Do You Think We’ll Ever Die?

Tonight dinner was kind of a fend-for-yourself kind of night.


So I fended myself a kale salad with the usual toppings – olive oil/lemon/sea salt dressing, grated carrot, cashews, and blueberries. And on the side I had yet another piece of breakfast casserole. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it!

I say “kind of” a fend for yourself night, because Shane didn’t really fend for himself. Instead, I took some leftover pot roast out of the freezer, warmed it up, and called it dinner for him Winking smile

It was nice not to have to cook a big meal on a boot camp night Smile

And for dessert, a little morbidity!

Do You Think We’ll Ever Die?

During our fend-for-yourself dinner, Shane asked me an…interesting… question that, at the time, sounded deeply disturbing:

Do you think we’ll ever die?

Thinking smile

Uhhh, hun, do I need to explain how the world works to ya?

Then he went on to explain himself. He meant “we” as in human beings, not just he and I. Apparently there’s an up and coming chemotherapy for cancer that can detect only the cancer cells and completely kill them off (which would be absolutely fantastic.)

Additionally, chemotherapy has only been researched since the 1940’s as well as modern medicine, when the diseases themselves have been around for so much longer. So, if they can have this much advance in medicine in 70 years, then what will we accomplish in 170 years?

Even so, my response was yes, we’ll all die. I’m not one to sit around and think about death, but  it’s always been my theory that eventually (long, long term) the human race will die off actually because of a disease – whether it’s a bacteria, virus, or infection, that’s what’s going to do us in in my mind. Shane thinks it will be another ice age.


So yeah, a bit morbid tonight, thus two morbid questions for ya:

Do you think there will ever be a cure for cancer that middle class people can obtain?

How do you think the human race will eventually be wiped out?

And – for those who who completely uncomfortable with this topic: any exciting plans for the weekend? Open-mouthed smile

I’m off to go sit. on. my. butt. It’s going to be fabulous. I think I’ll even add a glass of wine. Things are ch ch ch changing at the BIC all of the sudden (and actually lots of things changing outside the BIC, too,) and it’s been a little stressful. Nothing a little Dirty Soaps, a cuddly fam, and glass of wine can’t cure, though!

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  1. Hmm blueberries in a salad?? Sounds delicious!

    I agree with you on the theory – I think the human race is meant to die off and something else will take our place. I think that’s why we have all these diseases (unfortunately).

  2. I do think that the human race will one day be wiped out, but I hate thinking about it since I don’t ever want to think of my future grandbabies being affected by it.

    You like Dirty Soaps too? It’s just such fun, distracting TV.

  3. My Netflix queue is full of random documentaries on the solar system and evolution and threats of human life. So yes I totally by into it. Could be an asteroid, could be a virus or mass genocide. The sun burning out in 6 billion years is the least of our worries. But then again should we really be worried? I think we could all see it coming eventually.

  4. You probably don’t want me jumping in with this question. 😉

    But yes – we will all die of our physical selves. Not sure how it’s going to happen though in details. I imagine it will be a lot of things (like natural disasters and disease and such) leading up to whatever the “armageddon” brings. Also, despite being a Christian and having faith in heaven and all…I still don’t like the thought of the world ending anytime before anyone I know has well passed on. I would hate to think of my kids not having a full life ahead of them, even when believing an even fuller eternal life awaits.

    Okay – I’ve gone deep enough! Ha!

    • Of course I do, Tina! :) …I think you’d be surprised at how much we have the same beliefs along this topic! 😉

  5. That’s what “fending for yourself” looks like? Dang, I’d like to see what an actual prepared meal looks like!
    Umm, cure for cancer? Attainable? Not in our lifetime :-/

    • It only took about 10 minutes to make!! haha I suppose it means I’m not cooking a meal for both of us tonight.

  6. Oh, I think about things like that every once in a while and end up putting myself into a funk. But then quickly get out. :-)

    I never really thought of us dying off from a disease or outbreak or something. I thought it would be when the sun blew up. In, like, 5 trillion years. Haha.

    Alright, enough morbid talk, I’m going to a wedding this weekend and then vacationing in Charlotte!

  7. I’ve never really thought too hard about this. Its the kind of topic that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around. I imagine that at some point, yes, humans will all die off. It seems to be the way things work. Besides, we are not treating the planet with any respect. There will probably be natural disasters, or some human made situation that wipe us all out eventually.

  8. thats an interesting topic! and even more interesting comments :) I think we will eventually find a cure for cancer, just as we will also find one for AIDS (they actually have made some major progress in that field recently!). We will be able to cure diseases and illnesses but it wont prevent us from dying. Its natural, its part of life and it should not be seen as a negative thing. but its a reason to make the best out of your life and enjoy living in the present!

    oh and i miss kale!!! ur salad made me crave it so much!

  9. Hmm… I’ll answer the third question. Wait, I don’t have any fun plans.
    Tell me abotu Dirty Soap. Good? :)
    I’m new so what’s the BIC? :)

    • hehe – Dirty Soap is basically just a reality show of soap stars’ lives. Trash TV at its finest.
      BIC = Big Insurance Company…I work at a big insurance company as a project planner 3 days a week.

  10. Obviously this question appeals to me! Honestly, I think there is so much bureaucracy and politics to disease research, that even if we’re showing the beginnings of a cure, it’s still a looooong way off. Also, I think “cancer” is too broad of a term when if really refers to a slew of very different acting diseases. What may kill one group of cancerous cells in your lungs, may not work on a group of cells in your blood.

    Also, cancer is started by two factors 1) environment, and 2) genetics. Even if we cure cancer, will we be able to keep on top of the fact that those factors are increasing at an alarming rate?

    On another note, I’ve always thought it would be really cool to be alive when the world ended.

    • Completely agree. With more and more cell phone waves, wireless internet, and all sorts of other radio waves (and the unknown effects, let alone the known effects, of those waves in the environment it would definitely be hard to keep up.

  11. I’ve been having a lot of discussions like that lately, but I have never really thought about human kind being destroyed.
    I had a conversation with some people yesterday about how I’m a deeply conflicted Christian and even though I have a lot of doubts and hate organized religions I still believe in and fear God. I also still think I believe in the Bible and how it described the world ending, but as I get older I have a hard time continuing to believe that fully. It’s tricky.
    I like “morbid” convos though, I’m weird like that.


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