in my case, digital) track – which is 400 meters, not 200. I’ll put up a new chart when I get to my computer!!

Treadmill by Ten’s Interval Workout


It took me about 35 minutes to finish, and I was dripping with sweat by the time I finished! In and out of the gym in less than 45 minutes? A-OK by me! Open-mouthed smile


I really wasn’t sure what I wanted for breakfast today! I’ve been on kind of an eggs, smoothie, raw cereal kick and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. For some reason, I desire to have oatmeal or Greek yogurt for breakfast (my old faves) has been no where to be seen!

Today I ended up going with a smoothie completely out of convenience.


Plus, it’s a reason to use my cute new straws!



Pumpkin pie smoothie: 3/4 c. milk, 1/2 c. pumpkin, dash of cinnamon, dash of salt 1/2 c. cottage cheese, packet of stevia, the gums (optional) – blend that together – and then add 1/2 frozen banana + ~15 ice cubes. Yum! I would have added vanilla protein powder instead of the stevia, but I just had a protein (powder) shake before bed last night.

Time for an update!

Pets on a Bed Update

One pet down, one to go!


Last night, I got the idea to bring up Niko’s crate, fill it with blankets, and place it as close to me as possible without being ON the bed.


Niko’s a good dog and really doesn’t bark or wine except for when someone knocks on the door. So for the most part, I had a great night’s sleep! However, even though I slept all the way over to the side of the bed, I found this one somehow wrangled her way by my head. Hmph.

Have a fabulous Thursday, everyone!! Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Yey! Congrats on getting one of the pets off of the bed, Paige! It’s a tough thing to do, but completely worth it. Popcorn cried and cried for a month straight, but finally adapted and I can’t imagine it any other way :)

  2. Love the treadmill workout! I’m always looking for new ones because I am one of those “running on the treadmill is SO boring” kind of people! 😀

  3. lol…good progress with the doggies!! We never got sleep when the babies slept with us, so we moved them out really early (within a month after birth)…best move ever! I get to sleep and they sleep better too!

  4. Love the treadmill workout! I am constantly changing the speed and incline when I run on the treadmill – it makes the time go by much, much faster!

  5. That looks like a kick *ss workout!

    Awww, that little face is so adorable! I want a little Niko!

  6. What an awesome treadmill workout!!! Might have to steal it sometime. 😉

  7. Jordan K. says:

    That treadmill routine looks great, but I do have a question about it. If I add up the distances it looks like it’s only about 2 miles but you said it took about 35 minutes to complete? That just doesn’t seem to add up to me based off of the speeds you posted. Are the distances in km not m?

    • Oh crap, did I say it wrong? It’s one loop around the track in km. Isn’t that 200? or is it 400? It was about 3.7 miles or so total

  8. I’d love to try your treadmill routine, but is is only 2 miles – or 3200m? Seems like 35minutes would be too long for that?

  9. I’ve been having a hard time figuring out things to eat for breakfast too. Today I swear I started making like 5 different things then quit to make something that sounded better. That speed workout would seriously kick my bootay! You are HARD CORE!

  10. That workout looks great I am def trying that tomorrow at the gym!!

  11. ugh, i’m already sick of this chicago rain!! and it’s not anything like the snow bombing we are in for this winter… blah!

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