Moar Boar Wants Moar!

I had a client cancel at the last minute tonight, so that meant I was able to cook dinner! I’d planned on just grabbing whatever since I’d be getting home after 7:00, but since I had the extra time, I threw together an actual supper.

Pizza night in the RAN house!!


A simple half and half pizza – half cheese and burger (for Shane) and half cheese and spinach (for me)


(I’d already started eating before remembering to snap a pic!)

On the side, we had some roasted (charred?) brussels on the side. Sidenote: My jaw hit the floor when I saw Shane go for the brussels sprouts. He used to “hate” them! Smile


The big picture:


The pizza was good, but definitely not as delicious as my pumpkin barbeque pizzas I’ve been making lately. My appetite is our of control though today, so after finishing these two slices I went back for MOAR.


Moar boar wants MOAR!

And what better to wash down a cheesy pizza than an ice cold beer?


Especially cold beer in a Tervis tumbler!

Tervis tumblers have double-walled insulation, so they don’t get the annoying condensation that forms on most cups. They also keep cold drinks cold longer, hot drinks hot longer, and are unbreakable! And in case they do happen to break, they’re also guaranteed for life.


I received this Tervis tumbler as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemakers program, but I’ve been a fan of the handy mugs for quite some time!


Shane and I received bride and groom Tervis tumblers as a wedding present from my aunt, and they’re our favorite cups!

Time for Niko’s last walk of the day…have a great night, folks Open-mouthed smile

Do you have a favorite cup/water bottle/coffee mug? I am obsessed with Camelbak water bottles! I think I have 4 different colors and I want MOAR! Smile with tongue out

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  1. My Tervis is my favorite too! I use it every day.

  2. We have those Bride and Groom tumblers too!

  3. Man, that pizza looks so cheesy good! Got me craving pizza now.

  4. I do love my Tervis tumbler for smoothies but my favorite is my ceramic Starbucks to go mug :)

  5. I got a tervis too! Can’t wait to finally use it :)

  6. That pizza looks great!
    I think everyone would like brussels sprouts if they’d cook them right and give them a chance. They’re soooo good!

  7. That pizza looks so good. Spinach on pizza is awesome! Arugula is pretty good too.
    I so want my own Tervis cup. I just bought my husband one with his alma mater on it and he loves it. The bride and groom ones are adorable!

  8. That pizza looks so delicious! And the roasted brussels sprouts look really good too.
    I need to get myself some pittas to make some pitta pizzas :-)


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  5. […] had 3 slices of bacon, and Shane had….the rest (8? and he wanted MOAR haha) Delicious dinner […]

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