Exercise + Health Truths Turned Myths

Hi there! Today was food day at work, and I had a working meeting over lunch where lunch was provided. It was definitely a day surrounded by food. I was able to contain myself and didn’t indulge too much. I hate not feeling hungry for dinner, and tonight’s menu was a good one!


Mexican black bean rice w/ zucchini + broccoli!

I love all of the fresh veggies and the POW of flavor in this dishSmile


The dish actually doesn’t call for broccoli, but I had a head of it in the fridge that I bought last weekend. It’s days were limited! Besides, broccoli and rice go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Lies! It’s All Lies!

The health and fitness world is a funny industry. Research is constantly ongoing, and studies are finding new results every single day. This is great for learning new ways to improve ourselves and better our bodies through diet and fitness. Whether it’s a new finding on technique, form, frequency, or intensity, it’s safe to say we all want to be doing it the best way.

On the flip side, constant research and findings makes saying anything with 100% certainty awfully difficult! For instance, years ago, it was said that one’s maximum heart rate was 220-their age. One inaccuracy with it is that it doesn’t consider resting HR for each individual. Regardless, that formula is still used today in some instances, but is taken with a grain of salt. We now know that method is highly inaccurate. A more accurate method now would be going through sub max HR testing. 


Some other fitness myths that were once thought of as truths:

  • Eating a diet solely of grapefruit is a healthy way to lose weight (FALSE)
  • Lifting 2 lb. dumbbells will “tone” your body (false – building muscle is building muscle)
  • Exercising in the “fat burning zone” will help you lose the most weight (it will burn energy from fat, yes, but it’s not the biggest calorie burner)
  • Doing hundreds of crunches will give you a flat stomach (again, building muscle is building muscle!)
  • Eating a low fat diet is the best way to lose weight (false)
  • Skip breakfast to lose weight (blasphemy! Winking smile)

I could go on and on and on, but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Throughout  26.5 years I’ve been on this earth, I’ve heard some crazy diet and exercise myths that I admit to actually following, and some that have just made me roll my eyes I don't know smile

What are some of diet and exercise myths that you once believed? How about some that you just rolled your eyes at?

Have a great night! Open-mouthed smile

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  1. When I was in high school and even college, I guess, I used to believe that everything that I ate needed to have less than 3 grams of fat. Umm, yeah. Glad I don’t believe that now!

  2. I have a post similar to this listing out all the crazy rules I used to follow. Including no eating after 7 pm – no carb + fat combo in a meal – must eat 1 gram of protein per pound (not kg) of bodyweight. And so many more!

  3. Great topic. I used to believe that any kind of fat was bad, and to avoid egg yolks at all costs. That was no way to eat, or live!
    It wasn’t until I was on an exchange trip in France back in high school (2000) where I realized how strange the low-fat craze in America was. I was at a grocery store with my host family and NOTHING there was “low fat” or “fat free.” I remember trying to explain to them what I meant and they just looked at me like I was crazy. Those products simply didn’t exist in France!

  4. I think the biggest eye-roller myth has to be the Sketcher’s tune-ups! I mean, come on, a shoe that makes you fit?! Doubt it.

    I love your addition of broccoli in this dish. Funny, tonight for dinner the exact same thing happened to me. I opened a bag of frozen broccoli only to remember I had an entire head of fresh in the fridge! So, I roasted it and as always, it was delicious (we LOVE broccoli in this house),

  5. I am proof positive that the max heart rate rule is a myth. During every interval run, I blow the 180s out of the water (try more like mid 190s)… and let’s just say I’m not in my 20s anymore. I used to freak out and worry that my heart would explode, but… um… I’ve been running for more than a decade — no explosion yet!
    I certainly wouldn’t recommend high heart rate as a “target” for anyone, but for me, it’s just normal. :)

  6. Salads are always healthy! Except when they’re not…

    and the max heart rate? I blow that outta the water ALL the time!

  7. My husband follows a myth still regarding weight lifting. He believes to exercise one muscle group each day where I have learned that if you exercise opposing muscles, you get better (more) results.

  8. Gah, I’m disappointed the light dumbbells thing is a myth! The only ones I have access to are about 2.5 pounds, and I’d heard Tracy Anderson (who I strongly dislike!) say that light weights and high reps would tone you..guess not! Aah well :p

    • Freya, the myth is more about the word “toning.” If this is the type of weightlifting you like to do and it works for you, than it’s what works for you :) I will definitely go more into this topic soon (today.) I probably shouldn’t have thrown it out there so nonchalantly.

  9. the eating late myth & you’ll gain weight if you do…I think not. I think a calorie is a calorie and *in general* your body doesn’t really care or know what time you ate it, “late”, early, afternoon, etc. :) Exceptions to the rule, yes, of course but in general, eat late, I say if you’re hungry.

  10. One myth that I have believed for years is that one should eat only fruits until noon. It’s from some diet, but I can’t remember which one. It includes not combining certain foods which precludes eating sandwhiches on bread!! I skipped that part.

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