Time Flies When You’re at #HLS

This day has flown by!! How is it already 4:00 5:00?!

Time flies when you’re…

Exploring the city with a BFF/Bestie/Blend!


Sidenote: there are SO many cute doggies wandering around (on leashes) the streets of Philadelphia! SO many.


And when you’re…lunching with a ton of other fabulous bloggers:


About a dozen of us ended up dining at Govindas, a delicious vegetarian restaurant with endless character.


See #17? That’s what I ordered.


I couldn’t remember what is was, but it was delicious!! All I know is that it had freaking amazing tofu + dressing that tasted like the nectar of the gods.

Funny story: Roomie, Kim ordered the chicken philly with no bun (she’s GF.) When she was eating it, she looked at me and told me it tasted funny…like a chicken burger. Then after she eats it all, we find out from Beth and Janetha that the entire menu is vegetarian, so it wasn’t chicken at all! haha – Kim’s face was pretty priceless Winking smile

Time also flies when you venture into the historic part of downtown Philadelphia!


George is my homeboy, yo.

Hi, Liberty Bell!



And lastly, time flies when you make an impromptu stop into Hard Rock Café during Happy Hour on the way back to the hotel.




And I have a feeling time will also fly tonight at the HLS cocktail party!!! So excited to meet even more new bloggers!! Open-mouthed smile

When you go to a new city, do you like to learn the history about it? I’m not a huge history buff, but I just had to see the liberty bell!

See you in the am!

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  1. Make sure to keep posting so us bloggies in our homes can read about all the fun too :)

  2. haha, i’ve done that with spam before. I thought it was tuna in a sushi roll. but no, it was spam sushi!!!!! EEK!

  3. I’m not a history buff either. I’ll just wait until my kids are old enough and then tag along with them on their historical trips. But on my own? No way!

  4. Yes, I love learning about the history of a city I’m visiting and seeing the sights their famous for. I also love exploring their signature restaurants. Your wrap looks so good!

  5. janetha @ meals & moves says:

    That was the best when Kim found that out! I love you to pieces. So glad we met :)

  6. Love your pictures! Great to meet you :)


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