A Spendy Saturday

I’m not sure HOW in the world it’s already 6:30, but it leads me to think that the rate at which you blow money and the rate that time passes is directly correlated! Yes, it was a spendy Saturday.

After this morning’s run, I cooked up breakfast #2:


I can’t get enough of this combination! Pumpkin cream cheese for the win. Let’s just say my bagel’s lucky it had any left after it got out of the toaster Winking smile


Belly full, I felt ready to embrace the absolutely gorgeous late summer weather we’re having here and Illinois. So I set out to take Niko with me to the farmer’s market. I haven’t been there ALL summer – so I felt the need to go. However, by the time we left the house it only had an hour until it closed, so it’d be slim pickens.

Instead, we went to Fresh Market to pick up some baking supplies, and since Niko waited nice and patiently in the car, I took her next door to PetCo, where she proceeded to get in a fight with a poodle. Regardless, I showed her my appreciation with love, treats, toys…and clothes.


This chilly weather has left Niko with the shivers! A hoody was in order. She was NOT impressed. In fact, she wouldn’t even move.


So you can imagine her excitement when it was time to try on her Halloween costume:


Yeah…she pretty much turned to catatonic dogWinking smile Shane and I joked that this should actually be her every day outfit – ha!

By this time, lunch was in order. Since breakfast was a little heavy, I kept lunch light with a delicious kale salad (shocking)


massaged kale w/ olive oil + lemon + sea salt, red onion, raw cashews, and FIGS!


I picked up these babies at Fresh Market today. Ever since I learned that you can just eat ‘em whole, I’ve been wanting to pick up some! They were fantastic in the salad.


By this time, Shane wanted to get in on the lovely weather, too, so we packed up in the car and headed to the disc golf park! Shane disc golfed, and Niko and I followed along.


I suck a disc golf, and still don’t like it after trying 20 times. I think it’s time to throw in the towel here.


As I write this, I’m honestly not sure how I fit all of this in one day today. Because I steady chilled on the couch for a solid two hours catching up on Jersey Shore after “disc golfing.”


At least I was in good companyWinking smile

The rest of the day involved a little shopping with a bestie… I was supposed to help her pick out some boots, but it turned out to be the other way around…


I’ve been wanting Frye boots for.ev.er. When I tried this pair on and they fit like a dream, I immediately called Shane.

Erm, hi babe. Soooo…you know how the 3rd anniversary gift is leather? (our anniversary is the 27th) Well, if you’re having trouble picking out a gift, I think I may be able to help you out.

haha. I’m so kind like thatWinking smile Anyway, when he said go for it, I handed the sales associate my card and never looked back!



After all that…I need a beer Winking smile


Cheers, friends!!!

Hope you all are having a great Saturday so far. The plan for us is pumpkin bbq pizza and pumpkin beer Open-mouthed smile

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  1. We’re having pizza and beer at our place tonight too!!

    I’m not sure how I got anything done today either… I spent a lot of time watching The Hills on netflix, which is arguable worse than Jersey Shore. And I took a nap too, so you definitely win in the productivity department!

  2. Niko’s outfits are hysterical! We need a pic of these boots please :)

  3. aw look at that little niko with her hoodie and halloween costume – fab!

    I don’t know how it’s 9 p.m.?! I have VERY little to show for today – oh well – had a good day regardless of my severe lack of productivity!

  4. I love that outfit, satan looks cute. haha. I bet she hated that! my dog would try to rip it off asap.

  5. Aw, Niko is so cute! My dog does the same thing when I put clothes on him! He totally hates it!

    Saturdays are perfect for pizza and beer and since it’s fall – I commend you for adding pumpkin to both of those! :)

  6. I’ve been obsessed with fresh figs lately – mmm!

  7. … I’m one of the lurkers that comments occasionally to almost never, but… Fresh Market and Pet Co. in one general area = Skokie?!? If so, I’m going to feel like I’ve been where a celebrity has. XD Funny how commenters sometimes look at bloggers like celebrities (unless they’re bloggers themselves, maybe?) even though we’re all just people…

    I tried figs for the first time the other day! I seem to like the green ones more than the black ones, though. I bet figs are amazing with kale – must try! Thanks for the idea!

    And Niko looks so.darned.cute in that little pink hoodie. I wouldn’t be surprised if she drew “aww”s and the like from passersby, haha. :)

    • Hey Jenny! Not in Skokie…in Bloomington/Normal:) And totally all just peeps! I think it’s just the “public-ness” that comes along with blogging, ya know?
      Thanks for the Niko compliment:)

      • Figures I wouldn’t know! I used to live in Wilmette, but that was just over 6 years ago… Skokie’s probably pretty different by now anyway! :) But Bloomington? Man I was WAY off, haha!

        I guess we could all go to Evanston High to walk the halls that the “Mean Girls” did to feel like celebs, too. 😛 But you are right about the “public-ness” (“publicity” feels like the wrong word here, somehow!) that comes with blogging. I think the internet sometimes makes us forget that we’re dealing with other humans… That is, until we stop being lurkers, start commenting, and getting responses. :) Then we just get to see how awesome the blogging community is.

        Anyway thanks for the response! Hopefully there’s a nice fall in store for Illinois. The weather always seemed pretty mild and pleasant when I lived there (unless something has changed drastically!).

  8. I have never had fresh figs but LOVE dried ones! I agree, it’s so convenient that you can eat the whole thing. I’m going to look for fresh next week.

    The costumes are SO adorable!

  9. Um, Pictures?! Please!! I got my first pair of Frye Boots 2 years ago when my hubby so generously decided that we BOTH needed a pair. I LOVE THEM. And now I am in the market for another pair and got the “okay” from the hubs and was on their website this morning! Still undecided on which ones though!


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