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Good morning!

For a Saturday, yesterday sure was busy! I trained planned clients from 9-1:00, but then thought it’d be time to go home and nap before heading to my parents’ house. Alas, no such luck. There was a mix up at the gym over who was watching it, and apparently, since I was already there training a client, I was the lucky winner and ended up working/watching the office until 3.

I hadn’t planned on working seven hours on a Saturday, so I was SO thankful when I looked in my purse and saw a Simply Bar:


Coffee is my new favorite flavor! It held off my hunger pretty well, tooSmile

After getting home, I made a tempeh collard greens wrap, and then was off to meet some of my girlfriends in Peoria.


We just needed to be together. And let me say, that it’s comforting knowing 100% that no matter what, these girls (plus Destiny, who was in Chicago) will always have my back – and vice versa.


I don’t really have a lot of family in the area like a lot of people do. It seems like a lot of my friends are always off visiting the brother or sister in laws, or are at their nieces’ softball game, or getting together with their cousins. While I don’t have a big family (and Shane has an even smaller family) I do love the family we do have, and it makes me happy that I have girlfriends that feel like sisters. Red heart 



And just because I LOVE this picture of Kim and me surprising Destiny on her birthday in Chicago:


That’s BFF love!

OK OK, enough of the sappy stuff!

After simply spending some QT together (and eating Q’doba) I made the drive back home.


Now I’m sippin’ on some coffee and eating a pre-run breakfast:


I’m not even hungry, but I have a long run to do, and I want to get outside before 8:30!

I’m also trying to convince myself that this forecast means I should run on the treadmill:image

I think I’ve become slightly too dependent on reading my Kindle during my long runsWinking smile

Actually, what I need to do is download some new tunes for my ipod…any ideas?

While breakfast is digesting, I think I’ll take Niko for a walk and make my decision.

Do you have a lot of brothers/sisters/BIL’s/SIL’s

Do you have friends you consider family?

Have a nice Sunday, friendsOpen-mouthed smile

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  1. What a great post. Um with that weather you better get outside 😉 I’m jealous! I have one sister and we’re very very close. She lives about an hour away though :-(

  2. <3

    we do have a pretty amazing group, huh. we are very lucky to have each other. :) LYLAS <–so 8th grade, but so appropriate for this post. have a great day, lovely.

  3. Oh I need to see if that Simply Bar is gluten free, if so I think I would love it! I don’t have any sisters so my girlfriends are my sisters too. I love anytime we can get together. Happy Sunday! :)

  4. I will have to try the coffee Simply Bar, had the PB Chocolate and wasn’t a huge fan, it had a chalky taste to it.
    I have 2 brothers and then my hubby has a stepbrother and stepsister but that’s all.
    My friends are like my family for sure :)

  5. I know the feeling…I have a very small family, and they’re all out west. I have no family in the area, which makes it hard when you need support. Thank goodness for friends that might as well be family; they make getting through the rough patches bearable, and the good times even better!

  6. I have two younger siblings-one brother and one sister. My sister is like my best friend, though! Love my little brother, too!

    I don’t really have any friends that are like family, but I am perfectly happy with my family 😀

  7. Are you training for any particular race or just running for fun?
    I commend you for reading your Kindle while running…I don’t think I could do it, with all the bouncing.

    • I’m running in the Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon next weekend.
      Everyone says that, but it’s really not so hard with the Kindle!

  8. It’s nice to see someone from the same area as me! And due to that, I went to high school with one of the girls in your pictures. Small world of B/N!

    • You live in B/N too? Awesome! :)
      Are you sure you meant high school? None of the friends in these pics went to HS in B/N.

  9. I’m from Pontiac, which is where Janelle went, too. She was a year behind me.

  10. I’m supremely impressed that you can read your kindle whilst running – I have no patience for that! All the jostling and rearranging makes me agitated. Maybe I’m just not doing it right. I’ve never seen a Simply Bar but am putting it on my list of bars to pick up at the G-store!

  11. stephanie says:

    my sisters are my best friends, so im with them, my parents and my two BILs alot. that’s so great that you have such close girlfriends!

    if youre hooked on reading books during a run, try an audiobook for an outdoor long run. i like that every once in awhile

  12. I want to know more about reading while running. I have a kindle and I’m anticipating a big transition next week on the running room I’ll be using; unlike my parents’ front room, my new gym won’t have TV, wifi, or windows. Running while reading the kindle might be just what the doctor ordered. What types of books do you read?

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