Head Sweater

Going to a spin class at 5:30 in the morning will put some crazy thoughts in your head.

Why oh why did I wake up early for this?

I wonder what minute the sun comes up today?

Oh, look at everyone else! How fast are they pedaling?

Crap. I have to email (insert name) back TODAY.

Oh, look at everyone else…they don’t look as sweaty as I do!


That last thought stuck with me. Training clients all day, I see a wide arrange of reactions to intense exercise. For some, it’s heavy breathing and frequent rest breaks, for others it’s a bright red face, and for some others, it’s becoming drenched in sweat.

I fall in that last category. My clients always point out to me, “ew! I’m so sweaty!” to which I reply, “I can relate.” Nearly every moderate-hard workout I complete, I’m drenched. The back sweat, I can take. The stomach sweat, I can take. Heck, even the boob sweat (swoob) doesn’t bother me. It’s the head sweat that gets me.


(this pic’s not even that bad, but believe me –the head sweat’s in full effect)

When I get done with a workout, my hair is straight out soaked. It makes the whole washing-your-hair-every-other-day directions from the ol’ hair stylist awfully hard to follow. Actually, head sweat is probably my least favorite thing about exercise, second to waking up at 5:00 for a 5:30 spin class Winking smile 


After getting home and showering my sweaty head (that’s a lie. I came home and showered, then blow-dried and sprayed some dry shampoo in my sweaty head) it was breakfast time.

Time to break out the Scottish oats! (See the difference between steel cut oats and scottish oats)


To make these oats, I just used 1 c. almond milk + scoop brown rice pp, 1/2 c. scottish oats, currants, pumpkin, cottage cheese, and a tbsp of sunflower seed butter:


I love the creaminess of scottish oats!

Time for me to fly!

Are you a head sweat-er? What part of you is the sweatiest after a workout?

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  1. Yep, I’m a head sweater! (kinda funny to say outloud)
    I use Suave Dry Shampoo and it works well – or even baby powder!

  2. I get really sweaty from head to toe. I hate feeling how drenched my roots get after a workout. I also get really red and puffy, so I look super attractive in the process.

  3. I’m a sweater too, no red faces over here just sweat! Honestly, and this is going to sound gross but, I think the worst area for sweating is your butt/crotch! I had to go to the allergist after my 7 mile run on Monday and lets just say the paper stuff that covers the doctor’s seat thing in the room was drenched when I left. Slightly embarrassing.

  4. Oh girl I can totally relate! The only reason it really bothers me though is that it drips in my eye and buuuurns. Oh my god it burns!

  5. I am a sweater too, mainly head (this is where my Lulu headband come in handy!) but also back and stomach too. I wear black to disguise it at the gym 😉
    I refuse to wash my hair every day and dry shampoo is my BF!

  6. I asked a trainer once why I sweat so much and they said it’s actually a sign that you are in good shape- your body is being efficient and cooling you off.
    Still doesn’t make up for the whole skipping washing your hair thing though. (Dry shampoo = my bff)

  7. I know I’ve had a good workout when the stomach sweat shows through. Ewww….

    It’s so funny how different we all react to it. For running, I barely sweat at all the first three miles. Anything after that? It looks like I’ve been through a rain storm.

  8. I’m with ya on the head sweat! I end up washing my hair most days…it’s just not worth feeling icky all day.

  9. My head sweats like crazy. My hair is always soaked after a workout, its really weird.
    I still stick with the every other day hair washing thing though. I dry shampoo the crap out of my hair, and just hope no one looks too close at me. :)

  10. I sweat profusely during my workouts, and I seem to be the only one who does so. I mean, after a few miles, I am literally drenched — so to be JUST a head sweater would be nice actually. 😉 Not sure if I have a health issue that’s causing this, but it’s kind of embarrassing.

  11. I sweat like it’s my job! Sometimes while I’m running and I go to wave at another runner, I fling sweat everywhere LOL. My hair always looks like I just took a shower so I just wear hats now.

  12. I am super head sweater too. It is nasty and drives me the most crazy as well.

  13. I need to ask what type of dry shampoo do you use and do you like it?

    I’ve tried some that I dont like so I go back to using baby powder. Works great but would like to try something specifically made for hair :)

    • Hi Tracey! Right now I’m using Oscar Blondi’s dry shampoo. It’s pretty expensive, though, and I actually like a cheaper version at Sally’s – Batiste unscented :) HTH!

  14. I am totally an all-out gross, head sweater. I am always jealous of people who can work out and go to work or out with friends afterwards without a shower. This is absolutely NEVER an option for me, because I usually look like I just got out of the pool!

  15. I totally feel you, girl. I start sweating during my five minute jump rope warm-up and it just gets worse. My hair looks like I just stepped out of the shower and my clothes are drenched. Doesn’t that just mean our bodies are more efficient at cooling themselves? Or is that crock?

    Sometimes I wish I was the chick who simply “glows” during a workout.

  16. I sweat so much, my ponytail turns into a sprinkler when I run… It’s super attractive. 😉

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