Shut Eye Over Exercise

Happy Tuesday to ya!

I totally skipped my workout this morning. Even though I was in bed by 9:00 onthedot last night, I could not. fall. asleep. My intentions were to be asleep by 9:30 and up by 5:30 for one last 4 miler before this weekend’s FLW 10k.


That, however, did not happen. The last time I looked at the clock it was after 11, so at that point I reached over and turned off my alarm. This girl needs as close to eight hours as possible. Sometimes sleep>working out.

I value sleep more than working out. Sure, I’m a workout-6-days-a-week type of girl, but that’s more realistically five days since one of those mornings I choose sleep. Both sleep and exercise are key components in health.


(Niko has no problem with sleep!)

Besides, if I don’t get adequate sleep, I reach for carbs all day long, my skin looks dull and dry, and I drink way too much coffee. It’s just an unhealthy cycle. Worst case scenario, I’ll workout in the evening (but let’s face, we’ll probably just call it a skip-bo today Winking smile )

Moving on…


I’ve got a full day of work today, so breakfast was a bit earlier than I typically have it. That’s OK, though, because it was one of my favorites lately!


Raw/paleo cereal! You’d think this would take a while to make because of the grated apple, but it’s really not. It takes me less time to make this than it does a smoothie! Plus it keeps me fuller longer Smile

Well I should probably sign off here. I know I’ve got a day full of meetings and I’m pretty sure there’s an early one on the agenda. Better prep for for it!

Have a lovely Tuesday, friends! Open-mouthed smile

What’s more important to you? Sleep or exercise? I said sleep above, but, if it’s been a while since I’ve worked out, and I really want to get a workout in, I’ll sacrifice sleep if I’m not already sleep deprived.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try this breakfast, but I don’t have a salad shooter like the one she uses in the video. Do you use one or do you shred your apple a different way? I need a good, filling breakfast to give myself an oatmeal break every once in a while!

    • Hey Kristin, I actually don’t have the salad thingy either. I just grate it really quick through the food processor w/ the grater attachment.

  2. I say sleep now but in marathon training that was not the case! 5am workouts were a must if I wanted to free up my evenings some nights.

  3. I think for me, it really depends on the factors surrounding it. If I’ve been pretty well-rested as of late, I’ll most likely still force myself up because I know I’d be kicking myself later for NOT going to workout (it just makes me feel better!). However, when I’ve had a few bad nights of sleep? Yeah… the snooze is on.

  4. Sleep for me always wins, especially in the morning. I need my 8 hours every night. I’ve learned not to even try to get up before 6:30am. I am WAY more successful in the evening. I can convince myself that even though I’m tired, I can run and then go to bed right after if I want. Obviously the run wakes me up, and that never happens :)

  5. Ugh I have this inner battle every other day it seems! I try to make to bed early enough so I get at least 7 hrs of sleep so I can wake up early for a workout. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep and sleeping in trumps my workout other times if I don’t get that much sleep I will still get up and workout I usually feel pretty good and awake after. I think im a prefer to workout kinda gal

  6. I value sleep more but, unfortunately, I don’t get enough! I get home late because I teach Jazzercise after work, so I always get my workouts in, but it tends to cut into my sleep time! It’s definitely something I need to work on!

  7. Sleep wins every time for me too. I had hoped to get my 5 mile run in yesterday morning but once I couldn’t fall asleep until 11:30, I realized I’d be trying to do that on 6.5 hours and the alarm immediately got shut off for more sleep. :)
    PS- you’re really making me want some of this raw/paleo cereal. I can’t wait to try it out when I get home later this week!

  8. I did the same thing this morning 😉 I value sleep and exercise equally but like you, I’ll only sacrifice sleep if I’m not already sleep-deprived!

  9. That cereal is killer! I’ve never seen paleo cereal EVER. I value sleep more than workouts too, which is probably why I sleep in every morning instead of working out before work….

  10. Both are important to me! But given the choice, I almost always favor sleep, mostly because I never get enough.

  11. I used to always sacrifice sleep to the workout, but lately I’ve felt run down and not so energetic, so I’ve taken more rest days. It feels really good and I tend to give more to my workouts now too. I think it’s all about listening to your body too. If it needs rest, give in. Your body is always smarter than logic.

  12. I’m more likely to choose sleep than exercise if I don’t have time for both, but I think that’s just because getting out of bed is difficult. With enough sleep I’ll feel rested but not always super energized, whereas a good workout goes pretty far to make up for lost sleep and put a spring in my step as long as I’m getting a decent amount of sleep in general and its more of a short term shortage thing.

  13. Hey guys, look at pic.1 and then immediately scolrl down to week 7 pic. i think my jaw literally dropped a couple of inches when i saw the comparison!hm, wondering what will happen after week 8 ..the thing that impresses me just as much as Kev’s inhuman genes, is the way he’s able to push himself. having ability to push yourself is what will separate you from the rest in the long run.we’ve all seen Coleman’s crazy workouts, and even Coleman was quoted on how impressed he was by the intensity of Kevin’s workouts..that’s gotta count for something


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