WYSI[not]WYG + Dynamic Warmups

I’ve mentioned before that I always have dessert and/or a nighttime meal/snack a couple hours after dinner, but I should also mention that I have a snack in between each meal, too.

I ate my oatmeal around 7:30 before leaving for work this morning, but then when my tummy rumbled around 10:00, I answered it with a homemade cliff bar:

My mid-morning snacks hold me over quite nicely until I’m able to have lunch around noon.

Today’s lunch incredibly simply, thanks to last night’s leftovers. One heated up black bean enchilada on top of a bed of greens, comin’ up (in 1:20, at that!)


And see after this meal and before I head in to train some clients, I’ll have another mini meal, like some Greek yogurt and cereal, most likely.

You don’t see the mini-meals in between meals because, well, I don’t always have my camera around, and I don’t enjoy posting every single meal and snack that I eat. I’ll post the exciting and different snacks, but I think everyone’s seen yogurt + granola by now. I also don’t post my seconds. Sometimes I’ll take a picture of what’s for dinner, and then fill up my plate again and eat twice what the picture shows.

My point, though, is that while I post my meals, I eat way more than just what I post. If a portion looks small or my meals seem few, it’s not the case in real life. In fact, Shane and I joke that I eat enough for the both of us! It’s all relativeSmile


Dynamic Warmup

I also always eat a mini-meal before morning workouts that typically misses the blog, but that’s not the only thing I do pre-workout. I also make sure to do a good 10 minute warm up.

Lately, I find that dynamic warm ups provide a lot more benefits than a walking treadmill. I actually made this video for my personal training website for my clients, but thought I’d also share it with you all! It tells why dynamic workouts can be an integral part of your training, and then shows some of my favorite dynamic warmup exercises.

Disclaimer: check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise or nutrition plan

LOL – how’s that for a screenshot? Thanks YouTube Smile with tongue out

Have a great afternoon, friendsOpen-mouthed smile

How much effort do you put into your warm up? What does your warm up typically consist of?

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  1. i snack all the time too :)

    when I went to the physical therapist he went over the importance of dynamic stretching–he stressed that it’s good before a workout, but after a run static stretching is best. I am still trying to make stretching a natural habit, but I dynamic stretch before long runs and remember a few other times during the week…i’m a work in progress :)

  2. I love snacks and have them all the time too. Not only because I get hungry but because my blood sugar drops and I get really lethargic between meals. Better to keep that metabolism revved!

    I’m a bad warmer-upper. I tend to jump rope for 5 – 10 minutes before a run or cardio routine. This helps a lot because I get my heart rate up, get a little sheen of sweat, and it’s full body so all of me is ready to go.

  3. Great video, Paige!!
    Lately, I’ve been teaching so many classes, that THEY are my workouts…haven’t done much lifting lately (we do high rep stuff in class though – not the same, as you know). In bootcamp, I’ll warm them up for 10-12 minutes doing some of the moves you showed, but also using the step…gradually increasing intensity. Towards the end of 10 minutes, I do some explosive plyo stuff.

  4. That enchilada looks amazing. I think things like that taste better the second day, and 1:20 for prep time can’t be beat!

  5. I just bookmarked this page because I love those warmups!!


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