Today after training, I wanted to make some that was quick and easy for dinner. Since the last couple of dinners I’ve made have been on the healthy side for Shane, tonight I gave him a choice: Babe, do you want nutritionally void, but very yummy white basmati rice with dinner or nutrient rich, slightly […]

Wednesday Wonders

Sometimes I wonder if my left eye will be more wrinkly than my right eye because of all the pictures I take in a day. I think I’ll start using my right eye. I’m slightly obsessed with edamame caviar, so when I made it yesterday, I made enough to serve 15. It’s a wonder I […]

New Rules Of Lifting for Abs: Phase 1 Review

Morning! I’m feeling much better now! I definitely think it was something I ate. I even felt good enough for ice cream after dinner last night! Especially cake batter ice cream! Yeah I added my own sprinkles. So what? It’s not my fault they didn’t think to add them **** This morning, I trained incredibly […]

Using Pinterest for Meal Planning

I’m feeling better and better! I definitely think the tofu did me in. My energy is still a little low, but I don’t feel sick any more On to dinner…which was off the chain tonight! I made these fish tacos not too long ago, but they were so good then that we were already ready […]

How You Tell When Food is Spoiled

I’m horrible at deciding when to throw out food and when to go ahead and eat it. I never date my leftovers, they stay in the fridge for 2 weeks before they go to the freezer, and I can’t tell the difference between mold and pepper. It’s OK. I have a stomach of steel. Or […]

More Than Just a Picture

I received a somewhat disturbing email from my aunt today. Actually, I almost deleted it, as it was a chain email, but then I thought to read it since she’s not one to normally send chain email. I’m glad I kept reading. The email warned about posting pictures of kids or yourself on the internet […]

Buying Free Gifts

I’m such a sucker for free gifts. The worst is with makeup. I could be fully stocked on tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara, and the whole shebang, but see a “free gift with purchase” sign and suddenly think of something I need rightnow. As Shane says, "we’ve spent more money free gifts than I know what […]

Shakes and Soaps

Is today speeding by for anyone else?! It’s a light work day today – I only had one client in the morning and one later this afternoon – but somehow I haven’t stopped to relax once! After coming back in from Niko’s walk and showering, I suddenly felt extremely weak. I hadn’t eaten anything but […]

Local Social Media Networks

Morning, friends! Anyone else getting a slow start this morning? Despite my tiredness last night, I just couldn’t fall asleep! So, I slept in pretty late this morning…about 30 minutes before my first client. It’s definitely a double cup kind of morning I also woke up without an appetite, which is probably because of our […]

What You Want vs. What You Choose

At this point in my life, I pretty much know my body, my cravings, and myself to know the difference between true cravings and convenience cravings. I don’t typically give in to convenience cravings, but I will give into my true cravings to a certain point. For example, when I got home this afternoon, I […]

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