Just a Bit Too Full


I was extremely relieved to see such positive feedback on this afternoon’s post. I was a bit worried about getting called a hypocrite, but am happy that all the comments were (not surprisingly) supportive. Plus I loved all the little/big sausage jokes Winking smile

When I got home from the gym this afternoon, I came home excited to carve the pumpkins that Shane and I picked up this past weekend!

IMG_5186 IMG_5187

Did we do a good job??

Totally kidding. It’s ceramic if you can’t tell  Winking smile My parents actually got it for us last year for our anniversary!

What actually happened was 20 minutes of relaxing on the couch reading my new book while Shane watched some car show (choppers something?) With each passing minute, we lost motivation to carve. Another night? we both agreed that’d be fine.

The “lazies” were in full effect. I’m lucky I could muster up some motivation to cook dinner tonight!


Roasted butternut squash sprinkled in cinnamon, baked tofu in my usual marinade, and green beans with butter. For Shane, I subbed out the tofu for oven “fried” chicken – chicken that’s coated in egg wash and then an herbed breadcrumbs mixture.


It was deliciously satisfying and I was pleasantly full when finished Open-mouthed smile I actually love that “a bit too full” feeling after meals. You know what I’m talking about – just to the point where you have to unbutton the jeans for extra room.

However, in this house you can never be too full for dessert!


Since the oven was already going full blast, I popped in a batch of my soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies in to join the party.


The perfect cookie!

The “too full feeling” – do you enjoy it or find it uncomfortable? There’s a fine line between absolutely stuffed and a bit too full, but I love the content feeling of the latter Smile

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  1. I actually thought you’d carved that pumpkin for a second! :-) I’m actually in the midst of waiting for my chocolate chip cookies to come out of the oven…yum :-)

  2. I was JUST talking about the too full feeling with my coworker last night (after a huge dinner and 2 cupcakes…) I definitely hate the uncomfortable feeling being too full leaves me in for at least 45 minutes after a meal. I’m really trying to eat slowly to be able to notice when to stop before getting to that point. Being that uncomfortable takes away from how good the meal was for me.

  3. I like being comfortably full…something about feeling uncomfortable throws me off a little mentally!!

    I’m catching up on your posts. Pumpkin spice donuts…um, YES PLEASE!!!

  4. I have that feeling all the time, probably why I’ve gained around 10 pounds. Oy.

  5. I hate the too-full feeling. Like, cannot stand. I dont’ like feeling like my belly is about to pop!

  6. I find it uncomfortable for sure, usually when I feel about 80% full I know I am good since I always seem to get more full after I finish eating.

  7. I am not a fan of feeling uncomfortably full, but I also dont want to leave alot of my food behind because I do not want to be starving an hour later! 😀
    I also think your cookies look amazing and I might have to bake a batch and see how they compare to my mom’s “secret recipe” cookies! 😀


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