Ready To Drink Chemicals

What a busy day for a Friday!

After training my first morning client, I stopped by my gym to get in an hour strength workout. I started it with some mobility work, then moved on to plank work, and finished it up with a full body workout. Actually, I finished it up with a 20 minute walk with Niko Winking smile 

I planned on having a smoothie after working out for my second breakfast, but instead I wanted something I could actually chew. Since I’m apparently on a protein powder kick lately (ROAR!) I went with cereal + protein powder milk:


I just whisked the almond milk + pp in a cup, and then poured that milk on top of some quaker oats squares + Kashi cereal.


I had this, plus another handful of the Kashi cereal on top.

I’m not sure what’s with me and getting protein from non whole foods lately, but I’m all over it. Perhaps it’s because I now have 3 bags of Sun Warriar in my pantry thanks to OpenSky’s “mistake?"

As if 3 bags weren’t enough, I picked up a pack of Muscle Milk Light at Sam’s today:


It’s totally not like me to buy protein as…weird ingredient-y as Muscle Milk, but it tastes good, is convenient and RTD (ready to drink,) and Shane likes it too. Shane’s been lifting a lot lately, and is way more likely to get in some protein after a workout if it’s grab and go.


At least it’s sugar free?

Meh. I also like Snicker’s Marathon bars. So there’s that, too.

At least my lunch was real food!


Stir fry leftovers, which was probably on its last day of being considered edible. It still tasted delicious!


This energy carried me through the next hour, which proved to be a very tough hour. Niko and Clarabelle were both due for shots, so I figured why not take them together?

Let’s just say Niko was a peach (she got THREE shots, and didn’t even bat an eye!) but Clarabelle on the other hand…


I thought she was going to pass out! Poor thing was panting, hissing, and howling until we got back in the car for a ride home. Plus, it was hard juggling both of them at the same appointment! I almost felt like a mother of multiple kids!

The “kids” got canned food (Wellness brand) as their reward, but I thought I deserved a reward too!


A dumbbell double cake pop? I’ll take it! I made it so it’d look like a dumbbellSmile

And now I’m off to train my last client of the day. It’s a doozy! Business is a-boomin.

Do you eat/drink protein powder? Which kind do you use and in what forms? (half way stealing Natalie’s question from the other daySmile)

Pet owners: how do your pets do at the vet?

Happy Friday, my dear friends!!

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  1. stephanie says:

    my favorite PP is Greens and Whey. But I tried my first muscle milk after my last race and it was pretty good!

  2. jess @ Jess Go Bananas says:

    I have never tried protein powder before – but I am dying to try amazing grass!

  3. I do use protein powder in my smoothies/smoothie bowls/cereal and sometimes make protein bars. I just use the brand my husband buys – Allmax Allwhey, but have been looking at buying Sun Warrior.
    My cat is a nightmare at the vet, took 4 people to hold her down for one shot last time… ugh. haha. I take her in her kennel and let the vet handle her from there 😉

  4. I have yet to try cereal with protein milk– but I haven’t really been feeling protein milk at all lately. I’m on a bean/salmon kick 😉

  5. yes I know, those little Muscle milks are my favorite! they are the only ones that taste GOOD too! oh well, cheers to chemicals. haha.

  6. If you make the cake pops into something that looks like a dumbbell that makes them healthy right? Send me a dozen 😉

  7. I used to drink protein drinks a lot but lately I haven’t really been doing any sort of protein tracking at all. oops!

  8. I love the dumbell cake pop! Thats so cute. :)

    My dog loves the vet. Shes so weird that way, and actually gets excited when he comes into the room. In the waiting room shes absolutely horrible because she wants to eat all the other dogs, but when we get into the office she’s a perfect little angel. Shes so good, the vet doesnt even believe that its her causing the scene in the waiting room.

  9. I just bought a pack of the small Muscle Milk Lights the other day, but I bought vanilla and will go back for the chocolate. The vanilla tastes like I’m drinking coffee creamer:-(

  10. i’ve never tried (or even thought about) mixing my almond milk with my protein powder to pour over my cereal. and now that it’s out in the open i think, really?? that’s such an obvious, how in the world did i miss it? who knows, but thanks to you, i’m not missing it anymore!

    our dog spike, is fine at the vet but we’re fortunate that our cat (who has a different vet-long story) has a vet that comes to us. it’s a mobile vet and he just pulls up to our door, we take clemson out to him, and about 15 minutes later we’re done. no waiting lines at all!!!

  11. I can’t handle both dogs at the vet at the same time. When we went to the vet last month Chris & I both took them. Chris was off,and I just went to work a little late so that we could take them. They were okay, but we were the first appointment so there were no other dogs for them to bark at. I was super nervous about taking them, but they were pretty well behaved.shocking.

  12. I usually just make protein smoothies with bananas and fruit or cocoa powder. Lately I was on a cereal, milk, and protein powder mix with blueberries..sooo good in the summer!!..but unfortunately it just doesn’t stick with me. I’ve messed around with protein powder bars or personal cupcakes, etc, but I eat those phases! I don’t use pre-mixed protein drinks often but I have in the past as they are so convenient!

  13. So I don’t really have protein powder. never have. i guess i kind of missed the boat hmmm….well i do love quaker oat squares with PB yumMM!

  14. I took the girls (kitties) to the vet today,too! They love the vet- they are so curious! They do not mind shots or anything! In fact, at the last visit they were purring so loud (after shots) that the doc could not heat their heart or lungs! I think it’s because they get treats before, during, and after vet trips 😉

  15. I love the dumbbell cake pops–so cute! Parko doesn’t flinch at all at the vet either. And he loves getting on top of the table for the small animals, so he looks like a horse up there.

  16. I’m a bit boring when it comes to protein powder– occasionally I’ll make protein pancakes, but usually just plain ol’ shakes. My Frenchie is a total nut when it comes to the vet- he absolutely loves it there. When we pass by on walks, he tries to bust in their front door. Not normal (but lucky!).


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