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Wednesday Wonders

Sometimes I wonder if my left eye will be more wrinkly than my right eye because of all the pictures I take in a day.


I think I’ll start using my right eye.

I’m slightly obsessed with edamame caviar, so when I made it yesterday, I made enough to serve 15.


It’s a wonder I only had two servings for lunch today.


It usually takes me about .75 days to finish a tub of TJ’s Ginger Cat cookies.

So I wonder why it’s still nearly full 13 days later?!

Clearly, I had to do something about this after eating my lunch today. Shane had just cleaned the counters and told me not to make a mess.


I wonder why he tells me these things. I never claimed to be a good listener!

However, I think he overestimates the effort it takes to wipe down a counter. Try cleaning the toilet, babe. There’s a wonder for you.

I have a new addiction. It’s called beverages-that-are-kind-of-like-water-but-not-really.


I wonder what’s in “natural flavors”

Where’s my beverage, dude?

I eat Barbie weights for breakfast dessert to fuel my workout with heavy weights


And then I drink muscle milk…which actually isn’t milk at all.


Who am I and I wonder where I put my vegan, raw, non-processed protein powder?


Oh, wonderful Winking smile

Back to work!

What are some wonders you’re having on this Wednesday?

Am I the only one worried about Wrinkly Left Eye syndrome?

Have a wonderful Wednesday ;)

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  1. Ginger Cat cookies?? I need to try these! The caviar looks deliciousssss. I wonder how I lived without coffee for 10 months :) I had the most delicious iced coffee today…fantastic!

  2. Cute post theme!
    RE: La Croix – I too wonder about the ‘natural’ flavors – but am addicted just the same. I love the coconut and grapefruit flavors the best!

  3. hahaha I never thought about that, but maybe using your right eye on occasion isn’t a bad idea ;)

  4. my left eye is my dominant eye, so even when I have tried to take pictures with my right eye, it doesn’t work. I’m more concerned with getting wrinkly right eye syndrom from squinting it shut! :-)

  5. ha, paige you and I are the same with our drinks. Oh the wonder that is muscle “milk.”

  6. I saw muscle milk at the store a few times and have always wondered about it. Is it good?

  7. I love how much protein you have in your diet – muscle buiding :)

    • ha, thanks! But I really only drink the protein shakes after lifting workouts.

      • I want and deserve to be a part of Team # Leal and my goal is to join a team cioemttmd to doing. Because I was always faithful to many other programs, but have not had the luck of the CJ could have someone behind me and take me somewhere. I can and always have time to be successful!

  8. I had edamame succotash at a brew pub in Wisconsin. Awesome! This was alongside a large open faced black bean sandwich. That was still not enough protein to get me thru the dairy hills on the bike course of a tri, but it was yummy! :)

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