Veggie Fajitas + Romanian Deadlifts (video!)

My favorite exercise ever would have to be the deadlift. However, tied in second place is a squat and a Romanian deadlift. Since most of you probably know what a squat is, I thought I’d show you my second favorite exercise ever, the Romanian deadlift.

If you’re looking an exercise to make your hammies and glutes cry out to the heavens the next day, this bad boy is it. As always, there’s a few very important cues to remember:

•    Abs should be braced to protect your back
•    Feet should be flat on the floor — don’t let yourself shift your weight into the toes and the balls of the feet
•    Keep a flat back. Don’t let your back become too hunched or too arched. A neutral spine is key
•    Always check with your physician before starting any new exercise program

Romanian Deadlift


I trained a quick client at the gym this afternoon, and once I was home I immediately started cooking dinner. My appetite has been on high gear all. day. long today! In my fridge, I had 3 multi-color bell peppers, avocado, and tomato on hand, which were all screaming for me to turn them into fajitas.


Underneath the yummy stuff (heh) is a heaping pile of onion, bell pepper, black beans, and seasoning.


Shane and I both gobbled down our portions with barely any talking involved <— sign of a good meal Winking smile


On the side, I had some guac + tortilla chips.

The meal was SO filling at the time, but within an hour, we were both ready for somethin’ sweet. We threw around the idea of getting frozen yogurt, but instead decided to head to the store and each pick out a carton of ice cream.


I love the idea of self-serve frozen yogurt, love the excitement about it, and even love the taste, but to be completely honest ice cream > frozen yogurt. Sorry!

Anyway, I chose coconut pineapple and Shane chose an ice cream carton for the indecisive.

IMG_3758 IMG_3759

And when Shane handed me my bowl, I had a scoop of both in there!


His totally wins; it’s all yummy and Coldstone like…if that makes sense.

OK, off to clean the kitchen and then relax for the night!

Frozen yogurt or ice cream?

Favorite flavor from the store?

Have a great night! Open-mouthed smile

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  1. I love, love, love ice cream, but the back injury means I can’t get enough runs in to burn off the extra calories…so I’ve been loving on frozen yogurt lately. There’s a great place by our apartment with peach and blueberry made by Activia…it’s great mixed together and topped with raspberries! When it comes to ice cream, I love pralines and cream, but there’s a local brand in Ohio called Jeni’s (now becoming available at Whole Foods) that makes salty caramel….such an amazing blend of salty and sweet, I crave it every day!

  2. I think I’m more of a froyo person just because I like fruity flavors as opposed to sweet and creamy flavors. But I’m not a huge frozen treats person, so if I have a craving, I just need a little bite to satisfy it, which is why self-serve froyo is perfect. I can just get a little dallop!

  3. I don’t think I could choose between the two it totally depends on my mood! It’s funny the deadlift is your favorite, I’m pretty sure it’s my least favorite. I may be biased since its the exercise that threw out my back (obviously I was doing something wrong that time) but, I did do it for 6 weeks prior to that in what I thought was correct form based on the description and never felt like I was actually “doing anything” while doing them. Never felt a burn, it just felt pointless.

  4. Being as I have only had frozen yogurt from the grocery store where it is just okay, I say ice cream!
    Not sure my favorite kind, but the last kind I had was PB&J and was really good!! Tasted like Reese’s – don’t ask how with the “J” in there!

  5. Ice cream for sure :) My favorite flavor would have to be cinnamon

    I tried it a few months ago and never looked back.

  6. Looks like my kind of burrito wrap. Yum. I have a hate/love relationship with deadlifts. I am super ham deficient so I do them to try to build up that area, but man oh man I don’t like them one bit 😉

  7. I am TOTALLY a froyo convert. Although, if I have to choose something from the store, it’s always cookie dough.

    But let’s be honest, ice cream in all entities is delicious. I’m pretty jealous that yours is not melted and/or in the trash. Silly freezer :)

  8. That coconut pineapple Edy’s is ammmmmmmmmmmmmazing. So good!


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