Cancel The Reservations


Boy am I going to surprise Shane tonight for dinner!

Thankfully, I was able to push up my client schedule, thanks to some flexible clients, and had about 45 minutes to get everything in order.

Shane is in class until 7:00ish tonight, and he made dinner reservations for 7:30 for our anniversary. If I know my husband, I know that after a busy weekend and a day full of work + night full of class, going out would be the last thing he really wanted. He made the reservations because it was our anniversary. Simple as that. But I know he’d rather stay in and relax.

So, I played the trickster and headed out to Fresh Market to get his absolute favorite steak ever. It’s also the only time I’ll spend $15 on a steak. Ever.

This “gift” was also numerically convenient because the traditional 3rd wedding anniversary gift is leather.

Get it???


Ok, fine. I’ll let you in on my thought process. But be warned, it’s a little twisted, especially for someone who hasn’t eaten beef or chicken in more than two years. Steak comes from cows, which are also where leather comes from. So…it’s leather. I know. It’s creatively sick. Moving right along…

Along with the steak, I also picked up the works: appetizers of spinach artichoke dip and chips, main course of aforementioned steak and a twice baked potato, and then a choice of chocolate cake or an éclair for dessert.

(don’t worry, I’ll eat whichever one he doesn’t choose Winking smile)

I think this deserves a good wifey medal if you ask me.

And since a big steak isn’t my cup of tea, I subbed out his main course for one that I haven’t had in a very long time – sushi!


One thing I didn’t do? Cook the steak – because, you know, I wanted it to actually taste good for him Winking smile

I also set out a my gift to him and a bottle of wine:

Turns out, he had set up his card and a bottle of wine for me to come home too! Who knows…it could be a two-bottle night! Kidding, kidding.

Hopefully this change of plans turns out well! I’ll let you knowSmile

Now it’s just time to wait until he gets home from class. Eek! I think I’ll occupy myself by catching up on all of your blogsSmile

Have yourselves a lovely night, loves!

Which do you prefer: going out to a fancy dinner? Or keeping is casual in the casa?

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  1. Sounds like a perfect evening! You are a very thoughtful wife. I liked the leather joke for the 3rd Anniversary. There are times when a nice meal out is exactly what I need, especially with having kids. However, there are more times than not when I want to curl up on the couch with my hubby and get food togo, or cook and just spend time together. It doesn’t even matter what we are doing, as long as we are together. Happy Anniversary!

  2. I hope you two are having fun tonight 😉 Congrats!

  3. We usually prefer to stay in. In fact, we rarely do anything fancy on our anniversaries…. so much more authentic and relaxing. That being said, I’m treating my boyfriend to a fancy dinner for our half-anniversary next month (3.5 years).

  4. How cute are you!!?? I like to eat out….this is only because I work from home and want to get out of the house….otherwise I love to eat in…and by eat in I mean eat whatever my husband cooks. I’m a TERRIBLE chef…

    Get Up & Go

  5. Aww, that’s a super cute surprise. Hope you guys have a great anniversary night :) Last year we had plans that we ended up cancelling in favor of staying in. This year, we went out. I like mixing it up :)

  6. Too cute, I agree on the great wifey medal :) I would way rather stay at home – going out for supper is over rated in most cases! It is way more relaxing and intimate at home too!

  7. Most of the time, I would definitely rather stay home.
    I hope the surprise went well. That’s such a sweet thing to do, especially buying the fancy steak. :)

  8. I prefer to go out instead of staying in but lately, with finances squeezing, staying in can just be as much fun :)

  9. What a WONDERFUL with you are! I’m sure he appreciated all the thought and DELICIOUS food!!

    I can’t find your email address :( I’m not sure why they’re changing the name of the program? I will ask my group fitness manager. The bar recipe is not my own! Its one of my favorite steals!! I tweak Katie (lil veggie patch)’s recipe a bit- less sugar, no cloves and whole wheat flour instead of ww pastry flour:

  10. Aw, how sweet! Hope he enjoyed it; I’m sure he did.

    How are those baked potatoes from Fresh Market? When my mom & I have stopped in there, we have always drooled over them but never made a purchase.


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