Shakes and Soaps

Is today speeding by for anyone else?!

It’s a light work day today – I only had one client in the morning and one later this afternoon – but somehow I haven’t stopped to relax once!

After coming back in from Niko’s walk and showering, I suddenly felt extremely weak. I hadn’t eaten anything but the banana the entire morning, but I’d also done some ab work and kicked booty in a spin session. Obviously my body needed some more food.

However, I had a doctor’s appointment at 11:30, and planned on just sipping on a smoothie on the way over. Wrong! Once I got the shakes, I realized I needed food NOW, and made a hefty bowl of cereal:


protein powder milk (pp whisked in with milk) oats, chia seeds, blueberries, and quaker oats squares. It was delicious, and I immediately felt much better and didn’t have the shakes when I went to see Dr. and refill (and get some new!) my supps and vitamins (he only does whole foods pills.)


Although it’s already 1:00, I’ve got a lot more on my to-do list!


-clean bathrooms

-mop floors

-order more (training) bizz cards

-make edamame caviar

Looks like laundry is next on that list (lamesauce) but I have a special treat whenever I do laundry to make it a little better.


I started watching Days of Our Lives in college, actually. The summer after my freshman year, I decided I’d like to start watching soaps, and I picked DOOL.


To this day, whenever I’m home during the week, I’ll switch the TV on to NBC when it’s on. I’ll never just sit and watch it, but I’ll watch it when I write, fold laundry, mop the floors, or some other chore. I know it’s very middle-aged-stay-inside-the-house-all-the-time of me, but I love the drama of Sammi, Bo, and Hope. What can I say?? Smile with tongue out

And with that, it’s time to tackle this laundry (and get my Days fixWinking smile)

Do you, or have you ever, watch(ed) soaps? If so, which one(s)?

See you tonight, friends!

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  1. stephanie says:

    oh no! I’m glad you were’t out or driving when you started getting the shakes!

    I’ve never really watched soaps, but apparently the SOAP channel classifies Gilmore Girls as a soap and I grew up on that one

  2. I watch Days of Our Lives every day I can. Have since I was home and bored over winter vacation about 7 years ago. Crazy to think of all the story lines in that time.

  3. I would love to do chores in the middle of the workday, but alas, I have to cram them most/all in on Saturdays after my long run -_-

    I have watched Days since I was 10? 12? You know, before it was appropriate, clearly. It’s the only one I’ve ever watched, except for Sunset Beach. I catch up on the storylines I’m interested in via online forums and YouTube. I LOVE Sami (and Rafe).

  4. Today is flying! I got a lot accomplished, but now I want a nap! My Mom watches GH, so I watched it with her for a while, back in the day

  5. This day HAS flown by. Geez!
    I watched Days growing up and loved it. I haven’t watched in probably 7 years, but I bet I could still figure out the plot if I started back up – haha.

  6. No shame in watching a little daytime drama…or “stories” as I like to call them. :)
    I haven’t watched them in YEARS, but I used to watch one called Passions when I was in college. I don’t remember a thing about it now, but at the time, I could tell you everything that was going on!

  7. Jayme @ Runner-n-Spice says:

    Do you remember the one called “passions” or something? I recall watching that one a ton after school when I was younger…haha! Taking me back Paige!!

    Ps: I hate when I get the shakes! I always try to keep a bar or something with me to tide me over when I’m super hungry.

  8. I loved Days of Our Lives back in the day! I watched it through high school (in the summer) and college. It was really hard for me to stop watching it now that I have a day job. I miss Bo and Hope, but I”m soooooo lost whenever I try to tune in!

  9. I always remember soap operas as being in Spanish. In Miami, where I was brought up, all of my friends’ parents would watch novelas (Spanish soap operas) and so I never even contemplated watching them too haha

  10. I watched Days of Our Lives when I was in middle school, lol. The lady we stayed w/ over the summer watched DOOL and my sister & I would watch it with her.

    I haven’t watched it in years. I don’t even want to get started on that. Another trash show to suck me in…

  11. Back in the day when I watched soaps, I was totally into Days of Our Lives for the same drama! I also got into Passions for a while!! Is that one even still on??

  12. I love Days of Our Lives. I watched it with my mom when I was little, and watched it all through high school. I havent really had a chance to watch it for years and years though. I saw a couple episodes earlier this month when I had a week off, but I dont like all these new people. And whats up with Bo and Hope? Are they not together? Because thats just not right.

  13. I used to watch Days ALL the time before my first was born and when she was a baby, its funny how you can watch just a few episodes and be totally caught up on what you missed in the last umpteen years =)

  14. whoaaa protein that!! definitely trying that. i used to watch days of our lives a longggg time ago…its pretty addicting!


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