Dealing with Deadlines

At my [part time] day job, I deal a lot with deadlines. Deadlines for budgets, deadlines for plans, deadlines for resources –they’re all part of the game. And I kind of love it.


I remember when I was in college, having a deadline was crucial for me to get any sort of productive work done at all. If there was a paper due in three months, you can guarantee I’d be starting that paper in 2 months and 3 weeks. However, if the first draft of that paper were due in two months, and the outline in one month, I’d begin my research and start writing much earlier.

To combat my inner procrastinator, I set my own deadlines. I’d even go so far as to write “FIRST DRAFT DUE!” on my calendar as a made up assignment. But it worked – I started working on the paper a lot sooner since I had a visual deadline in front of me.


I know for some, deadlines only bring on nervousness and intimidation. For me, they work! I’m too much of a procrastinator not to have a due date.

Now, I only apply deadlines when it comes to work and assignments. In life and in making healthy choices, I have a “start now” mentality. This is one reason why I don’t really set monthly or weekly personal goals.

For me, it’s a constant effort to improving my health and my life. Why say, “I’ll start drinking more water this month,” if there’s a cup and a faucet right in front of you? Why not just do it right now? I also think setting deadlines in life and making healthy choices can be a little too much pressure.


I’d like to think this afternoon’s lunch was a healthy choice!

Honestly, I had some leftover sushi from last night* but decided to go ahead and pitch it. I’ve eaten fish way too often the past week. It’s time to give it a break. Besides, I love a good egg + bagelthin sandwich Smile

On this guy was a slice of white cheddar cheese + some sriracha. Unfortunately, we don’t have any avocados in the house, so I had to forgo my beloved avocado spread.


On the side are some sugar snap peas and a dollop of hummus.  I also packed up some PB pretzels to snack on at my desk later:)


They’re a little addictive Smile

Do deadlines encourage or discourage you from being productive? Where do deadlines play the biggest role in your life?

Have a great day, folks!

*follow up from last night’s post – the dinner surprise went off without a hitch! Shane was extremely grateful to stay in, as I assumed, and honestly, it was probably more enjoyable than going out to some fancy schmancy restaurant since we were both so beat.

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  1. I’m jealous that you can stick to “fake” deadlines. I always know in the back of my mind if its a “real” deadling from my boss or professor or if its a “fake” deadline that I made up.

  2. I completely agree with the jump in today mentality. Back in college, when I realized I needed to ditch my fun chub I signed up for weight watchers online and went to the gym all in one day- I didn’t go balls to the wall at first, but I go the momentum going and there was never a mental block to get going. Very helpful.

  3. My work is very deadline driven and I work well under pressure, but I can only really perform if I know a deadline is real. I’m far too good at procrastinating :)

  4. I thrive off of plans and deadlines. It makes big projects and tasks seem less overwhelming when I can break it up into smaller deadlines and see the whole plan in front of me.

  5. I NEED deadlines. I’m a huge procrastinator, so if I don’t give myself deadlines along the way, I’ll wait to do everything at the last minute.

  6. I so need deadlines to get things done. My current job is pretty lax with them and it drives me crazy because I get lazy without them. I have to set them myself, but this doesn’t always work since a lot of the stuff I write needs final approvals from other departments, and they don’t have deadlines either. Grr…

  7. Hmm deadlines. I think they encourage me but I’m one of those people who will put it off until the last minute. So if the deadline is next Friday, I’m bound to do it Thursday night. It’s not ideal but at least I do it. They stress me out but FORCE me to get things done. Wish I could come up with a less stressful way!

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