One Dead Dog

It looks could kill, she’d be one dead dog.


Now now, don’t get all hasty. Let me explain. Every morning when I wake up at 5:00 to train or teach boot camp, this little girl wakes up with me and goes out to potty. As soon as I open the door for her to come back inside, she beelines it to the bed and goes right back to sleep.


I’m not bitter.

Then, when I come home for lunch to let her out again, even though she’s right at the door to greet me, I see the dent in the couch cushion where she spent her morning snoozing away. Jealous of a dog? Who me?

What can I say, she has a rough life Winking smile



It’s only about 7, but I’ve been up and at em training my Friday morning partner training clients. It was fun times, but as I was leaving the house to go to the gym, I may or may not have stared daggers at Niko Winking smile

I’m back here to grab a quick breakfast before training the next client and then getting in my own workout (NROL4A workout B1.)


Smoothie time!

Milk + spinach + protein powder + cottage cheese + chia seeds + frozen banana + frozen raspberries. Usually when I eat smoothies for breakfast, I feel hungry no more than 2 hours later. Hopefully all these ingredients will ensure that doesn’t happen today ;) 

Gotta go, gotta go! Have a great day Open-mouthed smile

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  1. It’s funny that you say that because I always tell my dog (yes, I talk to him.. 😉 ) that he has such a tough life haha

  2. RAN Mom says:

    Cute puppy pics:-) Buck has the same lifestyle as Niko, but it’s impossible to stare daggers at a dog that even my not-a-dog-lover sister, Bobbie, thinks is wonderful. Ha, I’ve been talking to that wonderful dog for 15 years.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Your puppy is SO precious! I’d be jealous of his lazy life too. (your bedding is really pretty too)

    I always find smoothies keep me fuller for longer if I add proteIn powder. Sounds like you have a busy Friday! Nope you enjoy the start of your weekend!

  4. You should not feel bad. I feel the same way about Miss Piper dog. Good thing she’s cute 😉

  5. I get jealous of my cat too when she is lazing around in her bed all morning 😉 Brats! haha

  6. she’s co cute! what kind of dog is she? I wish my hubs would let me get a puppy!!!!

  7. Im jealous of my dog every single day. She spends her days at my parents house so shes not home alone in my tiny apartment. This morning after she went out to pee, she ran straight up the stairs and into my parents bedroom, without so much as a glance in my direction. I heard her leap onto their bed as I headed off to work.
    Dogs have a pretty sweet deal going on.

  8. Awww she looks so small on the bed. My dog also lives a privileged life. It’s just the price we pay! LOL

  9. You have the cutest dog!!!!! I seriously would curl up and cuddle with Niko instead of doing ANYTHING all day long!!!!!! So jealous!


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