What Numbers Mean to Me: The Numbers Game Takeaway

Busy busy day so far! Here’s how to tell if you’ll be having a non-stop 12 hour work day split up between two jobs:

Haha! Welcome to my Tuesday house car, my friends Winking smile Makeup, training tools, lunch, water, purse, phone, change of clothes? Yep, I think that covers it!

On busy days, I like to seek out calm and peace in one form or another. Today I found serenity in the glowing, radiant sunrise.


Exquisite, right?

I also came home for lunch, which is always a nice to break up the day.


Number 1 thing I love about stir fries, aside from the flava flave – leftovers! Plus a juicy plum:


I also grabbed a Chobani on my way out the door. Fresh Market was selling them for $1/piece, score!


How I Play The Numbers Game

Yesterday, I talked about my takeaways from Stepfanie’s presentation, how to write a better recipe. Another presentation I attended while at the Healthy Living Summit was called The Number Game, presented by Tina, Janetha, Lisa, and Beth.


The panel did a great job explaining which numbers motivated them and how, along with explaining which numbers affected them in a negative way, and how.
After each presentation, there’s a Q&A segment, but really,  bloggers could talk all day on this topic. It got me thinking about how I use numbers to motivate me as well as which numbers affect me negatively.

Like the panelists, in some ways numbers motivate me to make a better life for myself and give me the fire under my rear to accomplish my goals. However, some numbers can have a negative effect on me. I choose to focus on the positive numbers for each of the following areas. The negative numbers are those which could affect me negatively, but instead, I’ve learned to not pay attention to them.

Workout Numbers


I don’t pay attention to the duration of my workout, so much as I do the integers that let me know how far and how fast I’m going. When I set out for a run, I don’t say I’m going for a 30 minute run, I say I’m going to run 3.5 miles. For some reason, when I surround my workout with duration parameters, it sounds too much like work; like something I have to do. While I don’t pay attention to duration, I do pay attention to frequency. My body is happiest when I work out 5-6 days per week, so that’s what I aim for each week.

Nutrition Numbers

I try to pay attention to the positive numbers, in order to make sure I get enough protein for the day, to make sure each meal and snack has enough protein + fat to keep me satisfied, and to try to choose options without a boatload of sugar. I do not pay attention to total calories per day or even per meal. When I do this, it makes me crazy.

Blog Numbers


Yes, traffic is in both the positive and the negative columns here. I do pay attention to blog traffic. On a weekly or monthly basis, it gives me criteria I need to see what readers enjoyed reading and what attracted readers, so I can keep up – or improve – my posts. However, daily monitoring of traffic drives me batty. Just like body weight fluctuates throughout the day, traffic fluctuates from day to day too, and it’s not always something I can control. Another numerical aspect of blogging I choose not to pay attention to is comparing my comments with other bloggers’ comments. I try to make my blog individual and unique to me, so why would my commenters/comments reflect another bloggers’, right? Smile

*positive – numbers that motivate me and I put parameters on
*negative – numbers that I don’t think about and/or put parameters on


Time to get back to work! Have a good rest of your Tuesday, friends.

Which numbers affect you in a positive, motivating way? Which have a negative effect? How do you choose to deal with the latter?

See you after dinner! Open-mouthed smile

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  1. This is such an interesting topic– I wish I could’ve been at HLS to hear about it :(

    The blogging based on numbers and traffic is specifically interesting to me. I try not to focus in on my stats too much because it could drive a woman crazy!
    Same goes for calorie counting with me too. I’ve concluded that I just cannot count calories– I do not have the determination to do it, nor the patience to not freak out if I happen to go above an “allotted number”

  2. When I do cardio, I actually focus on duration as opposed to distance. Since I’m just getting back into running and trying to build up stamina and strength, I try to focus on being able to run for a certain amount of time and try not to focus as much on speed (or compare myself to everyone else’s speed). Hopefully one day I’ll get to a point in my running where I can focus on distance instead of duration!

  3. I’m like you on both sets of numbers, I never look at duration but, use distance goals instead. On the blog front, I’ve just recently started to try and not look at daily traffic. It ends up consuming you and really does drive you batty!

  4. Ha! Your car looks like mine on most mornings. Getting dressed and ready somewhere other than your home is tough!! But sometimes you just gotta do it when you fit in a workout and a full time job! :)

  5. I love seeing the sun rise too – it is very relaxing. Yesterday morning while doing yoga in my living room I watched the sunrise, it was a great way to start my day!
    I agree while numbers are a huge motivator for me others are not. When it comes to running km’s or miles are a great motivator for me, and I track them weekly. For eating, I lie to track to servings of food groups etc to make sure my daily eats are balanced, but when it comes to numbers and calories that can get messy and is a bad habit for me to fall into. I like how you even noted about numbers and blog traffic per month or week versus per day – I never thought of it like that! I celebrated once I hit a total number of blog hits recently and it felt great!

    • Nice job! It does feel good to hit those milestones :) But yeah, I feel like monitoring traffic day by day doesn’t really do anything to help me or my blog!

  6. I think the numbers game is a very personal thing – for me, I cannot step on a scale without that number totally throwing me off, I’ll obsess over it (unhealthfully so). Since I know that, I don’t own a scale, have no idea what I weigh and refuse to look at the scale when I’m weighed at the doctor. The numbers that DO motivate me? The way my pants fit – if I suddenly find I can fit a smaller pair? Well hell, I’ve been working my booty off and that’s a sign of it. Do I care what that number itself is? Nope. But the fact that it went down? A good thing in my book. I also used to hate having a food log because I obsessed. I’m now in a place where a food diary has been a great tool for learning and planning and I use it just that way, not obsessively, just as another tool in my fitness tookit. It works for me but it won’t work for everyone. And that’s why I said the numbers game is so very personal.

    • Food logs can be both a helpful tool and a harmful means to obsession. Glad you found your happy ground to it!
      And regarding the losing weight/scales/pants fitting – this is exactly what I tell my clients:)

  7. I really love your thoughts on the numbers game! The breakdown of positive vs negative is spot on to my own thoughts, and I love that the positive sides are so plentiful. Love you, girl!

    • It was tough to think of the negatives…just because I don’t think of them a lot of the time! haha
      Either way – you guys did a great job covering the topic, Janetha 😀

  8. Great post, Paige! Being new to blogging, it’s hard for me not to get wrapped up into how many page views I get in a day. I’m trying hard to focus on the fact that I’m only a “month old” and it can only go up from here!

  9. I look at numbers a lot like you do.
    I flat out ignore the numbers that mess with my head, and only pay attention to the ones that make me feel good. I can get really crazy with numbers (in any scenario – working out, calorie counting, blogging), so I try really hard to focus on other things instead.

  10. It seems that I pay attention to all of the negative ones :) I do pay attention to some of the positives though.

  11. LOVE reading your take aways and I relate to them so much. I think mine are pretty much all the same for positive/negative. :)

  12. Very interesting subject matter and post. I look at numbers similar to how you do – I don’t count calories, that would also drive me crazy – however I do find the workout duration to be positive. I think this is because I am a slower runner and spending a big chunk of time makes me feel good about spending all of that time on myself!
    And I think that your considering protein / fat / sugar / veggie quantities to be positive is excellent. You have such a healthy attitude, which is one of the main reasons I read your blog on a daily basis! :-)

    • Thank you so much, Laura!! With some of the challenges you take on, you should definitely count that duration – and elevation in some cases:)

  13. I did notnget to go to this speech butnthanks for the recap. I could not agree more blog numbers and calories make me go a bit wacky!


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