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One of my favorite types of “training runs” is the interval run. Until now, I preferred to do all speed work runs on the treadmill. It was just easier to track because of the mileage/time trackers and digital track. However, today, I tried something different and jogged about a 2 mile warm up to a nearby track!


Interval training make much more sense when you can actually visualize it while running! :)

Since the humidity was crazy oppressive, I grabbed an easy-hold water bottle to set on the side of the track so I could take a drink when needed. I’m SO glad I did this.

IMG_1711 IMG_1713

Once I got to the track, I did an interval workout of sprinting one time around, jogging one time around, for eight times around total. Would that by considered 4×800’s? 8×800’s? We’ll go with the former unless one of you corrects me Winking smile After completing 4×800’s, I jogged back home for a cool down.

So, in mileage speak, I:

ran just under 2 miles there, ran 2 miles of intervals, and just under 2 miles back home. It took me just under 1 hourSmile 

By the way, running on a track with two older men = ultimate confidence booster. They kept commenting on my speed and keeping the conversation going with compliments. In reality, I was in awe of their fitness, and can only hope that I’ll still be running 30-40 years from now! One of the men gave me a tip, too – he said that you’re supposed to switch directions on the track once through your workout because most tracks have a slight incline or decline somewhere throughout the track! Hm!

Also, because it was Africa hot, my cool down run home felt more like a workout in itself! It was only 76 degrees, but the humidity was insane.


In fact, right as I was turning onto my street, I ran into Shane who was on his way out to look for me. I guess I forgot to tell him I was doing a little more than my usual 4.5 mile loop! Oops..

My run left me famished, so I made a quick bowl of protein milk cereal:


I basically just made a protein shake out of milk + protein powder, and poured it over a sliced banana, cereal, and chia seeds! I was going to make a smoothie, but I have a meeting first thing this morning, and smoothies never leave me full longer than a couple hours lately.

Well, my hair is up in clips and sopping wet; gotta finish getting ready. You can bet I’ll be wearing beachy waves in this humidity today!

Have you ever done a track workout before? This was my first one! I was never on track growing up (the one sport I didn’t try!) so it was pretty interesting. I loved it!

Have a great Thursday! Open-mouthed smile

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  1. The protein milk cereal idea is genius! How have I not thought of that one before?? Totally stealing it!! I never eat cereal because it never satisfies me but this way, it totally would! Yum!

  2. I haven’t done a track workout in quite some time. I wish my gym had one! That’s sweet that Shane thought to go out and look for you. I love those little, protective things!

  3. Good for you! Track workouts intimidate me! I always feel better when I do them though. If you sprinted every other lap, it would be 4×400 (if one lap was 400) – the in between laps are recovery and don’t count in the total. If each lap was 800, it would be 4×800.

  4. I am a big fan of the track workout!

    A coach in high school would always have us do “walk, jog, sprint” where you alternate those three on curves and straights of the track. That was six years ago and it’s still one of my favorite workouts!

  5. I am a big fan of the track workout! A coach in high school would always make me do “walk, jog, sprint” where you alternate between those three on the curves and straights of the track. It’s such a good workout!

  6. Oh my gosh, I would kill for some weather in the 70s!! It’s too hot here in the morning to do anything :( When I woke up this morning it was already in the 80s!!

    Okay I’m done complaining. I should probably stop making excuses and just get out there and run, huh??

  7. I do like track workouts– but I prefer running outside 😀

  8. Africa hot. LOL I did NOT know that about a track – I used to track workouts in high school and college and never switched directions – smart!

    Sounds like you got in a great workout!

  9. I’ve walked/ran on indoor and outdoor tracks. I agree with the “old guy” you talked to outside this morning about reversing the direction. The indoor track was in the Davenport Y, and they automatically changed the direction every day. The same goes for people who constantly run on a domed or crowned road. Ankles need a change of slant direction, or they get very sore over time.

  10. I’ve never done a track workout – unless you count one track meet when I was 10, but I dont. I was never interested in it, but lately I’ve been wanting to try it more and more.

  11. I haven’t done a track workout in ages, but I really do enjoy them. Thanks for inspiring me to find a nearby track! Oh, and thanks also for the protein milk/cereal idea. That’ll be great with my vanilla protein.

  12. I love tracks! (I used to run track and field in HS) There is one a few miles away from my house, but I have this terrible paranoia about parking and getting my car broken into. Not to bash the area, but with a bunch of high school students driving around, I don’t want my car dinged or worse. I drove there once, but it was 35 degrees outside, and my face froze as I did my first lap. =/

    So I would probably need to run there in order to use it. I’ve been thinking about doing that, but it’s so much easier in this blasted heat to just use the treadmill for speed.

    But the track gives such a different feeling, one of freedom and bad-ass-ness that the pros have!

  13. I’ve never done a track work out but I’ve read several places that when you do, you should definitely switch directions half way through in order to prevent runners knee and ITB problems. The same is supposedly also true if you run the same course consistently.

  14. I LOVE track workouts. (I have hubby to thank for dragging me to my very first one a couple of years ago, now I’m the track-lover of the two of us.)

    But a note of caution… no matter what that guy said, please don’t RUN the opposite way on the track. Aside from breaking track etiquette, you run the risk of crashing into another runner (search for Gabriela Szabo on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean). You’re better off to do your slow laps (easy running or walking in the outside lane) in the opposite direction, not your speedy ones.


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