Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Hey all! The trick-or-treaters are in full force and I’m so excited! I absolutely love seeing what all the neighbor kids dress up as and hand them candy Since I knew we’d be busy passing out candy, I made dinner super easy by throwing together a crock pot stew this morning after spin class. All […]

Warm Quinoa & Grapefruit Salad

Yesterday I showed you all a picture of my deliciously flavorful, fruity quinoa salad. And today I’m going to share the recipe with you! You won’t want to miss this one Grapefruit is one of my favorite fall fruits. Mostly, I like to eat it plain, alongside breakfast, but I also like to incorporate it […]

Patterns are for Amateurs

Happy Halloween! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Over here it was packed with a lot of impromptu fun I talked about how I’m breaking the fast a little bit later than usual lately I ate at my fav Thai restaurant for dinner Shane and I went on an adventure and discovered a […]

Guns Aren’t So Scary

Today instead of going to my usual Sunday morning yoga class, I embarked on a new adventure. The girl who’s afraid of guns? Well she shot a…a… a whatever this gun  is And a few others! My dad, brother, and Shane love to go shooting at the shooting range, while I’m always fine staying behind […]

Plans are for the Birds

Yesterday was quite the adventurous Saturday! It started out innocently enough. I woke up and immediately headed to the farmer’s market so I could stock up on organic meat and grass fed beef, since it was the last weekend for the outdoor farmer’s market this year (tear.) Then it was a working Saturday as I […]

Nightmare at 9th Hour

I slept 9 hours last night and it was fabulous. Sleep has been something I’ve been focusing a lot on lately. I’ve been sacrificing the length of my workouts (or the time of my workouts) and being a few minutes late to work (and staying a few minutes late) to get in my 8 hours […]

Breaking the Fast a Little Later

Usually Fridays FLY by at the speed of light, but this one has been taking its time for a change. It’s only 3:00 pm, but seems like it’s around 5:00. Hey – I’m not complaining I took an RPM class after training a client this morning, and it was fabulous! It was my first time […]

Posts per Day

Hi loves ….I just typed out “sorry for not posting last night”…but then I erased it right away. I’m actually not sorry. My night was filled with clients and teaching boot camp, which is a good thing. It means business is there. It’s one of my jobs and is one way I make a living. […]

Quick Hitter Full Body Workout

Hi there! I’m glad ya’ll liked this morning’s Howl-a-ween post   Since this morning’s post was all about the pets, I didn’t have time to get into the deets about my morning. So let’s dive right in! Right after pressing publish on the howl-a-ween post, I mixed up some BCAA’s (branched-chain-amino-acids) and drank it on […]

Happy Howl-a-Ween

Happy Howl-a-ween, my friends! You won’t be screaming in fear during this post, but instead squealing in cuteness overload **** Molly’s pup, Roosevelt as a shark! Lindsay’s brat/cat, Scarlett in her Halloween tutu: Dance, Scarlett, dance! Kristin’s pup, Ellie (who won the 1st place trophy in a Halloween contest!) as a devil: Look at that […]

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