Race Ready

As predicted, last night was a very mellow night. Shane and I hung around the house until our stomachs started grumbling. Then we went down the street to Fiesta Ranchera, one of the Mexican joints in town where you can sit down to order and be out the door again in 30 minutes or less. Is it just the ones around here, or are all Mexican restaurants super speedy?

I got my usual – veggie quesadillas:


I love that the veggies they give aren’t just your typical peppers and onion, but there’s also broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, and celery! I never eat the celery (ew!) but I love the abundance of veggiesSmile

We were both completely stuffed afterward, but since we had to go to the store for paper towels, somehow, this guy jumped in our cart:


I really, really wanted red velvet cake, and we probably stood in front of the frozen doors to ice cream goodness for 15 minutes deciding, but Shane convinced me this carton was the one. He was right! Somehow, they were able to make it taste like graham cracker, chocolate, and burnt marshmallow. YumSmile

We enjoyed the ice cream out back on the patio while enjoying just as much the beautiful summer night we were having:


We sat out back and talked until the sky went dark (at 8:30!! So earlySad smile!!)


Race Ready

The Chicago Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon is tomorrow, and we’re leaving for Chicago today. For a while, I felt really nervous about the distance. Even though my training hasn’t been stellar, I dug out this guy to remind myself that I can DO this!


From the Illinois Marathon in May

I’ve also got everything packed and ready to go!

Electronics are charging


Accessories and bars/gu’s/beans/bloks are ready to go


And the clothes are packed up in my overnight bag!


Let’s do thisWinking smile

I’m excited for this race for MANY reasons:

  • I’ll be running with my cousin, Bronwyn
  • We’ll be running along Lake Michigan
  • I hear the bands and entertainment are awesome
  • I’m having brunch with a few awesome Chicago blends
  • After the race, we’ll be having a fundraiser for the American Brain Cancer Association, in honor of my cousin, Beth.

Did you notice that the actual running part is not listed above. No, that wasn’t a mistake Smile with tongue out

Well I’ve got a couple make-up clients to train before we head out, so I’m going to make a smoothie and head out to train! I’m a little excited because at the end of their session, we’re making an exercise video on a few core exercisesOpen-mouthed smile

Happy Saturday! What are your plans for the weekend?


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  1. Can’t wait to read your recap of the weekend. Good luck tomorrow and enjoy the race!

  2. I’m the worst at standing in front of something at the grocery store for a good 10 minutes before deciding if its the product I want haha– ESPECIALLY in the name of ice cream 😉

  3. Good Luck! You will do great! I have always wanted to run a Rock n’ Roll race, and still thinking I might do the Vegas one :)

  4. Yay! I didn’t realize your half was so close to my half, how cool!! GOOD LUCK!! I bet you’ll surprise yourself at how well you do, no matter how hard or not you trained. go you!!

  5. Best of luck tomorrow!! Have a LOT of fun!

  6. Amazing weather up here in Chicago this morning…hope the race went well!

  7. I did the Illinois half too! crazy that the only two half marathons I’ve done you have too!

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