Today after training, I wanted to make some that was quick and easy for dinner. Since the last couple of dinners I’ve made have been on the healthy side for Shane, tonight I gave him a choice:

Babe, do you want nutritionally void, but very yummy white basmati rice with dinner or nutrient rich, slightly less yummy brown rice?

Ummm, white. Worth it.

White it is! I threw it in the rice cooker, and while it was cooking away for me, I simmered some jarred red Indian sauce, chickpeas, and broccoli.




I also added chicken sausage to Shane’s portion.

Dinner left me craving something sweet, so I had a square three squares of the best chocolate on earth.


I’m not sure what makes pink himalayan salt so much better than white…regular salt, but it just is!!




Wanted: man with thick-rimmed glasses, doc martin boots, half shaved head, skin tight jeans, and wearing a scarf. Most likely so much smarter, worldly, and wiser than you.


(I saw this pic on a message board I frequent and thought it was SO cute!)

Ok, ok, I kid! Winking smile No bashing on hipsters! I have nothing against the hipster look (some of their attitudes, however, can be perturbing) but I have noticed SO many more high school aged kids around town embracing hipster style.

I drive by a high school every day, and today it looked like the school uniform was “hipster.” I know hipsters have been around for a long time, but what’s with the sudden upsurge in people turning to the hipster look? Is there a new band out that I don’t know about?

I even live in a smaller (100,000 people) conservative city, and the trend is everywhere. I’m not bashing, I’m just in awe of how much it’s become completely trendy!

When did the hipster style/attitude become the norm? When did it become mainstream?


All right, friends. I’m off to relax and watch some Entourage! Have a lovely nightOpen-mouthed smile

Do you like the hipster look?

Have you noticed a sudden hipster explosion where you live?


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  1. Jayme @ Runner-n-Spice says:

    Ok…so funny you say that! Just recently my sister and I were talking about how many hipster kids have popped up in Ottawa recently! That dog has the look down pat!

  2. Loving the veggie topping for the rice. I bet that would be great over barley too (love the texture of barley). Yep, hipster here too. In fact, work with one and so does the hubs. Hey, they pull off the skinny jeans way better than me so more power 😉

  3. I actually like the hipster look. Even if it is ironically ironic (I mean- hello! Your non-trend IS a trend…)

    And I have no issues usually. But I’ve had run-ins with peeps with an attitude. I was in Bucktown/Wicker Park (hipster nation) and my friend and I got hassled by a group of them. I dealt with them in a classy manner and gave them the finger as we sped away in our taxi…

  4. I think the whole hipster look can be super hot. At the same time it can look completely awful. I guess it depends how you go about it. But for the most part, I think its hot.

  5. I love the hipster dog!! Have you ever seen the show Happy Endings? It’s kind of like a Modern Family type of humor, but they have a whole episode dedicated to making fun of hipsters, and it’s hilarious. You should watch it if you get a chance!

  6. What kind of sauce did you use on the chickpeas and broccoli? It looks delicious and I am always looking for something that is ethnic and not too scary to try out!

  7. Laura @ Backstage Balance says:

    Oh my gosh – the puppy hipster photo is hilarious!
    You know, the hipster trend is all over Milwaukee, ranging from the the grungy hipsters to the middle-aged ones with high incomes and designer clothing.
    I do not personally ascribe to this style and at some of our concerts at work, joke around that I’m not cool enough to be at the show (because the audience is mostly all part of the hipster “scene”).

  8. Sometimes I like the hipster look on girls, and very occasionally on guys, but definitely not the attitude.


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