Guns Aren’t So Scary

Today instead of going to my usual Sunday morning yoga class, I embarked on a new adventure.


The girl who’s afraid of guns? Well she shot a…a… a whatever this gun  is Open-mouthed smile And a few others!

My dad, brother, and Shane love to go shooting at the shooting range, while I’m always fine staying behind and glad to let them have their guy-bonding time. Well, my brother’s been encouraging me to show up and give it a go, and I finally said I’d go…and just watch. I said the only thing I’d be shooting would be my camera.


Instead, of course, my brother, Shane, and dad talked me into it:


He’s in his happy place Open-mouthed smile



Do I look like I’m about to pee my pants in this picture? Because I was. Don’t let my smile fool you.


Turns out I’m actually a pretty good shot! I hit nearly all my targets, and … dare I say even had fun?


I wasn’t, however, crazy enough to shoot my brother’s beast of a gun meant for shooting during a zombie apocalypse. He and Shane were having a blast blowing up coke cans and water bottles, though!


It was a pretty dreary day – cold, windy, and raining off and on – and unfortunately mid way through my Raynaud’s kicked in pretty bad. I had to go in the car for a few minutes to get the blood back to my fingers!


Once there was blood in my fingers again, I came back out and declared myself an observer for the rest of our time at the range.


What a fun morning! I’m glad I went…and even glad I learned how to shoot. Guns don’t seem quite as scary as they did before today Smile


Before Shane and I headed out to meet my dad and brother this morning, I cooked up a feast for breakfast.


I made us breakfast bowls fried potatoes (I grated a golden potato and then cooked it in some coconut oil,) and then topped them with an egg scramble w/ a chopped habanero pepper, some organic pork sausage from the farmer’s market, and then at the very end I threw in some leafy greens.


And I’ve been loving eating half a grapefruit with breakfast lately!

What did I do with the over half of the grapefruit? Well, Shane ate it. But I busted out another one for lunch Winking smile


Shooting guns sure works up an appetite! Usually when I eat a breakfast like that, I’m set for a good 5 hours, but as soon as we got back to Normal, I got started on lunch.


Warm quinoa and grapefruit salad, which I’ll post the recipe for tomorrow!


For now, it’s time to go carve pumpkins with Shane. We got them a few weeks ago, but waited until the last possible day (literally, it’s Halloween Eve!) to carve them, lol #laziness

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends! Smile

Guns: scary or only as scary as the person shooting them?

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  1. You go girl! I love the vest. And im coming over for breakfast! We were supposed to carve today too but i dont feel good

  2. Great pics!! Looks like so much fun at the range! The first pic looks like an AR-15, I could be wrong though. My husband and I LOVE to shoot! We usually go to my aunt’s property on 12 acres, but there’s an indoor range about 40 mins away that we go to once in awhile. We went to a REALLY awesome one in Vegas; I shot a machine gun and they have Tommy Guns and just about every other gun. So much fun. 😀

    Guns: Only as scary as the person shooting them <- yes!

  3. Guns don’t bother me, I guess it’s because I grew up being taught how to shoot them. I think it’s more about who’s got the gun that’s the scary part. Hope it was actually more fun than scary!

  4. oh my gosh you are brave! I am afraid of guns I do however want to try going to a shooting range maybe to ease my fear a bit. Your lunch looks to die for I cannot wait for the recipe!

    • I think it did really help! It was just the first time though, so I’m sure it’ll get better still:)

      • None, if you friend has stiudo lights he/she desperately needs to figure out how to use them. Just because they are in the room doesn’t mean they are complimenting the subject. I make my living photographing people, this is utter crap. Please tell your friend to take the stiudo lights to the nearest dumpster and pray that they are never used again.I read Thomas Martin’s comments. I can sum up 19 paragraphs into one sentence: These pictures suck because the person behind the camera had no freaking idea what they were doing .

  5. I remember shooting guns when I was in Middle School – my dad made my sister and I take a gun safety class through 4H. It was ALOT of fun – maybe too much! And I remember being pretty good. Need to talk Travis into taking me sometime!

  6. How fun! I love going to the shooting range. I used to go with my dad all the time. Guns don’t scare me because I grew up around them and learned how to be safe with them. The people using the guns can definitely be scary though.

  7. My husband loves shooting. He collects guns but doesn’t hunt or anything so they’re strictly for going to the range. I went with him once, shot a rifle and a handgun. The rifle wasn’t bad but the handgun freaked me out. I have to say they still make me nervous when I see them around the house. I think the worst part of the shooting experience was b/c it was outdoors and the shells of the guy next to me were literally flying in the air and hitting me in the head.

  8. wow, you seem like a natural! my grandfather was a hunter and had lots of rifles at his house. I am too scared to shoot with the big ones but I like shooting ranges with guns and love playing dart. :) yummy breakfast too!

  9. I’m in the “as scary as the person shooting them” camp. Used for target practice, or for hunting,* and with safe practices, guns are no more scary than cars. The problems start (as with cars) because not everyone is careful or has good intentions. Hence: it’s the people who scare me, not the inanimate objects themselves.

    But yes, I’ve been to a shooting range, and enjoyed it. I’d go back again.

    *I do live in the South and appreciate the venison my neighbors are kind enough to share. 😉

  10. i was terrified of guns until i joined the peace corps. then i come back and wanted one. i recognize the irony of that statement. but i do think that shooting at ranges is fun and that people should protect themselves if it’s in a safe manner!

  11. My husband loves going to the shooting range. I’ve been a few times and I’m surprisingly good at it! I only do the handguns though; I wouldn’t be able to manage the big guns. 😛

  12. I LOVE going to the shooting range. It’s a great stress reliever and is so much fun. I haven’t been in a while–going to have to beg my brother to take me!

  13. way to step out of your comfort zone girl! :) I love that vest! You look like a natch :)

  14. AH! the gun range! I’ve been twice in the last month or so – it’s okay. It still kind of scares me. All those people…with guns. What if someone goes crazy? Don’t laugh – that happened twice at the same gun range in orlando with in a 2mth period. So far I’ve only shot the .357 – I’m to scared to shoot Chris’ new .40 cal – that thing is a beast. I also refuse to shoot my brother in laws .22, or 30-30, or anything resembling a shot gun or rifle. I’m a chicken. It was all I could do to shoot the .357

    • Jena that’s my fear exactly! What if someone has a nervous breakdown while there? What if the chemicals in their brain don’t match up correctly and they go nuts??!? Ahhh!

  15. Thanks for sharing the photographs! It looks like you had a good time. Shooting can be a great stress reliever.
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