My Dogs are Barking

Oopsies! I completely meant to post yesterday…but I was a little busy.


Before I go into details, I’m so glad you all enjoyed a dose of Friday humorSmile And it’s nice to know ya’ll share the same sense of humor as I do Winking smile Silly animals!

After a very productive Friday – full of training, cleaning, and even a little desk work, it was a pretty fun, but low key Friday night. When Shane got home from work, the productivity came to a hault and fun commenced!



I proceeded to kick Shane’s booty in bags (first time, like…ever!) and we worked up an appetite for dinner. However, for every meal I thought about cooking I was missing at least one ingredient. I have no idea how I “had no groceries” with the amount I spent on them last week. I thought about making salmon cakes, but didn’t have bread crumbs. Simplest scallops crossed my mind, alas there were no lemons in the house! So we decided to go with breakfast for dinner. a green monster and eggs and for Shane, pancakes and eggs. Done and done.

After some Mario world playing (yes, we’re 12,) an early bed time was had, because Saturday came with an early wakeup call!


My friend, Heidi, and I were planning on driving to Chicago for some shopping, so I had to get my long run in early. It was somewhat of a blessing in disguise if you remember my story from last week’s long run. Thankfully, when I left it was only in the low 70’s, but sunny. I’m SO glad I ended up going early, because around 8:30 when I got back, it was already 80 degrees.

Success! Except I cut the run short because of course I got out the door late about 15 minutes. Oh well! Also, hip pain was there, but minimal. I just don’t know how I’m going to increase my mileage above 8 miles for this half marathon! I don’t think I will, either.


Smoothies are the best thing to eat/drink after a long run, don’tcha think?

I took this smoothie on the road, and since I’d already gotten in my workout for the day, it was time to give my credit card a workout Winking smile

Heidi and I shopped. til. we. dropped. Literally.


This was me, on the couch at Neiman Marcus – our very last stop. My 3.5 inch wedges didn’t tread 5.5 hours of walking very well. My dogs, they were a’barking. They were cute, though!

However, I did get one comment that bothered me. A guy that was selling wine looked over to me and said, “What? You weren’t happy at 5’10 that you had to be 6’1?” Why, yes, rude mad, yes that’s correct.Shifty

I get peeved when people comment on my height, unless it’s clearly a compliment. I thought of about a million comebacks to the… selling the wine, but I simply smiled and walked by. YES, I’m tall. I’ve always been tall, and I’ve always realized I was tall. So what if I want to wear cute shoes, too?!



Oh..and since I haven’t really posted any meals, half way through, Heidi and I stopped for lunch, per tradition…


The only time I ever get a pretzel and cream cheese is with heidi, during one of our semi-annual shopping sprees. It’s glorious.

All in all, I’d all the day a success, because I scored some MAJOR deals – and we got to go to Trader Joes.


And after spending $115 at Trader Joes, you’d think I’d have this awesome meal to make when I got home, right? Well sometimes, when it’s 7:00 and you’re pooped, having someone else do the dirty work it worth it.


Especially if it involves guac and salsa.


Perhaps I’ll show purchases in tomorrow’s post?

IMG_3423There was some Lululemon haulage Open-mouthed smile

On another note…I really want to go see this today.


OK, gotta go start the day! It’s a busy one for a Sunday:


-train 2 clients, and meet with a new client to sign up

-boot camp stuff

-helping Shane plant a tree

-seeing this movie??

Have a splendid Sunday, everyone! Open-mouthed smile

How do you shop? Do you like to go nuts on one big trip every now and then? Or would you rather buy a piece here and there? Or both? I have to admit, I’m the latter. heh. But really, I try to keep it to a minimal. It’s not like I’m out buying clothes every weekend. Maybe every otherWinking smile

What type of food do you usually eat when on long shopping trips? Do you bring your own or fall prey to the vendors? We usually do Auntie Anne’s for lunch, and then snack on TJ’s trail mixes all the way home Smile

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  1. Mario will always hold a special place in my heart- I don’t care how old I get!! What a fun day of shopping. I honestly haven’t really been shopping in a longggg while. Once you become a bump- you don’t have so many options or reason to buy clothes (since you won’t be wearing them for too long ;)). I’m sort of missing shopping at “normal” stores. Tjs! Ours should be opening soon and I cannot wait. Enjoy your busy Sunday!

  2. RAN Mom says:

    I wanna see Horrible Bosses too.
    Are you sure the “wine guy” meant his comment as a put down? If so, the best reply I ever gave (when a kinda short guy asked, “How’s the weather up there?”) was, “Eat your heart out.” :-) He even came back with, “Hey, that’s a good one!”

  3. how rude of that man! ugh!

    I LOVE all of your new purchases, and that you won bags. hehe I seldom win either but love to play. :)

    I used to shop here and there, but now I enjoy knocking it out all at once, especially at outlets!

  4. I love Auntie Anne’s!! My friend and I have the same tradition when we go to the mall :)

    Looks like you had a total blast. And I want bags for my back yard!!

  5. I’m a horrible shopper. I don’t buy anything for months and then go on shopping sprees and spend WAY too much. All or nothing for me.

  6. Own your height! Clearly he has inferiority/confidence issues himself if he felt he needed to comment on your height. It’s a girl’s right to wear heels. Can’t wait to see the purchases!

  7. Smoothies are the best thing after a hot run!
    I go in phases, will buy a few articles of clothing every weekend for 2-3 weeks, then nothing for months. Recently I have been buying a few things every weekend so now I am going to try and not buy anything until our trip down south at the end of August – it will be worth it!

  8. I loathe rude people.
    Looks like your finds are super cute… can’t wait for details! I love a good deal and can do some damage at the outlet malls, so I guess I fall into the ‘one big trip’ type category, though I occasionally browse around. These days I seem to spend more money on athletic apparel vs. normal clothes, though!

  9. Looks like you made out well on the shopping trip! Woo!

    And I hate when people make unnecessary comments like that.


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