What’s Weird About “Food Days”

I had good intentions when I packed this salad up for lunch last night!

A bed of spinach + pickled beets + goat cheese + egg salad + marinated tofu? It’s basically a Whole Foods salad bar in a Tupperware container!

And I still intend on enjoying this salad…just a little later than I intended…
Because food day happened:


Food day at work is one day out of the month where we celebrate monthly birthdays by bringing in a dish for everyone to share. It’s kind of weird, and although the smell of crock pot meatballs at 8:00 made me want to puke a little, I eventually made myself a plate of food.

Two plates 😉 What can I say, speed work revs up the ol’ appetite like no other!
But back to “food day” being weird. There’s an actual invite that goes out to the group, and it’s subject is “Food Day.” Then all day long on food day, people go up to the food table to grab a plate…and then seconds…and then thirds…starting at like, 8:00. Then by early afternoon everyone talks about how “bad” the food and how “bad” they were today and how they’re going on a diet TOMORROW.


It’s a disaster for someone who has any ounce of disordered thinking toward food or their bodies. Of course I’m reading pretty deep into it, and a lot of people are able to grab a plate or two of snacks, enjoy them, and call it good! It’s just such an odd concept when you think about.

Does your place of employment do “food days?”

What would you/do you bring to these types of celebrations? I usually forget, but when I do remember, it’s usually hummus and pita or baked goods.

Hi ho, Hi ho, it’s back to work I go!

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  1. We do – but thankfully we’re not required to bring anything or attend so I tend to not go. If I eat, I get: “I wish I could eat that and be that SKINNY.” OR: “Of COURSE you’re not going to eat it, you’re SO SKINNY.”

    I hate that word, and I hate how it’s like an accusation – it’s a lose/lose and who doesn’t try to avoid lose/lose situations!

  2. In the different places I’ve worked, I find co-workers to be the same when it comes to “food days.” They’ll talk about how “bad” they are and such, though I’m always wolfing down select parts of the foods. And they make bold comments like, “Oh, see this girl… she’ll just go run it off.” But since I usually run in the mornings, I grab the food to get rid of my post-run hunger.

  3. This just reminds me how my mom and dad will always “start their diet” after this… after that… no really, after this…

    It’s been going on for about 5 or 6 years now. So yeah…

  4. I used to hate celebrations in the office at my last job because I got such grief for NOT partaking in the cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc. that were brought in for birthdays and stuff. I felt like such an outcast, it was really frustrating – and the looks people gave me for being “so good” were like daggers. I just don’t understand it. Either eat it and be happy with it, or dont’ eat it and be happy with it. Don’t complain because you’re “being bad” and don’t complain because “you’re being good.” It’s like a never-ending cycle! PS. your salad does look good I must say. I’m obsessed with beets!

    • I know…you can’t win. And then being “vegetarian” (everyone calls me a vegetarian at work even though I eat fish!) it’s even worse!

  5. Every day is food day in my eyes 😀 In AND outside of the workplace

  6. Ugh, my office is so food motivated and for the longest time it was so hard to me to say no. But I’ve learned that I can just indulge a little to get my fix, and I stay focused on hydrating a lot during the day and stuffing my face with healthy snacks I bring from home to try to fill me up before I even reach the food in the kitchen. It’s not without its holes (hello pizza party), but at least it’s not as bad as it could be.

  7. I don’t work in the office any more (I work from home) but I used to hear those SAME conversations when we had food days! I usually would try to go in and get one or two good plates of food (focusing on treats not usually readily available). Too many trips always makes my tummy hurt ;). I usually bring a unique baked good, fun cold salad or fruit and fruit dip!

  8. At our weekly staff meeting we rotate on who brings “treats”, but it is usually only one thing. And most of my co-workers like to eat healthier and try new recipes so it is always fun!

  9. I am totally with you. I find days to start off with everyone in a great mood and end with people physically and emotionally feeling badly! I also try to bring something that I would want to eat, because I feel like people usually use those days as an excuse to bring in less healthy options. It also brings about all of the judgement that comes around how and what you eat…not cool.

    ok off my soap box :)

    ps: your salad looked SO good!

  10. We’ve done a few potluck meals at work before and inevitably someone says something like “i ate way to much” “I was bad today.” Never really thought about it until now though. I guess it’s their way of justifying it to themselves, I don’t know. It’s sad they have to feel bad about it instead of just enjoying the food they did eat or be able to stop themselves at point before they feel bad about what they ate.

  11. Whenever we have holiday or office parties, I always make sure to bring something that people this is unhealthy but make a version with significantly fewer calories…then when I want to pig out on something (because I have no self restraint) I go for my own dish without feeling guilty!

  12. Our school does Food Day like no other!!! We do the monthly birthdays, but we also take turns FILLING the lunchroom the two weeks before Christmas break. It’s almost turned competative! I really ahve to be careful to stay away or else I could do some damage!

  13. Like once a year, for Thanksgiving, we do. I brought in some sort of couscous salad that I thought was very good but barely anyone ate.

    Actually, once my department had a “weird food day” where we had to bring in something with a strange ingredient. That was sort of fun. I did a chocolate pie made with tofu.


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