Buying Free Gifts

I’m such a sucker for free gifts. The worst is with makeup. I could be fully stocked on tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara, and the whole shebang, but see a “free gift with purchase” sign and suddenly think of something I need rightnow.

As Shane says, "we’ve spent more money free gifts than I know what to do with.”

Naturally, when Von Maur launched its new Laura Mercier counter, and put on a gift with purchase of $75 or more event, like moth to a flame, I found myself perusing the makeup counter.


Not needing anything, I somehow made the quota, but check out this free gift!!


Invisible setting powder, tinted moisturizer, cake liner, mini fan brush, annnnd face polish! All for free! Winking smile

Philosophy is another big offender for me. Ohhh Philosophy.

Where was I?

Ohyeah. Free gifts. Did you know that Target also offers free samples? I just found out the other day that they offer a new sample every day on sample spot.


Yesterday it was a free bag of makeup samples! The free gift loving gal that I am, I would be remiss if I didn’t quickly share this little treasure with you all Winking smile


On to dinner!

Come dinner time, I didn’t feel too hungry – thanks to about 20 peanut butter pretzels I munched on earlier – so I cooked up something that didn’t take much thought, pasta!


I just boiled some quinoa noodles, covered them with mmm sauce, and then topped it all with zucchini, broccoli, and tofu (chicken sausage for Shane.) The flavors melded together perfectly for a savory, spicy dish.


I always use these quinoa noodles – they’re the best ever.


Shane doesn’t even know that they’re not regular wheat drum noodles! Whole wheat pasta is just too…grainy, but this stuff is perfectly chewy.

Now that our belly’s are sufficiently stuffed, it’s time to finish the King’s Speech! We got about half way through last night before I heard Shane snoring next to me. So far it’s really good!

Are you a sucker for “free” gifts?

What kind of noodles do you typically use when you make pasta?

See you in the morning – with a eery but true post! Have a good night.

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  1. I LOVE Philosophy products now! I received a sample of their purity cleanser in my BirchBox and absolutely fell in love with it :)

  2. quinoa noodles?! Is this happening? How don’t I know about this?! lOL j/k i’m always behind the ball – where do you find them?

    We loved the King’s speech!

    Free stuff is fab although i’m not swimming in it like you – nice!

  3. I got in on the Target deal today too! Last time it came with a whole booklet of coupons, so I’m crossing my fingers that it’s the same this go around!

  4. Makeup free gifts are the only ones that get me! Those little gift bags are always filled with a ton of goodies. It’s hard to pass up, I hear ya!

  5. I have only earned one makeup free gift from The Body Shop when I was in college :-).

    and my go-to pasta is Barilla Penne. YUM!

  6. Love free gifts too! Looks like you scored a nice one. I am trying to resist getting the Clinique free gift this week.

    Thanks for sharing that Target site–I had no clue it existed and I love free samples!

  7. I love the free gifts too!

    Also, I’ve totally seen those quinoa noodles but haven’t purchased for fear that they don’t taste good. I can’t wait to buy and make them for us…I doubt Colin will notice either 😉

  8. love quinoa pasta!! its soo good!

  9. I am dying to try those quinoa pasta noodles, but we don’t get anything that varied living in Saudi Arabia. I’ll have to try and find something like it whilst I am here visiting family in Australia. Your dinner looks simple but also tasty. It’s also been a while since I last visited Paige, and you’re looking good :)

  10. I should really take advantage of free gift deals more often! I never think of it.
    I used to always use brown rice pasta but we tried quinoa pasta about a month ago and are hooked now!

  11. Thanks for the tip about Target! That’s so fun!!

  12. TARGET HAS FREE SAMPLES???!!! that’s the best news i’ve heard all day. i hate that i missed the free makeup (and today’s Poise Pads are not something i need right now) but i will be checking back tomorrow. thanks for the tip!!!

  13. Laura Merier is THE best tinted moisturizer I have found! I love the oil-free for summertime but I think I am going to look into the original for winter since I will need the moisture in muh face!

    Also, the Quinoa noodles are the best, hands down! Although I do not eat wheat any longer, when I could eat it I still could not stomach the whole wheat – the texture and the flavor were grody! 😛

  14. I tried to catch that Target bag offer yesterday and all I saw on the page was Depends.


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