Using Pinterest for Meal Planning

I’m feeling better and better! I definitely think the tofu did me in. My energy is still a little low, but I don’t feel sick any moreSmile

On to dinner…which was off the chain tonight!


I made these fish tacos not too long ago, but they were so good then that we were already ready to eat them again tonight.

The sauce is the best part of this recipe! I prepared all of the sauces and toppings:


and then set everything out so we could just build our own. I mean, is there any other way with tacos?



I originally got the recipe from Eating Well (but adapted quite a few of the ingredients,) but worked it into my meal planning through Pinterest.

Pinterest is not only a huge time suck, but it also does damage on my wallet when it comes to clothes. Working it into my weekly meal planning makes me think it’s not all evilWinking smile 

When I found the fish tacos recipe on Eating Well, I pinned it on my “Meal Ideas” board to make for the following week’s dinners.


After I made it (and liked it,) I pinned it on my “Meal’s I’ve Tried” board. It’s such a convenient way to keep track of what you’ve made –and liked- and what you’re interested in trying.

It’s more of a means of keeping track for my benefit, but if you’d like to tag along, I try not to pin anything that requires too many ingredients or takes too long to make. You guys know I don’t roll like that Winking smile

Now that dinner’s done, it’s time for some ice cream. You can never be too sick for ice cream!

Do you use Pinterest? (if not, you should!) What are the main categories you use it for?

Any foodie Pinterest boards you think I should follow?

Catch ya on the flip side! Open-mouthed smile

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  1. I have yet to take the time to even look at Pinterest, but it’s all the rage, so I know it must be really great for people to be addicted to “pinning” things.
    I’m eating ice cream right now – chocolate with almond butter!

  2. I just found Pinterest a few weeks ago. I’m still getting the hang of it, but I agree, it is wonderful and time sucker at the same time. This meal looks delicious and I will have to try it. Btw, I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks and LOVE IT! I just wrote a post of my favorite foodie and runner’s blog and included yours.

  3. I LOVE Pinterest! I’m a teacher, and when I was off for the summer, I could spend hours pinning things. I have boards for recipes, clothes, decorating ideas, and inspiration as far as running and working out.

  4. I’ve never used pininterest but I’m now intrigued! I love fish tacos…and easy meals that get repeated :)

  5. pinterest..have it, love it, but read it all in stealth and dont have any of my boards made up yet…another social media tool that is another one to add to the list :)

    your post on posting pics/tracking them and being careful about setting locations…i am always SHOCKED when i see fellow mothers post on instagram and they have their location listed and their kids are with them and it’s real time..i dunno…it’s just a bit unsafe…anyone knows their house is now vacant, their where abouts with their kids, etc…turn those geo-tags off, i say!

  6. I’m resisting the Pinterest peer pressure for now. I can’t afford any more time sucks! But, geez it’s all everybody’s talking about lately. I do kinda feel left out. 😉

  7. I love that idea of using Pinterest for meal planning :) So smart!
    I use it mainly for DIY projects, baking, home decorating and of course, clothes – and yes that equals major wallet damage for me too!

  8. i still haven’t done ANYTHING on pinterest. i just know that i’ll get addicted, so I haven’t tried it yet :)

  9. Love that you also use Pinterest for meal planning! I’ve found it to be so easy and simple.


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