Nervous Habits While Public Speaking

Dare I say I’m already sore from this morning’s workout? Ha! I think that’s some sort of record! Whenever I do an intense lifting workout, my appetite is pretty sky-high for the rest of the day, too. By 10 a.m. I was already ready for lunch! Instead of a mid-morning lunch, I had Shane meet me at the café at work and buy me a coffee and a snack. It sufficed Winking smile

When lunchtime did roll around, I stopped home to let the pupster out, and grabbed a mini-me of last night’s dinner:

Same kale salad as last night, different yogurt + some paleo granola

Plus a snack for later:


Peppers, chips, and hummus.

Nervous Actions

Next month I have to give a presentation to a local group about fitness and social media. I love both of these topics, and have TONS of information to share. I’m confident about the topic and about sharing my knowledge, but I have a confession: I hate public speaking!!


I have to really give myself pep talks in order to go through with it. I need to just get over it because being a good public speaker is such an important quality. However, I get pretty nervous before I have to present. Although I’ve been working on it, I actually have a few nervous actions that tend to make their appearance while public speaking:

  • playing with my necklace. I actually don’t even wear necklaces while public speaking anymore because I’ll sit there and play with it the entire time.
  • running out of breath. When I public speak, I tend to use up all my breath and forget how to breathe. This is sometimes a problem, haha
  • saying “um, and, uh” a lot

Now, I’m working on all of these habits, and would like to say I’m getting better and better. I have a trick, though, that I practice whenever I have to present: channel someone who’s confidence I value.

Basically, I think of someone I know who’s cool, confident, and someone people look up to, and I channel that person as I’m presenting. Most of the time, it works like a charm Smile

What are some of your nervous habits when public speaking? Any tips or tricks that help ease your nerves?

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  1. Oh man, I HATE public speaking – definitely one of my biggest fears! I always run out of breath, talk too fast, move around too much, and say “like” or “um” too much. My current job is the Children’s Director at my church, and sometimes I have to do the announcements in front of the church. I dread those Sundays… I suppose with practice, I’m getting better though!

    To help me calm down, I try most importantly to remember to breathe! I also ask myself, “What are you so nervous about?” I can never really come up with a good excuse, so I try to go up there, and just do my best. Good luck – you’ll do great! :)

  2. I try to remind myself that if I can present for 2 hours in front of 3 professors determining your fate of whether you get your doctorate or not, then I can speak in front of a crowd who probably won’t remember the particulars of my speaking in an hour.

  3. I am so not good at public speaking. I think I don’t prepare enough and when I don’t know a subject all that well, I get nervous. I tend to play with my hair or tug at my shirt. And I do say a lot of “um’s and ah’s”. My husband is great at public speaking. I think I need to get some tips from him.

  4. I find that the more I practice the less nervous I get. The less I need to focus the better.

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