How You Tell When Food is Spoiled

I’m horrible at deciding when to throw out food and when to go ahead and eat it. I never date my leftovers, they stay in the fridge for 2 weeks before they go to the freezer, and I can’t tell the difference between mold and pepper.

It’s OK. I have a stomach of steel.

Or so I thought. Turns out, I’m a little overconfident when it comes to my stomach strength.

Turns out, this tofu really had gone bad.


I didn’t even know tofu could go bad!

Never mind the fact that when I smelled it, I thought it was fine because it smelled like…tofu? Forget that it’s been in a ziplock bag in the fridge since this post. I looked back to this post after I ate it. I have a stomach of steel, after all!

Do you see where this is going? Obviously, I blame my tummy troubles on the tofu (yay alliteration!)

I alluded that I wasn’t feeling well in this morning’s post, but I was up most of the night, too. I’m not at work today, but I am starting to feel better.

No, I’m not pregnant. I have a case of TTT (tofu tummy troubles.)

I also had these leftovers yesterday for lunch, which I probably shouldn’t have eaten.


Now that I’ve learned my lesson, let’s play a little game! I’ll name a certain food group, and you see if you can guess how long it can last in the fridge and/or freezer. I’ll post the answers at the end of the post.


Cooked meat: refrigerated _____ (days)  frozen _______ (days)

Ground meat, uncooked: refrigerated_______ frozen _______

Lunch meat, opened: refrigerated________ frozen_______

Lunch meat, unopened: refrigerated_______ frozen________

Fresh eggs: refrigerated________

Egg substitutes, opened: refrigerated_____

scroll to bottom of post for answers!



My mom always told me: while not feeling well, eat whatever you can stomach – to eat what you’re hungry for.

When lunch time rolled around, I was hungry for cold oats:


This just might be the best combination of flavors I’ve ever made. It’s a yogurt/cottage cheese/oatmeal combo, and so delish!

-1/3 c. oats

-pinch of salt

-dash of stevia

-1/4 c. cottage cheese

-1/4 c. plain Greek yogurt

-1.5 tbsp almond butter

Mix the first three ingredients, and then the rest. I also topped mine with fruit. It was quite tasty and has me sufficiently fullSmile



Answers to the quiz are in this leftovers expiration chart from Dr. Oz’s website:



Wow. I overestimate EVERYTHING! I was also curious about a couple food items that aren’t on the chart, so I looked them up:

tofu-sealed in a bag with water for up to 1 week, changing the water every day (uhh…) (source)

cooked veggies-3-4 days (source)

cooked rice-1 week (source)

cream cheese-2 weeks (oh crap…) (source)

bagged greens-when you can see one leaf broken down in the bag (doh!) (source)

I think I failed the quizWinking smile ha! I’m out…going to relax a little.

What are some of your tactics to make sure you aren’t eating spoiled food?

How did your leftover knowledge fare?

See you in the evening!

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  1. I’m always really bad at telling when things are on the border too. I don’t follow the guidelines for how long things can stay refrigerated and it’s never caused me or my hubster any problems at all, but we also keep our fridge really cold and of course I always do a sniff check on things. Also some stuff just doesn’t taste good after a certain amount of time so you don’t really want to eat it anyways. It’s always good to see those guidelines though, thanks for sharing them! I didn’t know poultry could stay good for a YEAR in the freezer, that’s insane!

  2. I was going to say “glad to hear it was just the tofu” but that would imply that I don’t think it would be great if you got pregnant. 😉 How about, “glad to hear that you know what made you sick and now you can avoid old tofu.” 😉

  3. I thought cream cheese had a longer lifespan than that. I just bought a bunch, and I remember saying, “I didn’t know cream cheese lasts so long.”

  4. Hmmm. I think I should print that guide out and hang it on the refrigerator. I’m AWFUL at remembering when my leftovers are from and figuring out if they’ve gone bad. I always just eat them. Oops.

  5. Great bit of info, Paige! I am SO guilty of not throwing out things when they expire and eating them anyway– whoops 😀

    I’m embarrassed to say that the majority of things on that list are things that I’ve eaten way past their dates. ESPECIALLY cooked vegetables. I’m pretty sure I violated this one … one hour ago? :(

  6. oh man, I need to print this list and stick it on my fridge. i am guilty of keeping frozen meats too long now that i look at the time periods!! i eat mostly vegetarian during the week, so i need to stop buying all that stuff when it goes on sale and freezing it. buying as-needed even if it’s organic etc. is way cheaper than wasting it!

  7. I’m not great about keeping leftovers in the house since I don’t like to eat them. I get so grossed out when my husband eats stuff out of the fridge that I know has been in there forever. Yucky!

  8. Um, yeah I totally fail at that, too. I’m actually really good when there’s meat/eggs/cheese involved, but not so much with the veggies and condiments. Although, it could be worse- my old roommate (SO glad she moved out) got MAD at me once b/c I threw away a bottle of ketchup that had been expired for TWO. YEARS. She said, “but it still tasted good!”. Ew. Just ew.

  9. Oh I am SO bad when it comes to these things. I pretty much go with a week in the fridge is ok for just about anything. I guess its a good thing I dont really eat meat. Who knows what I’d do to myself with those leftovers!
    I maintain that these dates are just suggestions anyhow. I ate a chocolate bunny almost a year after the expiration date and Im just fine. :)

  10. My husband would look straight at me if he was reading your post. This is me…over and over again. I never cook things by the time I should and I keep leftovers too long. I really should know better. He keeps telling me I will get sick if I am not more careful.

  11. Yikes, I overestimate too. And I hate throwing out food so I’ll always eat leftovers days later just so they won’t go to waste. My boyfriend, on the other hand, gets way freaked out by leftovers and won’t even eat any a day later (so I eat them!). I should probably be a little more careful…I hope you’re feeling better!


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