Setting “Can’t Goals”

It’s official!

I finally ran a long run over 8 miles! Perhaps the fact that I’m running a half marathon a week from today gave me the kick of motivation I needed? Whatever it was, I’ll take 9 milesSmile 

I didn’t get out of the house until about 8:45, and it was already 81. My plans were to drive to my gym, park, and run half of the run outside and then go into the gym to a treadmill to finish. Feeling good and ready to go, I put on my headphones and then…nothing. Even though I charged my iPod last night, it failed to turn on. A little soundtrack of nature would have to do! I ended up running about 4 miles outside before I came back to my car.


I quickly grabbed my Gatorade, Kindle, and headphones, and secured a spot on my favorite treadmill to finish out a nice even 9 miles.


Truth be told, around mile 8 my hip started to give me trouble, so I was glad to be done a mile later.

Once home, before even showering, I made a fresh cucumber + carrot + apple juice:


One of my goals this week is to drink fresh juice once per day. The other one is NO alcohol this week. I rarely set “can’t” goals like these for myself because then whatever it is I’m limiting tends to fester in my mind and it’s all I want. For example, I “can’t” have any alcohol this week is a “can’t goal.” But I decided to give it a try this week anyway. It was either alcohol or dessert, and the latter would just be way too hard right now.

After I showered the sweat from the run away, I was ready to refuel! I typically crave smoothies after long runs, but not today!


2% Fage w/ a chocolate protein muffin mixed in. Yum! This kept me full forever, too!

Since Shane was out with my brother and dad at the shooting range, I had the house to myself and used the time I had to get a little cleaning done. Then I did something I haven’t done in a long time – meal planned for the week! Of course after meal planning comes shopping, so to the grocery stores I went. I bought way. too. much. I don’t know what I was thinking! Here are some of the highlights:

Sockeye salmon, organic collard greens, organic chopped kale (!!!)



For lunch, I made an old favorite:


Kidney bean salad!! I was a little too hungry by then to eat it just like that, so instead I put the salad into two corn tortillas, and it rounded out the meal perfectly!


OK I lied a couple chocolate cherry bites rounded out the mealWinking smile

Tonight I think Shane and I are going to grill out and have fun outdoors! But for now it’s time for a little Mario action. Watch out!

Do you set weekly/monthly/periodic goals for yourself?

Anything exciting going on this week for you?

Have a good Sunday evening Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Congrats on your run–way to go! I try not to tell myself to cut things out completely, but I will tell myself to limit things instead. Good luck with your no alcohol goal!

  2. I think I may set too many goals sometimes! Mine are usually monthly though, and a lot are fun goals or just stuff I want to do versus need to.

    I also just took a alcohol break for 2 weeks, felt good!

    Good luck on your half marathon! I have my next one in Disneyland on Sept 4th! Though it won’t be too serious!

  3. I’m the same way having “can’t” foods. Anytime I set something off limits, it’s ALL I can think about. So I don’t do that to myself anymore. Or try not to.
    9 miles is great! Where is your 1/2?

  4. Awesome run, I do hope your hip is not an issue :(

  5. Those chocolate cherry bites sound divine…I think I may need to try to make a batch of my own soon!
    This week, my best friend is coming to visit, and I’m so excited to see her! I’m really looking forward to meeting her boyfriend (who happens to have the same name as mine, as well as her twin brother). Plus, I get to start running more at PT, which I’m super jazzed about!!
    Good luck on the half!

  6. I try to set goals for myself, but they don’t always work out in my favor 😉

    Just sayin… haha

  7. Holly Draher says:

    Paige!!!! I just wanted to say hi! I found your blog today and I love it! Thanks for sharing all the running and cooking inspiration :)

  8. Ooh I love your Under Armor hat! Do you like it? I’ve been wanting to buy a breathable running hat for awhile now, and heard that theirs are great.
    I do set “Can’t” goals for myself, sometimes – usually when I have a big event approaching and need to take a smart, relaxed approach to how I eat / sleep / behave leading up to it.
    This week = my sister comes home on Friday for a visit! And we have a show with Joe Rogan on Saturday at work, I’ve been busting my butt on this one and have also been looking forward to it as a fan myself. So it will be fun to relax and enjoy the show!

    • I do like it – for a hat! Hats make my head so darn hot:( But it is pretty breathable and I love the light color:)

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