The Gym Regulars

Morning! This week is absolutely flying by for me. Anyone else? I can’t believe it’s already almost TGIF timeOpen-mouthed smile

I started out the morning with a guts and glory interval run. I felt glorious after the run was done, but during some of the intervals felt like I could keel over!

A hot breakfast didn’t sound very good, so I made another batch of my cheesecake oats. I don’t think I’ll ever get over this combination.


It’s so good!!

Cheesecake Oats

1/3 c. oats

1/4 tsp sea salt

stevia to taste

2 tbsp milk

1/4 c. cottage cheese

1/4 c. Greek yogurt

1.5 tbsp crunchy nut butter

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Combine the first 3 ingredients, then stir in the rest. Top with fruit!


Since when I stepped outside for my run, the humidity was so thick I could chew on it, I turned around, grabbed my keys, and drove to the gym.


(old pic, but you get the pic..ha!)

I haven’t done an early morning workout at the gym in over a month! It was kind of nice to see my old early morning “regulars

~There’s the guy who wears a red stocking hat every single time he’s there, walks on the treadmill for a bit, and calls it good. It’s cool though, he’d there on the reg.

~There’s the guy who is too cool for school and starts things off with a run on the treadmill, and then does some crazy different lifting workout involving plyos and barbells.

~There’s the girl who goes supah fast on the elliptical and wears ankle weights.

~The girl who only wears a sports bra who is already running on the treadmill when I get there and is still running when I leave 45 minutes later

~And then there’s the girl who stumbles in wearing mismatched tempo shorts + old ratty t-shirts with her iPhone, Kindle, iPod, and headphones and runs.


Oh wait. That’s me. hehe Winking smile

We’re all strangers because typically the only words we exchange are hello and goodbyes, but we all have a connection because we’re all crazy enough to wake up at 5 in the morning to start sweating!

Eep! I’m already 10 minutes later than I wanted to leave. Go figure Smile with tongue out See ya in the afternoon.

What are some “regulars” in your life? It could be the gym, the park, the store – anywhere that there are habitual strangers

Have a great Thursday, lovesOpen-mouthed smile

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  1. I had been away from the gym for a month (due to the baby) and returned this week. It was refreshing to see the regulars. My favorites are those who go… Just to say they went but dont really work out

  2. Ankle weights while running fast on the treadmill!? In my dreams! Next time you need to stop that girl and tell her she’s a beast haha

  3. Oh my gosh … I love the comfort and amusement of gym regulars! There is the bizarre middle aged man wearing tight black pants, tight black underarmor tank, and black sweat band (hot), the lady who is on the same elliptical for like an hour every morning, and all the old men in their jean shorts and dirty white tennis shoes! :) Then there is me… I can’t imagine what they think!

  4. That’s so funny — I totally have people who are “the regulars” at my gym, too. There’s a guy at mine similar to your treadmill girl: he’s there running every day, and he’s running when I show up and still running when I leave. I always want to ask him if he’s training or something or why he never seems to run outside, but maybe that’s not my business?

    There’s also the crazy acrobatic guy who always randomly busts out a jump split in the middle of the ab/stretching area. It’s hilarious and always draws lots of stares from fellow gym-goers. I’m used to it now, but he’s insane. (I also found him more amusing before he asked me out to dinner. Hmm…)

  5. Seeing the kindle on the treadmill made me realize I need to try running + reading now that I have a Nook! Maybe I can finally be one of those people who reads while on the treadmill?

  6. This week is flying by! Probably cause I am on vacation though!
    I love gym regulars – me and my husband have nicknames for people too 😉
    Boob Girl – always wears less clothing then I would at the beach, has crazy ripped abs and likes to show them off!
    Treadmill guy – runs on the treadmills so hard/fast it shakes the entire upper floor – really annoying.
    Army dude- buzz cut, wears army pants and boots to the gym!
    Those are my top 3 gym regular favorites :)

  7. I sorta miss the regulars at my old gym… the guy who talks to himself, the cat lady, the heavy breather who wore the same shirt every time he worked out (gross!), the girl who refused to say hello back to me in the mornings… sigh…

    People are weird.

    And I’m totally going to be the mismatched girl at my new gym. Holla’!

  8. Haha, yep I have similar people at my gym too. Gotta love it!

  9. I love gym regulars. One of the guys at my gym and I always exchange a passing hello, and he helps me move benches and the like around in the free weight area when I need.

  10. I remember the gym regulars from way back when I still went there. There was the girl with giant fake boobs that went super slow on the elliptical (she’s a weather girl or something now), there was the guy that farted no stop on the treadmill, and there was the girl that used to show up in a mini skirt. Good times. :)

  11. There is this lady who swims in the pool at my gym who once told my friend and I that she would not move over and “circle swim” to allow us to get in her lane, even though there were no lanes open. She is already at the pool before 5:15 a.m. when we get there and is usually still in the pool at 6:30 or later when we are done no matter which day of the week it is! But the thing is, it seems like she spends most of the time with her back to the wall watching everyone else instead of swimming!

  12. I don’t go to the gym so I don’t have any gym regulars- but in my neighborhood there are several guys who ride their bikes from wherever they live to the shrimp docks. I see them every day. shirtless with their beer gut hanging

    in my work life there is a this cute old guy that goes to the oncology center below my office. I see him every now & then. He is the sweetest old guy.

    there are the cute bag boys at publix.. what a cougar. lol. But some of them are cute,what can I say? I prefer that publix just to look @ the bag boys. bahahaha.

  13. I like seeing the same people at the gym over and over again because I think it motivates me to not be that person who drops off, even though I don’t even know them. I have the sports bra treadmill girl too. I always try to grab a treadmill next to her because it motivates me to run faster and longer!

  14. I worked out early this morning too (6am)…I’ve been putting together a bootcamp routine and took my sister through it.
    We must have a couple of the same people at my gym, because I saw that girl in the sports bra. Her hair looked dead…so did her eyes. So sad.

  15. I have regulars in my classes I see everyday, but the good part is I know who to not get behind in line for kickboxing drills (instant ass in the face when backwards rope-work) and who to never partner with in ab class (extreme abuse!).

  16. my gym is in my apt building which makes the regulars seem even more ridiculous since they’re also my neighbors :)

    my faves are the older guy who runs in non-running sneakers & a polo shirt and the tiny tiny woman who has crazy heavy feet – sounds like she’s going to go straight through the treadmill, blows my mind.

  17. One of the regulars in my life is the old man who sits on his porch almost all day. Any time I go in that direction, there he is. I give him a little wave or a smile and go on my run or bike or errand…and then on the way home, there he is. Still enjoying the porch :)

  18. Haha! Love reading about everyone’s “regulars.” At the scary gym near my office, there was a hulk of a man who used to yell the f word at himself in the mirror while lifting. Since the gym’s the size of a postage stamp, you couldn’t help but be right on top of him. So much nervous laughter. So much.


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