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Morning, friends!

Anyone else getting a slow start this morning? Despite my tiredness last night, I just couldn’t fall asleep! So, I slept in pretty late this morning…about 30 minutes before my first client.

It’s definitely a double cup kind of morning Winking smile


I also woke up without an appetite, which is probably because of our chocolate covered animal cracker movie snack our protein-packed dinner last night, so I just grabbed a banana on my way to training.


I love that banana case! It really helps not to bruise the bananaSmile 


Local Networking through Social Media


This is my last “take away” post from the Healthy Living Summit! Does that make you happy or sad? Don’t answer that. Instead, answer the thought provoking questions I’ll ask you at the end of this post to make sure you’re paying attention 😉

Other take aways on the HLS presentations include:

A Better Written Recipe: Cake Pops

What Numbers Mean to Me

The Paigetarian Diet (The Flexitarian Diet)

One of the presentations given at the Healthy Living Summit was all about connections. Mainly, it was about connecting with other bloggers and blog readers who live in your area as a way to make new friends. Theodora, Ashley, and Cynthia spoke on this topic. Additionally, three live in New York, where bloggers are plentiful.

Here is Normal, healthy living bloggers are far and few between. One major reason is well, because instead of living in a city of 900,000, it’s a city of 100,000. Granted there are a few bloggers, like the lovely Lindsay and Christine, but in order to make more friends with other like-minded people in the area, I turn to additional social media outlets.


Some of the examples the panelists provided for the outlets included:

Daily Mile
Healthy Living Blogs

I just recently signed up for Daily Mile, but haven’t gotten too much exposure yet.

However, the media that’s helping me meet the most fitness/health minded friends is facebook! There’s a group called FitFace that now it has more than 100 members! I’m just getting my feet wet with it, but so far, it’s such a cool way to share workouts, fitness inspiration, and stories with other “fit facers” Smile

If you don’t belong to a facebook group already, I’d suggest starting your own in order to connect with health-minded friends!    

I also post on a fitness message board regularly, but I don’t think there’s anyone local who posts there. I have, however, found some great blogs through it, like Kelsey’s and Christina’s blog.


On that note, it’s time to get Niko’s fit on – we’re heading out for a long walk. Then I’m off to see my chiropractor/holistic doc to refill on my vitamins and get adjusted from after my half marathon (3 weeks ago…oops!)

What social media networks do you belong to? Are any of them local?

Have you ever met up with anyone you’ve met through a social media connection? I met up with Lindsay and Christine for a run once, as well as a few chicago bloggers, and obviously at the HLS Winking smile I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA!!!

See ya in the afternoon! Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Living an hour + from NYC and the same distance from Albany, I feel the same way. Bloggers are few and far between by me. I did just meet up with Jenn from Peas and Crayons though while on vacation (not local, but used social media to connect). I have done a blogger meet up with a handful of CT bloggers (a few are coworkers too) but that was still over an hour away. It’s tough when you live in the boonies!

  2. Lauren @ Forward is a Pace says:

    I’m in Crystal Lake – not too far from you!

    I have met people through a Chicago area message board.

  3. I live in LA, so I’m sure there’s lots for me out there… Also, if you joined DM (it’s great if you stick to it), my username is Nobel4Lit

  4. It seems like there are a lot more bloggers in downtown Vancouver than there are in my actual city. I never really thought to look for them though, I should, that would be so much fun.

  5. My favorite running group EVER is one I found on meetup.com.

  6. yes, and I found your blog that way too! I like it was through one of the network blogs. on FB.

    Thanks goodness!

  7. It seems like everyone (and their mum) in Boston has a blog, so I’m lucky that there is no shortage of social media meet-ups in town. At first, I was a tad bit freaked out about meeting people in real life, but Twitter and other platforms have provided a great way to connect with like-minded people. So far, so good, still alive. 😉

  8. With a population of 2100 in my actual town I have a hard time meeting other bloggers, hell, meeting people in general is a little tough.

    I am an hour from Tampa, and I’m sure there are quite a few bloggers there, but I’m pretty shy & I have a really hard time meeting up with people I don’t know.

    I did meet a few girls/runner/bloggers through a tampa message board.

  9. I’ve never personally met any bloggers. But it seems fun!

  10. I just created a FB page for my blog, and I’m loving connecting to everyone else through it!!! I also have to admit that I’m a pretty big fan of social media…I met my fiance online! He’s a little embarrassed to admit it, but I say it’s a lot better than meeting some random meat-head at the bar!!

  11. I loved running with you, christine, and laura. We all need to meet up again soon for a run and a fro yo treat! 😀

  12. Where did you find that banana case???? I think I’ve just developed a *need* :)

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