Since the sun wakes up so darn late this time of year, my two work-week runs that I start around 5:30 have had to be run on the treadmill. What I really need to do is put on my layers and reflective gear and head outside anyway, but I haven’t yet gotten it out of the storage. So treadmill it is.

Early morning treadmill runs are actually kind of fun for me, thanks to a couple guilty pleasures. I love watching TV when I run, and early morning TBS shows are the best. Married with Children is the first show I watch, which I still find to be hilariously funny 15 years later. Oh Aaallll (said in Peggy Bundy voice) you crack me up!


Next up for my viewing pleasure is Home Improvement. This is a downgrade from what used to be in its timeslot, Saved by the Bell, but I’ll take it.

This morning’s Home Improvement episode was about neighbor, Wilson, and his beliefs UFOs and aliens. At first, Tim the Tool Man Taylor ridiculed Wilson and made fun of his beliefs. Then, after a little research, Tim himself, started believing UFO conspiracies.


It got me to thinking about my beliefs on aliens and extraterrestrial life forms. In my personal opinion, I think it’s somewhat naïve and centric to think that humans are the only life form in the universe. Heck, I actually believe there are other life forms in this galaxy!


What I don’t believe is that aliens have touched down on Earth, or at least touched down anywhere for the public to see. Perhaps the middle of the ocean, but not in some random field in the back of someone’s farm land.

Then I get to thinking about it a little too much, and realize it’s WAY too big for me to even wrap my head around Winking smile


Apart from revisiting my beliefs on alien life forms, I did get a pretty good run in Smile Thursdays call for speed work, and today’s speed work run was in the form of intervals. When I do intervals, I make it so it involves as little brain work as possible. Hey, I’ve got a TV show to pay attention to! Winking smile

-0.0-.5 miles – warm up @ 6.0

*switch the distance to kilometers*

-one lap around the digital “track” @ 6.9

-one lap around @ 6.4

-continue this cycle until I run out of time and have to go home

Usually this cycle takes me about 5.0 miles, but today I was running late (forgot to get the coffee ready last night…doh!) and got in 4.25 miles. Good enough for me! I was good and head sweaty by the time I hopped off and headed home.

Home and showered, I couldn’t be more ready for breakfast!


The egg sandwich is a repeat of yesterday’s lunch – 1 egg 2 egg whites + a slice of white cheddar cheese + sriracha hot sauce. Yum!


And the little unappetizing looking blob (I just wrote blog) is a cherry Chobani container with some pumpkin swirled in. I swirled in the pumpkin as a last minute thought, which didn’t turn out to be the worst idea ever, but not the best idea ever either. I actually wanted some fruit, but it’s late in the week and the bottom crisper in the fridge is getting empty!


Have a great Thursday Smile

Alien life: what are your beliefs? Exist? Not exist? Have they been to Earth? I think this stuff is SO interesting to talk about!

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  1. My non-scientific (and high uneducated) opinion is that the Universe is so massive…there has to be something else out there, right? Even if it’s just bacteria, I can’t imagine that we are the only living things in an infinite amount of space.

  2. I agree, it would be naive to think there are not other life forms out there somewhere but I am not sold on the that they have visited earth etc…
    I love Saved the Bell! That alone might make me workout in the mornings 😉

  3. I ran on the treadmill this AM too- SOOOOOOOOO boring, but what can you do? I am with you- something else has to be out there. But I don’ t believe in all the crazies who say they’ve touched down & seen them. I love adding pumpkin to yogurt

  4. It’s sad that I know the EXACT episode of Home Improvement you are talking about. I used to be so obsessed! But will always love JTT….

    Back in the day when I didn’t work earlier hours every day of my life and when I’d actually make it to the gym by 5ish, there’d be a pair of girls in there that would always have Married With Children on. I have to say, I’m not a fan. I was never allowed to watch it when I was younger and just never had a desire to when I actually could… ah well…

  5. Good to know…cherry and pumpkin don’t mix. :) I actually just tried the Mango 2% Chobani..SOO good!!

  6. I still love Saved by the Bell! I watched it again last week and it still cracks me up.

    I totally think that aliens are out there. I hope they’re nothing like the ones portrayed in the movies though!

  7. Ahhh, Home Inprovement. JTT ❤ forever. 😉

  8. I’ve been mixing pumpkin in my yogurt and my coworkers gave me the hardest time about it. they could not get over how weird it was and why I ever came up with the idea. i love it with some pumpkin pie spice and fruit mixed in :)

  9. Oh boy – thinking about aliens hurts my brain, but I love it. I definitely think there are other life forms out there. It makes no sence to think we’re the only ones. I mean, with all the space out there, why would we be the only planet with life on it? That just doesnt seem right. I dont know if I believe aliens have ever come here – I feel like they probably have better things to do.

  10. They can’t stop showing Saved by the Bell!!!

    And as for aliens – I don’t really believe in the traditional sense of “aliens” but do think other lifeforms can exist. Who am I to say they can’t? From my perspective, God created a WHOLE LOT of universe and could certainly have created other life we don’t know about. The UFO aliens creep me out though after a super scary dream when I was younger that I was abducted.

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