What You Want vs. What You Choose

At this point in my life, I pretty much know my body, my cravings, and myself to know the difference between true cravings and convenience cravings.

I don’t typically give in to convenience cravings, but I will give into my true cravings to a certain point.

For example, when I got home this afternoon, I was getting pretty hungry for lunch. I’d planned on making a green smoothie, complete with bananas for potassium and spinach for foliate and antioxidants. That’ll help me feel better in my sleep-deprived, slightly-hungover state! I thought.

However, when I got down the Vitamix, the smoothie just didn’t sound good. What really sounded good to me was the leftover veggie pizza from Friday. I just wanted a few pieces. So, I put back the Vitamix, and got to work and reheated it.


Reheating pizza with a little nonstick spray in a pan is the best ONLY way to reheat leftover pizza. If you haven’t done it this way you have not lived!!


You know what? I felt much better after eating this pizza, and knew my “hunger” wouldn’t be craving anything else for a while afterward Smile 


The rest of the day was quite nice! Shane and I made a trip to Fresh Market for absolute necessities – organic half + half and eggs, chocolate covered animal crackers, and coffee, and then he sat in the car while I got my makeup done and made some purchases at Von Maur at the new Laura Mercier counter.


OH. em. gee. I’ve found a new obsession. I’ve tried her tinted moisturizer, but Miss Laura has a lot more to offer than her TM. But more on that at another time, I promise.

As if an impromptu shopping trip wasn’t exciting enough, I ended my afternoon with a pedicure! The woman working gave me the most amazing foot massage ever. I almost fell asleep. Twice.


It also gave me time to read a good chunk of the book I’m on right now, Pictures of You. It’s such an interesting book so far – a real page turner. Has anyone read it?

Then, after my pedi, it was finally time to work…

on dinner!


I couldn’t decide what I wanted, and Shane had some bacon, steak…meat thing to throw on the grill, so I made an omelet. It’s easy and packs in the protein. I stuffed a 1 egg + 3 egg white omelet with shredded zucchini and the most beautiful red kale I’ve ever seen.


Then to top it all off, I turned this:


into this! Well, the sauce part, anyway.


Although I only made the sauce for me, I tricked Shane into trying it. I said “omg, you have to taste this sauce I made in the Vitamix!” – and then dodged his “what’s in it” – question. Lo and behold, he said it’s pretty dang good! You can bet I won’t be telling him there’s nutritional yeast and garbanzo beans in itWinking smile Muahahah


Welp, I’m Shane and Niko’s for the rest of the night! We’re watching The King’s Speech. Has anyone seen it?

What do you typically choose between the healthier option and what you’re really craving? A lot of the time, I will be craving the healthier option, so if I’m not then I generally know to just go with it.

What was the last thing you’ve done to pamper yourself? If you can’t remember, I suggest you go book a massage Winking smile


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  1. Soo @ Little Miss Fitness says:

    We watched The King’s Speech a couple weeks ago and LOVED it!!!

    I’m super encouraged by this post because not only will I skip the microwave when reheating pizza, but I’ll pay attention to mt want vs need cravings! Super helpful, Paige! :)

  2. stephanie says:

    oooh ive been wanting a pedi for awhile, but always put my money elsewhere. I’m glad you had a nice day.

    I almost always crave the healthier things, so when I do want something less healthy, I think about it to see it i reeally want it and then may have it.

  3. I’ve never heated pizza up that way! I’ll be honest, it looks bizarre but, I’ll try it next time to see what you’re talking about 😉
    I loved the King’s Speech, saw it on a flight a few months ago.
    As for pampering, I haven’t done it in far too long! I’ve had a Spafinder gift card burning a hole in my wallet for over a year now, I really need to book a massage!

  4. I loved the King’s Speech!! We watched “Man On Wire” last night. If you have Netflix, you should watch it streaming! A documentary about the frenchman who walked a tightrope between the World Trade Center towers. A must see!

  5. I am actually not a fan of massages, I always feel REALLY greasy after I leave and I just dont enjoy it. BUT I do LOVE getting mani’s and pedi’s. I usually get a pedicure every 3-4 weeks and then I get a manicure whenever I get asked to go with friends (usually once every month or two)!

  6. I try to listen to my want v. need cravings, because I don’t eat as much when I listen to what I want, instead of just reaching for what I know I should have. Most of the time, those cravings overlap (like for protein smoothies after a heavy lifting workout, but when they don’t, I go for what sounds the yummiest!

  7. That seems like an awesome tactic for reheating pizza! Does it keep the crust crispy and not make it into some kind of tough dough?

  8. I loved Pictures of You! The love story was a bit contrived, but it was definitely fun to read and well written.

  9. That’s a good idea for reheating pizza. I’ve always just turn on the oven and stick it in right away. That way by the time the oven is heated, its ready. I like this idea better though. It feels faster.

  10. Love massages, I just booked me and hubby for couples massages for our one year anniversary :) I also love pedicures!


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